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Nobody will know that a user is a Trump-enabling moron unless

that user ACTS like an Trump enabling moron. Some of you are really overthinking the rules. If someone voted Trump (or 3rd party) and now regrets it, they'll be just fine here unless they post obnoxious, anti-democratic, pro-Trump/pro-GOP bullshit. If the person can't resist smearing Hillary and other democrats, and on top of that admits to enabling Trump, then yes, they should go.

It's common sense, no need to overthink it.

What if Trump strikes a "deal:" Offers to resign in exchange for immunity?

for himself and his family?

That would not sit well with me, at all.

I think we need to have a plan ready in case the repubs try this. Trump should not be allowed to walk off into the sunset, with his criminal enterprises not only intact but prospering for the first time in decades due to the shady backroom deals and executive orders that he made during his fake presidency.

I've thought about it. My parents are from different countries

so I'm not sure what to expect. It seems like I'd get more useful information by buying tests for them.

Also, I had more interest in testing before the heavy handed, patronizing Ancestry.com ads started popping up on TV. It seems like they're really trying to target (exploit?) African Americans. Frankly, anyone whose ancestors were brutally kidnapped and brought to this country to be a slave should be granted an ancestry DNA kit free of charge, paid for by the U.S. government.
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