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I'm not interested in more "lipstick on the pig" solutions.

I'm really not interested in a back and forth with dRump about changing military base names.

Symbolic gestures are nice, but they're no substitute for REAL change in the form of LAWS and/or constitutional amendments protecting our civil rights.

What I need is for my vote to count in a fair and convenient election.

What I need is for the entire system of policing to be reformed.

I need my basic human rights protected because right now, I feel like a second class citizen living in a "shithole" country.

My police reform plan. Feel free to critique

1. Abolish traffic stops that aren't related to an immediate threat to public safety
If my headlight is not working or you think I blew a stop sign, take a pic of my plate and submit the dash cam footage, then let county officials contact me through the mail. No need for an armed person to stop me and potentially kill me.

No more stopping people who are simply going with the flow of traffic.

Absolutely NO MORE "you fit the description" stops. They're 99% bullshit and must come to an end ASAP.

The only traffic situations requiring a police stop are dangerous situations in which a motorist is putting other drivers in danger with reckless driving. Once the driver is pulled over, STAY IN YOUR CAR and complete the stop via radio or phone. Cops already have all of the information they need. No need to interact in person unless it's clear that the driver is either a child, inebriated, or if the tag information doesn't match the actual car.

To make for a smoother transition in removing cops from most traffic stops, DUI offenders should only get 1 chance before their license is suspended for a year.

2. Abolish degrading strip searches and all other gross human rights violations
If you don't have a warrant, you have no right to search my body or my car. If you do have a warrant, that type of searching should be done in a PRIVATE SETTING and in the presence of an advocate who will make sure that nothing is illegally planted.

3. Ban cities from making money off the backs of civilians from frivolous tickets, etc. Keep a log which includes the demographics of motorists who are given tickets. The DOJ must cite and fine cities that have unfairly targeted a group for fines and tickets. No driver should be given more than $250 in tickets in a year's time (call it an Out of Pocket max).

NO MORE JAIL due to unpaid traffic tickets, etc.

4. Ban all no knock warrants. A civilian advocate should be present during all visits to a home. Abolish all flash bangs, etc. from use during visits to the home of suspects. Any mistakes that lead to a citizen's death (going to the wrong address, attempting to arrest someone who is already behind bars, etc) should come with criminal penalties

5. If a cop is on a school campus, it should only be for the purpose of protecting students from actual criminals. NO MORE arrests and/or assaults of children by police should be allowed.

6. No high speed chases unless a specific crime has been identified that endangers the public and/or a specific person (kidnapping).

7. If an officer's body cam is turned off during an encounter that leads to a civilian complaint, injury, or death, the officer is automatically charged. Period. No more games.

8. Threatening to shoot or kill a civilian is an automatic fireable offense.

9. Obviously, no more shuffling of bad cops to new police departments.

10. Cops are also required to follow traffic laws and may be ticketed for failure to do so. No more using flashing lights just to run a red light, etc.

11. Undercover cops may not accost a civilian without a civilian advocate present.

12. Every tasing or use of physical force must trigger an automatic investigation.


Thoughts? Doable? Not doable?

Source: Current Lindsey / LadyG scandal is ONLY 10% of the full story


Reminder: I posted this video all the back in FEBRUARY and it had over 1 million+ views.

The story making the rounds now is ONLY 10% of the story.

It's a helluva lot worse than that.

And like I said in February the truth is coming.

Winslow also posted about this back in October 2019:


Have you wondered why @LindseyGrahamSC has been defending @realDonaldTrump like his life depended on it? A friend in federal law enforcement told me about a certain threat @realDonaldTrump has made to Graham. It's personal. It's awful. And it's working very well.

Related discussion on DU: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100212533900

And still no charges for the 3 cops

who assisted in murdering George Floyd.

What are they waiting for?

Lock them up! Now!

Should Biden fill the void on nights like this with a speech

addressed to the nation?

I don't know.

I think it would have been nice to hear one unifying voice tonight (NOT trump).

Should Biden address the nation on nights like this or should he just let trump's silence/incompetence speak for itself?

He accidentally told the truth in the middle of his lie

Not that we need any more confirmation that he's lying...

The confession comes around the 1 minute mark.

A lot of people are taking it. A lot of frontline workers are taking hydroxychloroquine. A lot of front- — I don’t take it because — hey, people said, “Oh, maybe he owns the company.”

That's a classic example of how trump recovers from gaffes / blunders--he tries to blend it in as smoothly as possible so that his acolytes won't realize he made a mistake.

Barr: History is written by the "winners"

Check out the huge smile on his face when he says that. These are not the faces of people who plan to have a fair election this fall.
They plan to cheat, and they plan on suppressing that information from ever being recorded in future history books. They must be stopped.

Facebook has banned / censored the "Mourning in America" ad



Can you believe these m**f*ckers!? I'm not going to put all the blame on Facebook, because I'm sure trump threatened them in some way. We are in a banana republic right now.

For those who haven't seen it yet:

No need to social distance since I don't know anybody who has the coronavirus

Quotes from Jacksonville residents at Cinco de Mayo gathering yesterday! The stupid comments begin approximately 1:20 seconds in.

"I don't even know anybody who even knows anybody who's had that virus..."

It's going to be a long year... 🤦

How are you guys handling car service / maintenance?

My procrastinating really got me into a bind. I should have scheduled an oil change back in January or February--at that time, my car was showing a 10% "oil life" alert? But I figured there'd be plenty of time to act once it reached 5%. Of course, things got super busy and now we're in a full blown pandemic.

I'm worried my car might shut down on me, but the thought of my car cabin being filled with covid19 particles is nauseating to me. Also, I'm not sure it can be fully disinfected without damaging the interior seating, etc.
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