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The 22.5 year prison sentence for George Floyd's murderer is a victory. IMO

When viewed in the context of what usually happens in these cases, this is a huge victory.

I fully understand why George Floyd's family, Al Sharpton and the family attorneys are somewhat disappointed. It's very personal for them, and it is true--there are HUGE double standards in the way black defendants are sentenced versus white defendants. However, for my own mental sanity, I have to view things in a more positive light today. I think a 22.5 year prison sentence for a white cop sends a strong message to corrupt, violent/abusive and/or racist cops. All we need now is consistency--every bad cop must be held accountable for their crimes. The next step is to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act!

NYT: HR1 voting bill doesn't fully address the counting of votes, just the casting of votes

I just assumed the 'For the People' / HR1 bill addressed everything. As a resident of Georgia, my ability to cast a vote hasn't changed. The problem here is that QOP partisans have the ability to commandeer local election boards and toss out just enough votes to overturn the election results in blue/purple counties.

Congress Needs to Defend Vote Counting, Not Just Vote Casting

In the face of these threats, Democrats in Congress have crafted an election bill, H.R. 1, that is poorly matched to the moment. The legislation attempts to accomplish more than is currently feasible, while failing to address some of the clearest threats to democracy, especially the prospect that state officials will seek to overturn the will of voters.

But the bill needs to go further. Congress also should establish uniform rules for vote counting, certification and challenges. It should also clarify its own role in certifying the results of presidential elections to prevent the possibility that a future Congress would overturn a state’s popular vote.

A new election law in Georgia highlights the shortcomings of H.R. 1. The Georgia law, passed in March, imposes a host of restrictions on voter registration and on voting, most of which would be reversed by the federal legislation. It also changes the rules of vote counting in ways that are not addressed by the federal legislation. It facilitates third-party challenges to the legitimacy of votes and arrogates to the state legislature, the General Assembly, the power to appoint most members of the state board of elections, who in turn have the power to replace county boards of elections. The legislature removed Georgia’s secretary of state from the State Election Board after the incumbent, Brad Raffensperger, refused to help Mr. Trump stake an illegitimate claim on the state’s electoral votes.


TX mom charged after shooting her 5-year-old son while trying to shoot a dog

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A mother has been charged after accidentally shooting her 5-year-old son while trying to shoot a dog that was running across the street in north Houston, according to Houston police.

According to neighbors, Vargas, her son, and another family member were riding bikes down the street when a dog ran out. That dog, named Bruno, is a 6-month-old boxer puppy. Bruno's owner did not want to appear on camera, but told us what happened.

In Ring doorbell video obtained by ABC13, you can see Bruno running out with the owner following immediately behind. The owner can be seen telling the dog to come back in the house. The dog roams out onto the street, and less than a second later, multiple shots rang out. Gunshots were then followed by extended screaming by the little boy's parents.

From the video, you can tell only a few seconds elapsed from the dog running out to gunfire. Bruno was grazed on one leg, but otherwise fine. Bruno's owner was given a Class C misdemeanor citation for having a loose dog.


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