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Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2003, 10:22 AM
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What a lot of people here don't seem to get

It's not just about the wildly disproportionate killing of unarmed black people, it's the entire dynamic of how policing is done in this country. The goal of many police departments appears to be the systematic dehumanization, monetization and criminalization of people of color. The tools for accomplishing the mission are frequent police stops featuring excessive force and public humiliation, which may eventually lead to an argument, assault, arrest (or spontaneous execution), incarceration, excessive fines, license suspension, criminal record, etc.

When every white man has multiple stories of how they've been stopped, searched, profiled, humiliated, treated like trash, had a gun pointed at them and was nearly killed by the police, then change could theoretically come, but I happen to think that at that point it would be too late for the entire country. It's the whole "first they came for..." thing.

Why is infrastructure next when our democracy is in jeopardy?

Am I missing something?

47 states are trying to make it harder to vote and/or pointless to vote.

Now the QOP is attempting to penalize companies who speak out against the Jim Crow 2 laws. This will likely cause many companies to stay silent on this issue. How is this OK?

This is a 20 alarm fire!

Right now, we have the WH, Senate, and House. The Democratic majority we have in the Senate could be lost at any moment due to a death or unexpected retirement! Move on this NOW!! No more excuses!
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