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If trumputin's cheating only helps GOP senators but not him, do

you think he'll rat them out?

Now that's a frightening thought

I'm convinced they're knee deep in state police departments, but now that I think about it, it's obvious that they coordinate nationally somehow. That's why we always see the same exact response when one of their officers comes under fire for a racist murder.

The recipe is something like this: Turn peaceful protests violent by injecting provocateurs into the masses, trigger looting, and if that doesn't work, sacrifice one of their fellow officers--someone inconvenient, perhaps a whistleblower and/or one of the elusive "good cops." Rinse. Repeat. Nobody will notice the discrepancies because people will believe literally anything as long as you say black people were involved.

This strategy accomplishes multiple goals, including the burning down of black businesses and communities (an all time favorite activity of the KKK). More importantly, the focus on cops and police reform magically goes away. Poof!

Just my opinion.

What percentage of us are voting Election Day vs early /absentee?

I FINALLY got my brother to go vote, but the power was out at the polling location!

Supposedly due to the tropical storm (Zeta) that came through the Atlanta area this morning.

They advised him to go to a different location that was further out, but he didn't want to. So frustrating!!

I don't want to be too annoying or threatening, but I might not have a choice because tomorrow is the last day of early voting in Georgia.

He'll no longer be president by Saturday night.

Bookmark this.

Ridiculous pro-Amy Coney Barrett ad uses JFK's words re: anti-Catholicism

This ad has been playing a lot here in Georgia.

Ummm... Are they serious?! I haven't heard anyone bring up her Catholic faith in a derogatory way.

Is it possible that he's dying and was released to hospice

at home? Maybe the doctors wanted him to enjoy his last few weeks or days?

tRump caught it on or before 9/22. He is the super spreader

HE KNEW he had it before stepping on to the debate stage on Tuesday. He likely contracted it on 9/22/20 at his Pittsburgh rally. If not that day, then during the 4 previous days, 3 of which contained super spreader rallies.

The clue for figuring this out is using the New York Times and CNN's timeline and factoring in the incubation period (and the presymptomatic contagious period). On average it's 5 days incubation, with the final 2 of those 5 days potentially involving presymptomatic spread.

Ronna Mcdaniel met with tRump on 9/25/20 and caught it from him. This means trump had to have caught it at least 3 days prior in order to be contagious. tRump also passed it to Hope Hicks that day. Neither Hope Hicks nor Ronna Mcdaniel attended the Supreme Court event on Saturday 9/26/20, which is why we can rule them out as the super spreaders. If Ronna had given it to trump, there wouldn't have been enough incubation time for tRump to spread it to everyone the next day.

Kelly Loeffler, Kkkemp and Perdue can also be ruled out as the initial spreaders because that wouldn't explain Ronna's infection. trump could not have given it to Ronna after having contracted the virus just 3 hours earlier. Also, keep in mind that trump requires that everyone meeting with him be tested in advance.

The questions regarding tRump's last negative test and first positive test were really important. It's obvious why the White House doctor refused to answer. I believe trump had a positive test by 9/27, which is consistent with what we know about incubation periods. Chris Wallace confirms the trump camp did NOT show up on 9/27/20 to be tested by the clinic.

Once trump received that first positive test, he probably went into deep denial and refused to take any more tests, insisting they were fake or unreliable. The part that is still confusing is why the inner circle continued to be near him without a mask on. Did they drink trump's Kool-Aid regarding the virus affecting "virtually nobody?" Were they in denial along with tRump, or did they rationalize it with Dr. Atlas's herd mentality (immunity) nonsense?

There will be at least 2 deaths from this. tRump might skate, once again, because he's receiving the best care in the world. Heads are going to roll when this leaks.

9/18: MN Rally
9/19: NC Rally
9/20: Golf club VA
9/21: Ohio rally
9/22: PA Rally
9/24: Jacksonville Rally
9/25: Florida, Georgia and Virginia with rally in VA



We deserve an independent diagnosis from Walter Reed

Flame away, but trump is a liar. I need to see receipts and I hope Biden's camp insisted on some form of proof before taking down his ads.

Researchers at Cornell University published a study this week showing that Mr. Trump was the single largest driver of false and misleading information about the coronavirus. Mentions of Mr. Trump made up nearly 38 percent of the overall “misinformation conversation,” the researchers said.

Mr. Trump has also stated on at least 34 separate occasions since February that the coronavirus would go away.

“We’re in an environment where conspiracies are thriving, in part because the president encourages them,” said Melissa Ryan, chief executive of Card Strategies, a consulting firm that researches disinformation. “And we have a White House comms operation that gives the press and public disinformation constantly.”

The situation has created “the perfect storm for people to assume that the White House isn’t being truthful,” Ms. Ryan said.



Will the tRumps check on Alice Marie Johnson or are they through with her?

She was flown out to the debate (in C̶o̶r̶o̶n̶a̶ ̶F̶o̶r̶c̶e̶ ̶O̶n̶e̶ Air Force One) to serve as a prop for trump.

Is anyone going to check on her?

Or is it another, "Wham bam, thank you, ma'am" situation?

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