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Gender: Female
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Nov 10, 2003, 11:24 AM
Number of posts: 27,037

Journal Archives

Letters of support for candidates.

I have been asked to write several of these letters. Of course I will do it.

But are they effective? What do you think?

Residents turn out to show support for police.

Around 50 people walk around Ogle County Courthouse

Around 50 people took to the sidewalks around the Ogle County Courthouse on June 20 to let local law enforcement officers know they have their support.

"We just wanted to show support for our police, fire and EMTs," said Dian Schrimpsher of Oregon, who suggested the event with her husband, Gary, on social media.

Those attending the "Police Appreciation Walk" walked around the historic courthouse square carrying signs that read, " Ogle County Supports Our Police" and "We Support and Pray for Our Police."

"I just mentioned it on a Facebook group," Gary said of the event. "I'm not an organizer. this isn't by me - it's by the community. You just see on TV everybody kicking the cops down and that's not what average Americans want. We're not disagreeing with anybody, except cop haters, the ones you see on TV throwing rocks and things."


Leave it to my county to be out of step with the rest of the country and the rest of the world. Read some of the stupid comments and be glad you don't know any of those people.

And not a mask in sight.

Would I be a Karen if I went into a grocery store and refused

to be checked out by a store clerk not wearing a mask?

Friend exposed to the virus

I have a friend here who is a fairly new activist. He is doing a great job as a member of our Democratic Central Committee and precinct committeeman. I have some fairly detailed voter lists for him, with notes and phone numbers. I was happy to pass it off to him, because now I have to cover only two precincts instead of four.

He works with the public, and has been under strict guidelines, for everyone's safety.

One of his co-workers went to a bar to celebrate the limited reopening. He says the co-worker stayed outside, but even that has its dangers. Two people there came up positive. She interacted with both of them. Now my friend has to stay home. Fortunately, he lives alone.

We have all been happy and proud that our state has moved to Phase 4. IMO, it is too early to celebrate. I am worried for this guy. And I am madder than ever at Trump.

This is the first time I have been impacted personally by the virus. Stay safe. Be kind to your friends and family.

I know this is anecdotal, but I don't want to put this guy's personal information out here. I just wanted to share how angry and helpless I feel today.

Face mask with political messaging

I am looking for cloth face masks, reusable, washable, with Democratic political messaging. I saw some that have a long period before they can be shipped. A couple of weeks might be okay, but some were not available until after the election.

Any recommendations? I want something effective.

Hernia surgery.

My son told us yesterday that he is having hernia surgery Monday. I think he wants us to stay as unconcerned as possible.

A friend is driving him there and bringing him home. He works from home these days, lives by himself with two cats.

Of course they don't let people hang around hospital waiting rooms these days. We are high risk as well.

We will stay in touch with him and help out if he needs anything. We are ninety miles away from him. My brother lives closer, only a few miles away.

I am his mom, so I worry. Has anyone here had hernia repair?

Suburban teacher's social media post sparks outrage,

internal investigation

Palatine, Ill. - A facebook post about "Black Lives Matter" protests is now the subject of an internal investigation at a suburban high school.

Some current and former teachers say they are outraged by a now-deleted Facebook post from a social studies teacher at Palatine High School.

The post says, in part:

"I find the term "white privilege as racist as the "N" word. You have not walked in my shoes either so do not make assumptions about me and my so called privilege. You think America is racist? Then you have been hoodwinked by the white liberal establishment and race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton."


"Remember the Ladies."

Abigail Adams said this to her husband. Once again, we are forgetting the ladies.

There is a major push to rename military bases, because so many of them are named after Confederates. Why not name some of them after females who have figured in our military history?

Ruby Bradley was one of the most decorated women in U.S. military history. She was an army nurse. When she was captured, she gave most of her rations to the children, and was liberated weighing about eighty-three pounds.

We have other examples in other branches of the service. The WASPS are the most romantic. Jackie Cochran suggested the idea of using women as pilots in non-combat roles during World War II. We have the WAVES as well.

Has anyone heard of Virginia Hall, socialite turned spy?

Women are becoming more common as war leaders and heroes. I am not suggesting that we name a base after my Senator, Tammy Duckworth, but she is one helluva woman.

Remember the ladies.


When my nephew-in-law died not long ago, someone called my sister-in-law and wanted to know what he could do to help. He did not know how to cook to bring food. He could give money, but he wanted to do something more. SIL told him to bring little packets of kleenex to the celebration of life. They put the kleenex out on all the tables.

Sometimes I feel like a big dummy when I go to those things. Maybe this might work for some people.

There is unrest even in Rockford IL

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