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Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2003, 10:22 AM
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I have conflicting thoughts

When you really think about it, unless you're wearing an N95, is your mask really doing much?

My point is, the masks kind of feel like a security blanket and now the CDC has abruptly snatched them away like a used Band-Aid. But maybe it is time to rip the masks off and move forward. To get on with life. Maybe it will be okay. I never once donned a mask during the swine flu outbreak. Hell, I went on a cruise that year.

Maybe the unspoken part of the CDC's announcement is that the risk level now is similar to what it usually is with regard to flus and other outbreaks. Some people are more vulnerable than others, obviously.

If or when I decide to go maskless, I will feel pretty vulnerable at first. It will take some getting used to, just like it took time to get used to going out with the mask on. I will miss the ability to walk around almost completely incognito. The masks make it easier to make quick trips to the store without getting dolled up.

What a lot of people here don't seem to get

It's not just about the wildly disproportionate killing of unarmed black people, it's the entire dynamic of how policing is done in this country. The goal of many police departments appears to be the systematic dehumanization, monetization and criminalization of people of color. The tools for accomplishing the mission are frequent police stops featuring excessive force and public humiliation, which may eventually lead to an argument, assault, arrest (or spontaneous execution), incarceration, excessive fines, license suspension, criminal record, etc.

When every white man has multiple stories of how they've been stopped, searched, profiled, humiliated, treated like trash, had a gun pointed at them and was nearly killed by the police, then change could theoretically come, but I happen to think that at that point it would be too late for the entire country. It's the whole "first they came for..." thing.

Why is infrastructure next when our democracy is in jeopardy?

Am I missing something?

47 states are trying to make it harder to vote and/or pointless to vote.

Now the QOP is attempting to penalize companies who speak out against the Jim Crow 2 laws. This will likely cause many companies to stay silent on this issue. How is this OK?

This is a 20 alarm fire!

Right now, we have the WH, Senate, and House. The Democratic majority we have in the Senate could be lost at any moment due to a death or unexpected retirement! Move on this NOW!! No more excuses!

What if Gaetz's so called extortioner is working on trump's behalf?

Let me be clear, I think it's likely that Gaetz is a pedophile sex trafficker (along with Tucker).

But it could also be true that tRump or one of his stooges had inside knowledge of the situation, perhaps he even arranged the double date, and then he used it as leverage for various votes, TV coverage, etc (just like he uses leverage on others like Lindsey, Ron Johnson, etc).

Now that tRump is out of a job and his golf club got shut down due to covid, he might be trying to cash in.

Judge Cahill needs to be replaced

I've only seen a small part of the trial so far, but on the part I did see, I feel that the judge behaved in a biased and disrespectful manner. He called the EMT witness Genevieve Hansen "argumentative."

Really? These are regular people doing their duty and testifying in front of a worldwide audience. It takes guts and courage to do so.

The last thing a judge should be doing is berating these brave individuals!

This is the 2nd time Mike Lee has loudly interrupted the proceedings

All persons are commanded to keep silent, on pain of imprisonment.

Seriously, lock his ass up. So sick of these QOPers breaking rules and laws.

If repubs voted in lockstep to CONVICT, trumpers would be forced to accept it

What choice would they have? To go after all 50 GOP senators and install batshit insane psychos in their place?

If anything, trumpers would disengage from the process completely, thus freeing the GOP from more MTQ types.

If MoscowMitch were a smart man, he'd consider this option. 100-0 to convict. Case closed, no drama or singling out of any members. But he's not... so....

Someone should take a hidden camera into the Senate chamber today

I understand it's against the rules, but the QOP senators need to be exposed.

Think about the bravery of Officer Goodman and the other heros who put their lives on the line to protect the Capitol. They don't deserve to have sitting senators mocking and/or ignoring what they went through that day.

Can Democrats prevent Qpublicans from reading books and not paying attention during the trial?

I assume if a juror tried that in a regular trial they'd be dismissed and replaced. Why are republicans allowed to take our tax dollars while neglecting to uphold their duties?

Atlanta's ABC (wsbtv) cut into The View to air MTQ's hateful screed

I'm just now seeing my DVR footage and I'm furious!!!!

She's ranting about democrats, illegal aliens, abortion, guns, etc. They gave her about 10 minutes of uninterrupted, LIVE air time. WTF???!!!!
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