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lumberjack_jeff's Journal
lumberjack_jeff's Journal
October 30, 2015

"Letís be honest: life is a trigger."

Great article from Salon

My trigger-warning disaster: “9 1/2 Weeks,” “The Wire” and how coddled young radicals got discomfort all wrong

The next film to piss them all off was 9 1/2 Weeks. The film is about a S&M relationship between a character played by Micky Rourke and one played by Kim Basinger. At first Basinger’s character is drawn to Rourke and they begin an S&M style consensual relationship. As the film goes on, Rourke becomes abusive and the sex becomes non-consensual, but the beauty of the film is that Basinger is eventually able to let go and take something from the relationship–a heightened sense of her sexuality and desires. There’s an infamous scene with Rourke feeding Basinger a number of food items while she’s blindfolded. It’s basically a series of soft core money shots. It is a consensual scene. When conversation began in class, a white male student started talking about the scene as one of consent. Four hands shot up. One said, “no—it is clearly not consensual.” Other students concurred. They argued that if someone is in an abusive relationship, they can never consent to sex because they are being manipulated.

This triggered me. I was furious.

Sexual assault survivor support is about empowerment. The model says, “Hey! It’s not for you to tell the survivor what happened to them; that’s their story, they know, don’t fucking label it.” What these students were essentially doing was stripping every person in an abusive relationship of all their agency. They were telling every survivor that they were raped, even when the survivor may have wanted to have sex with their abuser. They were claiming god like knowledge of every sexual encounter. And they were only 20. If that. Their frontal lobes haven’t even fully developed.
October 14, 2015

Interesting phone call last night.

It was from my 23 year old (not particularly politically active) diesel mechanic son. In fact, I don't think he's ever voted.

"Hi Dad! Did you watch that?"
"Watch what?"
"The debate! I watched the whole thing! It was awesome!"
"How so?"
"Bernie wiped the floor with them - Hillary and... the other three."
"Chaffee, O'Malley and Webb"
"Yeah... Webb... fuck that guy. Anyway, Bernie was awesome! When he was asked a question, he'd think about it for about a second and then answer it, he didn't do that politician redirect thing, you know, tell a story that wasn't related to the question at all. You remember that speech by that Mario guy... 'throw your bodies on the gears...'"
"Mario Savio?"
"Yeah, that guy - he sounded like him - passion and excitement and sincerity. He actually reminds me a little bit of you too."

I haven't watched the debate, but find the postgame show to be pretty predictable; The TV machine saying that Hillary totally won, the grass roots donating in mass numbers to Bernie and sentiment at DU entirely polarized because everyone with half a brain knows that Mighty Mouse would totally beat Superman, because speaking in absolutes about the inherently subjective is one of our specialties.

October 1, 2015

Given the choice between running for a cause, and disrupting runners for a cause, I pick the former.

I really like the organization Back on My Feet.

Through dedication and hard work, these Members earn the opportunity to create a new road for themselves. Running leads to personal transformation and dedication to the program leads to access to training, employment and housing resources.

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