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Member since: Tue Sep 16, 2003, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,361

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So far, since Speaker Pelosi's official announcement, the team has hit the ground firing

long passes down field.

The Dems are playing big time offense catching the other side off guard.

This is critically critically important because the light the Democrats are shining has moved from being a flashlight to several spotlights moving across the dark skies of corruption.

If this light of disclosure continues at this pace, it will devastate any plans being hatched in the senate or anywhere else in the dank smelly holes of political corruption.

Light is cleansing. Light makes vampires wither. Light brings images into focus.

Joe Wilson, critic of the Iraqi war, husband of Valeri Plame, dead at 69


Poor Maguire..frantically searching for his ass...Schiff has it.

Surgical Schiff.

So who wrote widdle Numnuz statement? Any bets?

His rambling and lies are stunning.

Spectacular Adam Schiff. His statement will be enshrined in history.

Im weeping.

This is what it feels like to be on the offense..Nadler asking Barr to recuse, Speaker

taking to Twitter....the GOP having to defend.

I hope the Dems having many more defensive drips to drop!

Go Team!

Every six months I ask "is it time to take to the streets and have massive demonstrations

in cities across the US?

Its just about that time again. So Im a askin. See yall again in six months.

Corporate media (yes Rachel and Lawrence) chastised the House on the order of questioning.

Why? Because their corporate bosses made a decision to only show one half of the hearing. They wanted the House Counsel to question first. Why did they not show the ENTIRE hearing?

They had to spend the evening retracting the half baked reporting the mouths spewed in the afternoon. Half baked, incomplete reporting.

Im disgusted with corporate media. Cable cut away from the hearing to unleash the talking heads long before the hearing ended. This is akin of taking the cookies out of the oven at 5 minutes instead of 14.

The hearing has settled down. Dems are getting sections of the Mueller report read out loud.

This is part of the drop drip drip. Lewandowski is a schmuck. It shows. A tRump butt boy.

Contempt of US Congress, take him away in handcuffs. Do not let his stonewalling have

the last word.
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