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Bernie's comments annoy me and you may not like Hillary, but we're being baited

Can we all agree that Hillary, Bernie, and most democrats/progressives have good intentions? Great! We are not enemies! If you're at the point where you think we are enemies, it's time to step back, take a break, and let some of the fake news wear off.

If Bernie/Hillary or some other well-meaning Democrat says something stupid, we should be able to discuss it, laugh, roll our eyes and move on. Yes we have different methods and priorities and timetables. But we can work together as we've always done.

Someone (in Russia?) is having a LOT of fun riling up both sides and eating popcorn as the fireworks erupt. That thought annoys me more than anything Bernie could ever say or do because there is so much at stake. If we don't get this right starting this year in the runoffs through 2018, it's over for our movement, and maybe for the country as well. The end!

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