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Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2003, 10:22 AM
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Tiny d is getting slaughtered by trumpists

Tiny posted about trump's indictment last night, and the responses were pretty hostile. Lol:

Ron DeSantis
The weaponization of federal law enforcement represents a mortal threat to a free society.

We have for years witnessed an uneven application of the law depending upon political affiliation.

Why so zealous in pursuing Trump yet so passive about Hillary or Hunter?

The DeSantis administration will bring accountability to the DOJ, excise political bias and end weaponization once and for all.
9:53 PM · Jun 8, 2023

Leskov Brandonovic
We all know this is you. Save it. There will be no such thing as “DeSantis administration”.

10:05 PM · Jun 8, 2023

Pro Swing Trading 📈😎🇺🇸
There will never be a "DeSantis administration" you traitorous coward.
9:59 PM · Jun 8, 2023

Vince Langman
If you truly loved this country, you would drop out of the race and put your support behind President Trump
10:07 PM · Jun 8, 2023

He’s using Trump indictment to CAMPAIGN

Gross. We are NEVER EVER voting for him
10:10 PM · Jun 8, 2023

Robin Aka horsesarelife
Stop campaigning on Trumps back. I once respected you as a great governor. You have absolutely proven to the nation who you really are .
10:24 PM · Jun 8, 2023

MAGA 𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘪𝘯𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵
In order for a “DeSantis administration” to happen, it requires us to surrender to political persecution & abandon the president who stood up for us. That will never happen. Not everyone is an unprincipled traitor like yourself, Ron.
10:21 PM · Jun 8, 2023

Nancy Cottle
Will you go to Miami on Tuesday and show your outrage?
10:00 PM · Jun 8, 2023

Alex Bruesewitz 🇺🇸
Your top spokesperson was saying you weren’t running for president in may of 2022. Then after the mar a lago raid in august, you and your team changed tune.

You’re a fraud.
10:11 PM · Jun 8, 2023

Shem Horne
You are worse than the left. At least they tell us they hate us instead of pretending to be on our side. Traitor
10:21 PM · Jun 8, 2023

johnny maga
Your words are completely empty. You’re raising hundreds of millions from scumbags who want trump in prison.

If you really cared you’d drop out
10:18 PM · Jun 8, 2023


Don Lemon Laughing at Chris Licht's Exit and CNN's Awful Ratings: Sources

Don Lemon has enjoyed watching Chris Licht's downfall and was extremely pleased to see him let go this week, RadarOnline.com has learned.

According to sources close to the situation, the fired anchor has been “laughing at Chris’ mounting failures” for weeks and his termination was icing on the cake.

An insider said Lemon has even floated the idea of returning to CNN "to save the network.”


Sources revealed that morale at CNN plummeted along with the ratings, which nosedived a whopping 61 percent in March. Overall, ratings have declined 35 percent since Licht took the helm last year.


Lemon, 57 — along with Chris Cuomo and even Licht’s predecessor Jeff Zucker, 58 — are said to be overjoyed with CNN's downfall and believe they could make a return to their old roles.


another reason why desantis will never be president...

His voice isn't distinct enough. One of the rules of being president is your voice has to be easily recognized. Tiny d sounds like an obnoxious surfer, but it's very generic. Not easily recognized or distinct.

10 Oldest Members of Current U.S. Senate

10. Ed Markey (July 11, 1946 – Present)
Current Age (as of February 2023): 76 years, 7 months, 4 days
State: Massachusetts
Political Party: Democratic
Assumed Office: July 16, 2013
Next election: 2026

9. Richard Blumenthal (February 13, 1946 – Present)
Current Age (as of February 2023): 77 years, 2 days
State: Connecticut
Political Party: Democratic
Assumed Office: January 3, 2011
Next election: 2028

8. Dick Durbin (November 21, 1944 – Present)
Current Age (as of February 2023): 78 years, 2 months, 25 days
State: Illinois
Political Party: Democratic
Assumed Office: January 3, 1997
Next election: 2026

7. Angus King (March 31, 1944 – Present)
Current Age (as of February 2023): 78 years, 10 months, 15 days
State: Maine
Political Party: Independent, but caucuses with Democrats
Assumed Office: January 3, 2013
Next election: 2024

6. Ben Cardin (October 5, 1943 – Present)
Current Age (as of February 2023): 79 years, 4 months, 10 days
State: Maryland
Political Party: Democratic
Assumed Office: January 3, 2007
Next election: retiring in 2024

5. Jim Risch (May 3, 1943 – Present)
Current Age (as of February 2023): 79 years, 9 months, 12 days
State: Idaho
Political Party: Republican
Assumed Office: January 3, 2009
Next election: 2026

4. Mitch McConnell (February 20, 1942 – Present)
Current Age (as of February 2023): 80 years, 11 months, 26 days
State: Kentucky
Political Party: Republican
Assumed Office: January 3, 1985
Next election: 2026

3. Bernie Sanders (September 8, 1941 – Present)
Current Age (as of February 2023): 81 years, 5 months, 7 days
State: Vermont
Political Party: Independent, but caucuses with Democrats
Assumed Office: January 3, 2007
Next election: 2024

2. Chuck Grassley (September 17, 1933 – Present)
Current Age (as of February 2023): 89 years, 4 months, 29 days
State: Iowa
Political Party: Republican
Assumed Office: January 3, 1981
Next election: 2028

1. Dianne Feinstein (June 22, 1933 – Present)
Current Age (as of February 2023): 89 years, 7 months, 24 days
State: California
Political Party: Democratic
Assumed Office: November 4, 1992
Next election: retiring in 2024


No judgments... just thought this was interesting in light of recent events.

I don't know how to get it done, but it needs to get done

Today it was mentioned that there are women in red states who are finding out about the abortion bans in their state when they try to book an abortion appointment, and there are women in states like New York who think that abortion has already been banned in their own state.

By the time GE voting begins next year, every voter in America needs to be 100% educated on the "who, what, when, where and why" with regard to abortion in this country.

The New York example makes it clear that it's not enough to quietly protect abortion rights. We have to be vocal about it, even in blue states: WE, DEMOCRATS, are protecting the right to choose. REPUBLICANS are taking that right away.

Voters also need to understand how the abortion bans affect ALL pregnant women who might experience life threatening complications or a miscarriage.

Do you make an active shooter plan when in public spaces?

I just watched a video that seems to be pretty informative and thorough, but the problem is, if I have to plan exit routes and hiding places every time I'm in a public place, I'm not going to want to leave the house. I don't want to be a fearful, paranoid person, but at the same time, I'm in a state where you don't even have to have a license to carry anymore. The floodgates are open.

What do you think? Is this premature or should we all have an active shooter plan right now? Do you agree with this guy's advice? I don't want to live in a country where I need an active shooter plan.

Yes or no: Did tfg try to overthrow the last election?

Did he make this attempt using numerous levers of the government, including tampering with the US mail operations, tampering with State electors, trying to get the DOJ to halt counts, threatening Secretaries of State, threatening congressmen, and threatening the vice president?

Someone who tries to overthrow a US election should not be enabled and should not be normalized. Period. This is not business as usual and I will NOT be gaslighted on this issue.

GA man accused of stopping school bus full of kids because a child flipped off his family

According to an incident report from the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office, on April 24, 2023, at around 4:30 p.m., Roger O’Neal Barrett, 55, was moving cattle across a road when he said a child on a school bus “flipped off” his wife and 13-year-old child as the bus passed them by.

Barrett stopped the bus with his truck and wanted to wait for a deputy to arrive to get the juvenile’s information.

The director told a deputy that the school is going to investigate the incident and take disciplinary action against the student who was accused of flipping the family off as they see fit.

Barrett was charged with disruption or interference with the operation of public schools.


This is crazy. Some details were left out but I'm assuming that Barrett raced behind the bus then cut in front of it to block it in? Barrett was out of control and should do some jail time for that stunt.

I wonder if they're actually going to discipline the child.

What needs to be understood is that it was not a date gone wrong

I don't know if she specifically said "no" or not, but that's irrelevant because it was not a date or an encounter in which they were deciding whether to have sex or not. If it were a date, obviously the traditional guidance is to say "no" firmly and clearly in the event of a male partner attempting to have sex.

But Carroll's encounter with trump was more like a surprise attack from a criminal on the street. A violent, surprise attack requires a totally different script which consists of doing everything possible to survive. Carol's encounter must have been especially disorienting because of who the attacker was and the surrealness of it all. Nobody expects to be attacked like that within seconds of walking into a space. Nobody. And that stunned, disoriented, confused, terrified, caught off guard reaction is what men like trump rely upon.

When he grabs women "by the pussy," he incorrectly assumes that their responses, which I'm sure vary, signal consent when in reality, the women feel terror, shock, shame, embarrassment, anger, confusion, sadness, humiliation etc.

On a side note, there's no doubt in my mind that someone who would steal an election would also rape a person. He lost the election by every metric and he didn't give a fuck: he still tried to force himself into the presidency against our will.

Can Ralph Yarl's family sue Fox News?

The shooter's grandson, Karl Ludwig, is now on record stating that his grandfather was radicalized by Fox News channel. Is this an opportunity to sue Fox News into oblivion?

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