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Crunchy Frog

Crunchy Frog's Journal
Crunchy Frog's Journal
November 8, 2018

I think that's what the Repugs want. For mass shootings to just be part of the new normal.

Are they just trying to get us conditioned to high levels of mass violence? Are they trying to get us all desensitized? Is this part of their larger agenda for the country?

I can feel myself becoming more desensitized too.

November 8, 2018

So, it looks like there was just a mass shooting with 12 fatalities, and it's barely noticeable here

on DU.

I've scrolled over the whole front page, and just a handfull of threads with just a few replies.

I guess maybe we're heading into a society where mass shootings, even with fatalities in double digits, just aren't really noteworthy anymore unless there are other extenuating conditions (houses of worship, children, etc.)

Is this a real trend, or am I full of it?

October 27, 2018

Sub-Saharan Africans don't show evidence of interbreeding with Neanderthals or Denisovans, but

they do show evidence of interbreeding with other lineages of archaic humans.

That means that we are ALL mutts, and we are all products of interbreeding with our more archaic cousins. Genetically speaking, none of us are "more" or "less" or superior or inferior. It's silly and dangerous to try to classify contemporary humans in that fashion. JMHO.

September 11, 2018

Amber Guyger, when the National Review is calling you out, you're probably in deep shit.


Really surprised at some of the stuff they're saying.

Aside from the horrific details of the shooting itself, there are already troubling indications that Guyger’s identity as a police officer is providing her with actual, undeserved advantages in the prosecution of this case.

First, police sources are reportedly indicating that Guyger may actually try to raise the fact that Jean didn’t obey her commands as a defense. It’s not a defense. The moment she opened the door to an apartment that wasn’t her own, she wasn’t operating as a police officer clothed with the authority of the law. She was instead a criminal. She was breaking into another person’s home. She was an armed home invader, and the person clothed with the authority of law to defend himself was Botham Shem Jean.

Which brings us to the second troubling element of the story. So far, Guyger is only charged with manslaughter. But all the available evidence indicates that she intentionally shot Jean. This wasn’t a warning shot gone awry. The pistol didn’t discharge during a struggle. She committed a crime by forcing open Jean’s door, deliberately took aim, and killed him.

Texas law defines murder quite simply as “intentionally or knowingly caus[ing] the death of an individual.” Manslaughter, by contrast, occurs when a person “recklessly” causes death. Guyger’s warning and her deliberate aim scream intent. 

Not defending the NR here, and of course they always have a hidden agenda, but I still found it pretty remarkable that they're suggesting that she committed actual murder rather than manslaughter, and calling her out on her attempts to use victim blaming as her defense.

I'm hoping that this case has gotten so high profile that they won't have a choice about rendering real justice.
July 19, 2018

I'm sorry that the drug war has put you in this situation.

I've been profoundly opposed to this drug war ever since I was forced to go through untreated kidney stone pain.

I definitely think we're going to start seeing lots more deaths from overuse of NSAIDS and Tylenol, and probably even alcohol, as a result of the mismanagement of this "crisis".

You might try looking into kratom. It's a ground up leaf that has mild opioid and possibly anti-inflammatory properties, and is currently still legal.

July 11, 2018

Yes. The TOS no longer gets enforced

Due to the way the jury system works. The only thing that gets enforced is the currently dominating groupthink.

I really wish they would ditch the jury system and go back to the previous system of moderators.

July 11, 2018

This is the product of a massive and sophisticated propaganda machine

That's been running now for decades. It's not just FOX and hate radio, but the entire infrastructure of think tanks that come up with the talking points and propaganda messages.

They've managed to create a population of Pavlov's dogs numbering in the tens of millions, who are conditioned to believe and behave in any way they want. Millions more people are more subtly influenced, even liberals.

At minimum, we need to create our own infrastructure to begin combating this machine.

July 11, 2018

A sitting R president would certainly have made a gigantic stink out of it.

With the elected R legislators joining in, going to the media and holding press conferences, pissing and moaning about how unprecedented and unfair it was.

They would also use every procedural tactic that they could possibly come up with.

Might even do an astroturf "protest" movement, like they did with the teabaggers, when they were harassing and disrupting Dem town halls.

They very likely would have ended up getting their way. If not, at least no one would be able to accuse them of not trying.

July 10, 2018

Yes. It comes from think tanks funded by Koch bros and other shadowy billionaires.

They've been building this propaganda infrastructure for decades.

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