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Biden's Voters Appear Far More Likely To Vote By Mail Than Trump's FiveThirtyEight

... Democrats are much likelier than Republicans to say they will vote by mail — which makes sense given that Democrats also tend to be more supportive of mail voting. (By contrast, the Republican standard bearer, President Trump, has repeatedly and inaccurately assailed mail voting as ripe for fraud.)

According to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 30 percent of registered voters said they planned to vote by mail, and 43 percent said they planned to vote in person on Election Day. But among Trump supporters, only 11 percent said they planned to vote by mail, and 66 percent said they planned to vote in person on Election Day. Among Joe Biden backers, 47 percent said they planned to vote by mail, while only 26 percent said they planned to vote in person on Election Day. (The share who said they would vote early in person was consistently 20-21 percent among all three groups: Trump supporters, Biden supporters and voters overall.)

If this holds, it would mean votes cast on Election Day would skew heavily toward Trump, and votes cast by mail would skew heavily toward Biden. This has serious implications for … well, democracy. First, Trump could argue the mail ballots (which, remember, could account for most of Biden’s votes) were fraudulent and thus should not be counted. Although it’s unlikely they’d actually be thrown out, this would damage the credibility of the election in the eyes of many Trump supporters. Second, it could mean the first votes counted on election night will be disproportionately good for Trump, who might claim victory based on incomplete returns. It might not be until days later, after a good chunk of the Democratic-leaning mail vote is counted, that Biden pulls ahead.


I'm voting early and in person - I want to see my vote counted.

Adding what DrunkenIrishman pointed out below: "... most states begin counting mail-in ballots first, not last. If a bulk of mail-in ballots are received prior to election day (which they should be), they will be counted first and then the same-day ballots will be counted."

Good information! Regardless, vote early and be sure your vote is counted.


The supposed reason for Trump holding his convention at the White House

was because of the pandemic. Yet the idiot has a rally with no mask requirements.

I texted 'VOTE' to Trumps 88022

and ultimately they have an option to request an absentee ballot. Same damn thing as vote by mail.

I stopped correspondence once I saw where it led. Basically, they stole another idea from the DNC Convention.

RNC Convention - The Musical

Courtesy of South Park.

More Than 550,000 Primary Absentee Ballots Rejected In 2020, Far Outpacing 2016


Even with limited data, the implications are considerable. NPR found that tens of thousands of ballots have been rejected in key battleground states, where the outcome in November — for the presidency, Congress and other elected positions — could be determined by a relatively small number of votes.

For example, President Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 by almost 23,000 votes. More than 23,000 absentee ballots were rejected in the state's presidential primary in April. More than 37,000 primary ballots were also rejected in June in Pennsylvania, a state Trump won by just over 44,000 votes.

The numbers are also significant because of large partisan differences in how Americans plan to vote this fall. Democrats have expressed more interest than Republicans in voting by mail — 47% to 28% in the Democracy Fund/UCLA survey. Forty-eight percent of those who intend to vote for Joe Biden say they will use mail-in ballots, compared with 23% of Trump supporters.

Facebook still allowing users to support Bannon's "We Build The Wall"

financially and otherwise.


Check the status of absentee ballots here:


Also of note, as long as you have not cast a mail-in ballot, you can change your mind and vote at the polls. In other words, you can still vote in person, if your ballot is 'lost in the mail' by our newly gutted USPS.


Amy Winehouse - Valerie live (glastonbury, 2007). HD 1080p

Minneapolis police union offers free 'warrior' training, in defiance of mayor's ban


In open defiance of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, the union that represents the city’s roughly 900 rank-and-file police officers announced that it is partnering with a national police organization to offer free “warrior-style” training for any officer who wants it.


The warrior-style training most recently came under scrutiny after the fatal police shooting of Philando Castile during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights three summers ago.

Jeronimo Yanez, the former St. Anthony police officer who was later acquitted for shooting Castile, attended a two-day training course called “The Bulletproof Warrior,” which critics said trains officers to consider everyone and everything a potential threat.

Arradondo said at the time that the department doesn’t currently train officers in such techniques. It’s unclear how many officers have undergone the training in the past.

I think it may be prudent to revisit this training and what it entails, under the circumstances?

More at the link above.

President of the Minneapolis police union wore a 'white power' patch on his motorcycle jacket


I'm a union member but this POS must go.

In 2007 Kroll was named in a lawsuit four black police officers — including the current chief — brought against the Minneapolis Police Department for discrimination.

As examples of Kroll's prejudicial treatment, the complaint said Kroll openly wore a "white power" patch sewn into his motorcycle jacket. Kroll is reportedly a member of the City Heat Motorcycle Club, which has been cited by the Anti-Defamation League for its white power connections.

The lawsuit also said Kroll referred to black and Muslim US Rep. Keith Ellison as "a terrorist" in the presence of other officers.

The city eventually settled the lawsuit for $740,000.

More at link above.
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