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Here's his plan: arrest Hunter biden, then wait for all the fallout

and high-pitched shrieks from Democrats about not arresting political opponents and their children. He'll let the outrage go on for the final two weeks of his presidency, and then he'll pardon Hunter (and himself) with a fake, reality show speech about unity.

tRump's expectation is that Democrats will be held to the same standard with regard to him and his children.

I just don't see how this can continue

We've been at a stalemate for decades now--unable to address important problems related to healthcare, new technologies, etc, because republicans are OBSESSED with women's vaginas, discriminating against minorities, and increasing their personal portfolios at the expense of Americans and our country.

They don't give two shits about this country nor the people in it.

They are just takers at this point--benefiting from the huge accomplishments that were a direct result of diversity and immigration, while publicly asserting to their followers that diversity and immigration are bad.

They don't understand cause and effect. They don't understand history. They are too stupid to lead. Yet, here we are. At the mercy of crooked and compromised individuals, like Moscow Mitch and Lindsey Graham.


Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the United States?

And if so, what should we be doing right now?

I don't know what to make of the 18 states asking the Supreme Court to invalidate my vote and millions of others.

Then we have the death threats and incitement to violence coming from the very top.

What exactly are we observing right now?
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