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No more debates! tRump's behavior tonight was disgusting

and it's not something I care to witness again.

What do you think?

trump is boxing us in again

All his comments about not accepting the election results have resulted in Democrats and anti-trumpers reflexively taking the opposite position--that our system is 100% flawless and that we should accept the election results, without question, regardless of what unfolds. Hence the Senate Bill that passed unanimously yesterday. We're still playing Checkers, unfortunately.

Perhaps a better strategy is to say something along the lines of:

You know what donald? Our system could use some improvement, because millions believe that YOU cheated your way into office last time. So why don't you and mitch pass election security? Why don't you and mitch give more finds to the USPS?

Oh... You don't want to do that? Why not? 🤔🤔

OK... That's awfully suspicious, donald. You don't want to secure our elections. You don't want to provide additional funds for mail in voting. It's starting to look like YOU are hiding something. Therefore, WE are not going to accept the results if you "win" under these shady circumstances.

Just my opinion, of course.

Omfg! My dad tossed his and my mom's absentee ballots in the trash last night!!!

I helped my dad complete his ballot application last Wednesday and I guess he was thrown off when 2 ballots arrived yesterday because he felt like he had already done that step. I'm irritated with myself for not making it clearer what the next step would be--I thought I told them the ballots would be arriving this week. Maybe I could have been clearer about the process, but I also feel like this happened due to trump's constant crying about rigged elections and fake ballots!

Luckily, my dad says he was able to retrieve both ballots from the trash. I'm going to their house first thing tomorrow to make sure they fill it out right and get it in the mail.

trumpers plan to vote in person, but if they catch covid at trump's super-spreader rallies,

will there be enough time for them to recover before Election Day?

And if so, will they still vote for trump?

tRump is transactional. He might not want to appoint anyone before the election

He knows that if he appoints someone now, the GOP can and will kick him under the bus come election day. With the SCOTUS heavily stacked in their direction, what more would they need trump for?
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