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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,361

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Is it ok to reply "womp, womp " to each and evey reply in newspaper

comment forums?

I'm so confused. I'm stuck on the high road and I don't know if it's ok to get off.


When every person votes, then we will really know what America stands for.,.


The great US of A is now on par with

Boko Haram...

"where are the girls?"

Email contractors building facilities for the migrant children torn from mothers.


We now know the names of two contractors that are coordinating these child concentration camps.

1.) MVM Inc.
2.) General Dynamics

Here are the emails for General Dynamics' PR team's (h/t Shannon Coulter at Grab Your Wallet) - as she says, we're going to make them work for their paycheck:


My one step closer to trying to be kinder to Trump voters has been banished

forever...never to be contemplated....I actually feel raging hate.

This Kirsten Nielsen is a thing....a willing handmaiden kissing the hem of the kings cape.

It's beyond!

Until MSNBC Morning Scum Ms. Mika starts calling for Melania to leave tRump

for his #MeToo behaviors - Ms. Mika needs to shut the fuck up about what Hillary or
any other wife chooses to do or not do within the walls of their marriages.
Ms. Mika has no standing to chastise Hillary.

MSNBC - Mika - just now - no words

Craig Melvin interviews Bill Clinton.
Craig Melvin confronts BC re #MeToo correlates it to,Lewinsky.

Clinton defends. Says not the same, accuses Melvin of leaving out facts...and more.

Mika decrys "it was the interview I've been waiting for". Then hammers Hillary for
defending and staying.

No words.

The WHCA better not.....


Barbara Bush's last hurrah .....

Looks like more people st Barbara Bush's funeral than at the inauguration.....

Just sayin.......
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