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The CDC is going door to door in metro Atlanta to test residents for antibodies

Starting today, health experts visited randomly selected homes in Fulton and DeKalb counties to conduct antibody surveys.

It’s a partnership between the county health boards, Georgia Department of Public Health and Atlanta-based Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The agencies will have teams visit randomly selected homes through May 4. People will be asked to answer questions and provide a blood sample for antibody tests.

“We encourage everyone who is visited by the teams to participate in this very important survey that can help public health officials assess how widespread COVID-19 is in certain areas,” said DPH commissioner Dr. Kathleen E. Toomey. “This is another way that Georgians can play a role in helping fight this virus.”


It'll be interesting to see the results of this survey. The people I've talked to about this have stated they will NOT open their doors.

Why is trump still president while we're in so much danger?

EVERYONE KNOWS trump is unqualified, unfit, and too ignorant and self centered to get us through this crisis. But yet, he's still there. Even after he admits, every single day, that he shouldn't be held responsible for *anything* that happens.

We can't afford to wait until November. He needs to be removed and replaced NOW before the death toll hits the millions.

But how, you may ask?

It starts with the "fourth estate" pulling back to look at the big picture: trump says stupid shit everyday, but the bigger issue is that we are in grave danger as long as trump is in office.

Mitch and Pence have the power to do something but they have chosen not to. Millions of people may die as a result.

News organizations need to pull back from trump and his ridiculous pressers and start hounding Mitch and Pence, every single day. Ask them when they will either invoke the 25th Amendment or agree to a streamlined impeachment process.

trumpers: Please don't inject bleach into your body

It won't end well.




Georgia Governor's Mansion is NOT resuming tours

There doesn't appear to be any plans to reopen before June!

In other words, another case of, "Do as I say, not as I do."

If anyone from the media sees this, please mention this on your platform. Demand that kemp open up the people's house to tours, considering that every other place of business in Georgia, including tattoo and massage parlors, are set to reopen by next Monday.

Contact Governor's Mansion
Primary: (404) 261-1776

No, but I think a far less contagious version was circulating around the country

long before February.

Think about it. At least 2 people died from it in early February, but apparently shit didn't hit the fan.

Why? How? What made it suddenly morph (or activate) into this horror freak show we're seeing now?

39 year old asymptomatic on Friday, but found dead the following Tuesday

A federal prison employee who died earlier this week has tested positive for the new coronavirus, the Bureau of Prisons announced Friday. The bureau said the staffer is the "first potential" staff death due to COVID-19.

Robin Grubbs, a 39-year-old case manager at the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta, was found dead in her home Tuesday and posthumously tested positive for the virus, a bureau spokesperson said in a statement.

Grubbs' last day working at the facility was Friday, April 10. She was screened prior to entry and determined to be asymptomatic, the spokesperson said.

Four Atlanta employees told CBS News that Grubb's office was located in the prison's "Baker 3" unit, a previously empty area where officials began housing inmates who were sick or exposed to the coronavirus. As of Friday, eight inmates and three staffers have tested positive for the virus, according to the bureau.


Someone mentioned that Grubb's rapid decline may have been due to something known as a cytokine storm, which is when your immune system goes rogue when attempting to fight an unknown virus.

For me, this indicates that anyone can potentially die from covid19, not just those with pre-existing conditions.

Biden needs to start having daily pressers as well

In full makeup, suit, whatever it takes. Americans can't be exposed to drump's propaganda day in and day out without push back.

This piecemeal shutdown approach is dragging things out. Why not SHUT IT ALL DOWN

NOW, in all US states and territories, so that we can hopefully be on track within weeks as opposed to months!?

And no, I'm in no way fully prepared and I dread the thought of eating spam, but I would much rather be locked down for 3 weeks versus 3 to 18 months. What are we waiting on? I'm growing suspicious. Millions of kids are out of school right now. Shouldn't we rip the bandaid off now?

Am I the only one feeling like this?

Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield) just emailed me with their COVID19 response

It looks like they'll cover the test but that's it.

COVID-19: See a doctor online at no extra cost through June 14, 2020.

Your benefits are changing to give you extra support right now, including online visits with board-certified doctors 24/7 at no cost through June 14, 2020.

Here's how your health plan helps you: Check symptoms and have doctor visits from home
You can download the free Sydney Care mobile app for a quick and easy way to evaluate your symptoms. You can connect with a doctor through a LiveHealth Online video session or a Virtual Care text session right from your phone. The doctor can evaluate your symptoms, help you understand whether you’re at risk for COVID-19, and let you know whether you need to visit a local health care provider in person for COVID-19 testing.

LiveHealth Online is available for members at no extra cost through June 14, 2020.


Additionally, if your plan includes a 90-day mail-order pharmacy benefit, talk to your doctor about whether changing from a 30-day supply to a 90-day supply is appropriate. You can get your 90-day supply through our home delivery pharmacy for most medications. Call the Pharmacy Member Services number on your ID card to learn more.

  If you need a COVID-19 test, it's covered. Your Anthem health plan covers COVID-19 testing and the visit where you get the test with no out-of-pocket costs.

If you're diagnosed as having COVID-19, your Anthem health plan benefits apply to treatments.

#DropOutBernie is trending. Even Malcolm Nance is chiming in


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