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Tom Rinaldo

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Member since: Mon Oct 20, 2003, 05:39 PM
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If Trump Becomes President Will He Stop Doing Busness Wth Foreign Interests?

Will Trump "wind down" his business empire? Will he stop accepting investments from those in foreign nations? Refuse to accept credit and/or loans from foreign entities? Will he sell off his international properties so that threats against them can't be used to influence his foreign policy? At the very least will he resist all those who come offering him sweetheart deals and insist instead on paying above market rates to avoid any appearance of any conflict of interest?

Or does Trump plan to put all of his business assets into a blind trust controlled by his children with a word of honor fire wall preventing him from hearing about the deals they cut with Russian oligarchs?

Will the media even ask a tenth of the questions of Trump about the potential "pay to play" conflict inherent in an international business empire that profits him personally that they ask of Clinton when it comes to a Clinton linked Foundation that aids tens of millions in dire poverty?

I'm not sure of the answer to that last question. It is remotely possible that the media will ask Trump a tenth of the questions about potential conflicts of interest that they ask about Clinton. But only if he releases his taxes so that they find out what it is that they need to ask about.

Mika (from "Morning Joe") brutally and concisely missing the point.

While hammering a Democratic Congressman, who supports Hillary, on the show this morning over the potential that foreign Clinton Foundation donors were trying to buy favorable policies from the State Department - she kept repeating the phrase "doing business with them" to describe the relationship of the Clinton Foundation to those donors.

No, actually Mika, it is Trump enterprises that does business with foreign interests, and then covers up all records of those ties, and their implications, by refusing to release any tax returns. The Clinton Foundation is a charity with a mission to help suffering people around the world. It's a fine distinction, I know, but the ability to make it is why it is supposedly worth it for MSNBC to pay you millions.

Words matter. Make your allegations about influence peddling as you see fit, but the Clinton Foundation is not a business - it is a Non Profit Charity. Any punditry that can't even find time to make that aspect of "the story" clear represents "influence peddling" of an entirely different sort and needs to be exposed as such.
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