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Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2003, 10:22 AM
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Now Ivanka is claiming that her father "sacrificed greatly" to enter the political arena

*cough* Bob Barr... nt

He is left economically, but not socially

That's my conclusion based on actually listening to him on various shows.

The libertarian left has always been concerned about things like that.

I'm not of the libertarian left, the leak discussions didn't interest me much back then, except for the occasional false hope people kept spreading about how * was about to go down. After a while I realized it wasn't going to happen and lost interest.

I think if you go back in time, you'll find the same people who were vocal about the leaks/NSA/etc. back then are still vocal about it now, and the people who said little or nothing about it may be speaking up now (due to being a pro-Bush troll, or due to the disingenuous framing of the debate or annoying worship of Snowden).

BTW, I don't have a fond opinion of Snowden because he's a right winger. Last I checked, I'm not required to adore right wingers who do one or two things right.

With all the attacks on Obama, why should Snowden be off limits?

why can't he stfu so the focus can be the NSA?

He's almost George Zimmerman-like in his constant comments, etc

Are you referring to Snowden's fans?

Yeah, the blind adoration & allegiance to a repubtarian (and a guy who recently defended a KKK wizard) is pretty stunning.

uggh. It's not that simple, Bernie

So many teabaggers have no idea that the Medicaid & Medicare benefits they and/or their families rely on are from the government. Furthermore, they think it's ok to use it themselves, but everyone else who relies on it is a lazy "taker." It's impossible to reason with people who are racist, ignorant, and most importantly selfish.

This idea that all democrats have to do is toss a significant portion of our base under the bus to pick up ignorant folks who still won't get it is preposterous! I used to think that way to back when Howard Dean was running.
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