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Gender: Female
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Nov 10, 2003, 11:24 AM
Number of posts: 29,497

Journal Archives

This is an older article,

but it shows what should be done during a school shooting:


Dixon is close to me. It is the hometown of St. Ronnie. However, it does have a vital and growing Democratic minority and an activist group loosely affiliated with Indivisible.

Only a few members of my family

want to talk about my brother's death. He died the last week of August.

My cousins change the subject. My mother says she thinks about him every once in a while. She is like TFG, a malignant narcissist. My brother did not like her very much. She talks about everything but his death. My youngest brother has been very matter of fact, but does not want to share any feelings.

My brother had a good friend, Karl. They met through work. Karl is odd. My SIL and I are pretty sure he is on the spectrum. I have always liked him and shared a bond with him and his wife. He will talk to me about my brother's death and how we both miss him. Karl will share, and he is not even family.

My daughters and my husband are just as disappointing. No luck there. My son called me and shared some of his feelings. Then he came out to visit with me. He is a little better than the rest of them. He helped his sister a lot when her first husband died. He took care of the many practical details. We all supported her. We spoke with her daily for a long time. Now there is nothing.

My brother and his wife had been separated, but not divorced, for many years. His youngest daughter took care of a lot of the details. But his children and wife have nothing to say. And one of his daughters should know better. She lost her husband two years ago. She has three young children. She has had all kinds of support.

Other than Karl, I feel like I am sitting on an island.

Madigan indicted!


Former House Speaker Michael Madigan has been indicted on criminal charges as part of an ongoing federal political corruption investigation, sources say.

The once powerful politician has been charged with a racketeering conspiracy and bribery with longtime political condifant Michael McClain.

Madigan is now one of the most significant politicians in Illinois history ever to face criminal charges, despite having left office more than a year ago. The news is the culmination of one of the most significant, expansive public corruption investigations Illinois has seen in years, already leaving an indelible mark on state politics by knocking Madigan out of power on January 2021.

The powerful Southwest Side Side Democrat had held his seat in the state House of Representative since 1971 and served as speaker for all but two years between 1983 and 2020.

Holy shit. I never thought I would see this.

Thanks for the hearts!

Thank you for the heart.

I need the help of a knowledgeable DU member.

I have browsed all the masks. Which are the most effective, and where can I buy them online? Can someone post a link?

I don't want to end up with something shoddy and fake.

Thanks, DU friends.

Success! A contractor who believes in science.

Our mayor, whose day job is carpet and floor installation, has done all the other floors in our house. He will replace the subfloor in our laundry room and install a new floor when we get to that point. He and his wife are vaxxed and boosted.

I was not able to get hold of him earlier. I am glad that I tried again.

Now we need a drywall guy and possibly a painter who also believe in science.

There is sanity, even in the reddest part of a blue state. What is wrong with people? Science is science. It is not political.

It would have been his seventieth birthday today,

if my brother had lived. He died at the end of August.

He loved birthdays. He called everyone in our extended family on their birthday.

When I called my uncle to tell him my brother had passed, he commented on that. He was just about to turn 91. He told me that he always looked forward to my brother's call. He said, "I am going to miss that call."

My brother died.

I won't be here much for awhile.

I watched "Nightline" tonight.

I do not watch it often.

Before the show began, there was a PSA with all four of the former Presidents, Carter, Dubya, Clinton and Obama. They were all rolling up their sleeves and getting the vaccine. They were encouraging others to get vaccinated.

The former guy was nowhere to be seen in that PSA. He is nothing and nobody.
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