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trump will be the nominee, but we will be victorious

According to my sources.

Would it affect your vote if Elizabeth Warren moved toward the Medicare and private option

approach to healthcare (aka Medicare for All who want it)?

I think the only thing that could potentially hold Sen Warren back from the nomination is her current stance on healthcare. I'm hoping that she's limiting the amount of details she gives out because she knows she will have to pivot more to the center when it's just her and Biden or Harris left on the field.

Right now, many people dismiss the idea of Medicare for all because it seems like an impossible suggestion.

But what if it's not impossible?

If it's not impossible, then people like me are forced to reevaluate our support because there are too many unanswered questions regarding the logistics of how Medicare for all would be implemented. The current system accounts for about 20% of our economy. That's not something that can be shut down overnight. What would happen to the people and businesses whose livelihoods are directly or indirectly tied into the private insurance industry in one way or another? It could be a really good thing or some people could end up worse off.

A lot of Biden's detractors wonder why so many people are sticking by him--they frantically bring up his gaffes, but Biden's detractors are not considering that perhaps some people take Bernie and Elizabeth at their word with regard to MFA, and they are simply trying to protect their healthcare and/or insurance related jobs, businesses, or investments.

I wouldn't be surprised if Mitch tossed Kavanaugh under the bus

Kav is rightwing, but he's not as rightwing as what Mitch and the ultra right were hoping for. MoscowMitch could toss Kav aside and try to get someone more rightwing appointed before trump is impeached.

The courtís new median justice is Kavanaugh, continuing a trend to the right

Last year, we wrote that Roberts would likely land at the ideological center of the court in Kennedyís absence, and he did ó but so did Kavanaugh, who voted in almost total lock-step with Roberts. In fact, Kavanaugh was actually slightly closer to the center than Roberts was, according to their Martin-Quinn scores, a prominent measure of judicial ideology calculated by scholars Lee Epstein and Andrew Martin of Washington University in St. Louis and Kevin Quinn of the University of Michigan using data from the Supreme Court Database. As the chart below shows, their scores were almost indistinguishable:


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