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Bernie as nominee would allow trump to steal the election with no questions asked

It's not about whether Bernie can actually win or not. I think he can, but the fact that so many people question Bernie's electability is a huge problem because it provides plenty of cover for the GOP and /or Russia to do whatever the hell they want on election day.

They could make Bernie lose all 50 States, and nobody with the ability to investigate would do so. Why? Because we've never attempted to run a self proclaimed socialist before. A massive loss wouldn't elicit cries of election fraud. In fact, the media would immediately blame Democrats for choosing a socialist candidate and everyone would agree.

I just don't get why we would take this type of risk with so much at stake. It's crazy to me!

Quick reminder: Bernie voted against the Magnitsky Act and Russian sanctions

If it's Bernie vs. trump, who will putin support?
The Mueller report concluded that Russia/putin wanted trump and Bernie. When trump won the gop nom and Hillary won the democratic nomination, they put all their energy behind trump. But what happens if it's trump vs Bernie? Isn't it entirely possible that putin will switch his support to Bernie, since trump is so toxic and ineffective? Meanwhile, Bernie has quietly and without any blowback voted in a way that is a lot more supportive of putin/Russia than his colleagues--for example, he's voted against the Magnitsky Act and Russian sanctions:

The Senate overwhelmingly voted Thursday to impose new sanctions on Russia, joining the House in approving the measure by veto-proof margins.

The vote on the bill — which would also add sanctions against North Korea and Iran — was 98-2, with only Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rand Paul, R-Ky., dissenting. The House passed the measure on Tuesday by 419-3. Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/senate-joins-house-overwhelmingly-passing-new-russian-sanctions-n787291

Senate Democrats on Wednesday came up short in a vote to stop the Trump administration from easing sanctions on companies linked to Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire with ties to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

The only one to miss the vote was Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. He was meeting with women who had accused his 2016 presidential campaign of sexual misconduct, his spokesman, Josh Miller-Lewis, told CNBC. Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/16/senate-democrats-vote-to-block-trump-from-lifting-russia-sanctions-fails.html

Any thoughts? Is this concerning to anyone or are you happy to potentially have putin siding with the democrats next go 'round?

Please don't shoot the messenger.

Warren is the only candidate who will hold trump & his accomplices accountable as President

The other candidates will likely want to move on and turn the page.



On day one of my presidency, I will take aggressive steps to root out the corruption and incompetence of the Trump administration and to hold that administration accountable. I will:

Remove all political appointees. Rooting out the corruption in our government starts with wiping the slate clean on political appointments. Donald Trump gave influential, high-ranking positions to his donors, friends, and political allies. I will ask for the resignations of all political appointees, including U.S. Attorneys, save only those positions necessary to preserve continuity and protect national security during the transition period.


Establish a Justice Department Task Force to investigate corruption during the Trump administration and to hold government officials accountable for illegal activity. Donald Trump has run the most corrupt administration in history. He was impeached for withholding foreign aid in an effort to try to benefit his re-election campaign. He has enriched himself and his business through the power of his office. And there are public reports of potentially illegal corruption in every corner of his administration. If we are to move forward to restore public confidence in government and deter future wrongdoing, we cannot simply sweep this corruption under the rug in a new administration. That’s why I will direct the Justice Department to establish a task force to investigate violations by Trump administration officials of federal bribery laws, insider trading laws, and other anti-corruption and public integrity laws, and give that task force independent authority to pursue any substantiated criminal and civil violations. I have also committed to establishing a task force to investigate accusations of serious violations by immigration officials during the Trump era.


Identify federal contracting arrangements that arose as a result of corruption in the Trump administration - and end them. The corruption in the Trump administration extends beyond those who work for the government directly to those who have won contracts to execute government services. For example, Donald Trump repeatedly pushed the Army Corps of Engineers to award a border wall contract to a particular company; the company won the contract despite not meeting the standards for a bid. My administration will review major contracts executed under the Trump administration to identify conflicts of interest and other forms of corruption and take action to cancel any contracts procured as a result of corrupting influences.


If you don't want Bernie or Bloomberg, it's time to unite. Now.

Who can we unite around?

Bill Maher has been making a weird but potentially effective argument for Bernie

For the past 2 weeks, Bill Maher has been saying that Bernie Sanders is the only Democratic candidate who controls an army / "angry mob" who will take to the streets if trump & the GOP attempt to cheat and/or nullify the elections this fall.

This argument might appeal to people who share Maher's concerns about trump cheating or refusing to leave office.

I'd like to think that all of us would take to the streets if it came to it. At least, I hope so!


The problem with Bloomberg is his lack of experience and

Stop and frisk. I've already had confirmation from 2 millennials that they will not vote for him. We need our entire coalition on board this November.

Starting to realize the NYT was right, Warren and Klobuchar are our best shots

I've come to this conclusion for many reasons, but mainly because the male candidates have either too little experience, too much baggage, or too many questions surrounding their ability to complete 8 years in office.

To save time and drama, we should choose between Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar.

The 48 Senators who voted GUILTY represent 18 million MORE people than the 52 who voted

not guilty.


This cannot continue. Both the Senate and the Electoral College need to be abolished, and quickly. A tall order, I know, but what's the alternative?

Today's upper chamber has completed its transformation into a smaller version of its more populist sibling, the House—except this one does not come close to reflecting the actual population, or for that matter, the actual population's actual interests. The Senate's once-celebrated hallmarks of comity are history. Blue-slipping is on the way out. For judicial and executive branch appointees, the filibuster is gone, and I believe that once a party that holds the White House, the House, and a slim Senate majority feels so moved, it will abolish it for legislation, too. This Republican-controlled Senate's efforts to pass the tax bill and repeal the Affordable Care Act—its two most important policy goals—proceeded under a process that is not subject to filibuster, because Mitch McConnell knew he'd be unable to earn 60 votes for either one, and therefore didn't bother trying.

The Senate's transformation into a funhouse-mirror version of the House is a quiet emergency for democracy, because its members are still allocated equally among states. And since there now are a greater number of sparsely-populated, mostly-white, right-leaning states than there are heavily-populated, racially-diverse, left-leaning states, the Senate acts to preserve power for people and groups who would otherwise have failed to earn it. A voter in Wyoming (population 579,000) enjoys roughly 70 times more influence in the Senate than a voter in California (population 39.5 million), which sounds like the most unfair statistic in American politics, until you remember that taxpaying U.S. citizens in Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico still have no influence in the Senate at all.

An undemocratic body yields undemocratic results. The 50 senators who voted to confirm the wildly-unpopular Brett Kavanaugh represent only 44 percent of the population; the 51 senators who passed a widely-reviled $1.5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy, about the same. In this year's midterms, across-the-board enthusiasm for Democrats is likely to flip the House but not the Senate, since so many Democrats face built-in partisan disadvantages—the accidental byproducts of border-drawing history. In presidential elections, the Senate guarantees at least three electors to seven states whose populations merit only one seat in the House: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, Vermont, Wyoming, and both Dakotas. This scheme basically guarantees a net of six electoral votes to the Republican candidate, every single time; it is one of many absurd anachronisms that lead to America, say, spending four years under a president who earned a full 3 million votes fewer than his closest competitor.

Read More: https://www.gq.com/story/the-case-for-abolishing-the-senate

This panel is lecturing and warning Democrats about how tough it will

be to run against trump and his lies.

Hello? Isn't it you guys' job to set the record straight and correct his lies!?

Instead, you spend that precious time trying to blame and warn democrats while going on and on about how effective trump's SOTU was.

I don't think I can stomach the next 10 months of news coverage if this is how it's going to be.

Do your jobs, dammitt! Our country needs you!

Chris Matthews: Which of the candidates would stop and help you if you had a flat tire?

I think Biden and Warren would.
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