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Gender: Female
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Nov 10, 2003, 12:24 PM
Number of posts: 29,639

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There is unrest even in Rockford IL


Would they deceive me?

I have had a low grade fever for a couple of weeks. I went to the doctor for blood and urine tests. Yesterday, I received three messages from them before I picked up. They told me that the lab had spilled my urine test and I needed to come in to provide another sample.

I know that they do not usually do tests on Fridays. Also, a holiday is coming up. I am worried that there is something more serious and they are not being straight with me. They will have bad news for me when I get there. Maybe I am just under too much stress, as we all are. They do not need a ruse to get me back into the clinic. I would like answers, that is why I went in for tests.

I can't sleep. I am very stressed.

Amy Jacobson, former reporter.

Amy Jacobson, the Chicago radio talk show host and former TV news reporter, has been banned from attending Governor J.B. Pritzker's daily coronavirus media briefings after she spoke at a rally protesting the governor's stay-at-home order, Robert Feder writes.


I have known Amy since she was a teenager. I have never had a very high opinion of her. She is a friend of one of my family members. I kept my misgivings to myself, but my brother-in-law sensed this, and on one occasion took issue with me. I remained silent.

Amy lost her TV reporter's job years ago when she created a scandal. She was caught on film, along with her two children, at the home of Craig Stebic, whose wife is still missing. She was wearing a two-piece bathing suit at the time.

When questioned about the ban, JB addressed why Amy has been banned. She appeared at a rally that was pushback against our governor's cautious reopening plans. The rally was a right-wing hit job, featuring pictures of JB as Hitler. (JB is Jewish). If she wants to be a featured speaker at RWNJ rallies, she is no reporter. JB addressed her banning quite eloquently. Go, JB!

Ogle, Lee Counties plan to reopen sooner.

Our know-nothing 90th District state rep, tea-partier Tom Demmer, is leading the pack on this plan.

He is a thirty-four year old know-nothing republican. We have numerous cases in Ogle County. We have had deaths. We have a meat packing plant in Rochelle, and an increasing number of cases in Dixon. Dixon, whose hospital is closest to me, has only six ICU beds.

JB is doing a great job with our state's covid response. He updates us with a daily news conference. It is professional, unlike trump's news conferences. He leaves the medical questions to the professionals.

If you live in one of these counties, call this wet-behind-the-ears Demmer and tell him you do not like his cheap political stunt. His Dixon office: 815-561-3690. Springfield: 217-782-0535.

I have felt relatively safe sheltering at home as much as possible. I will not feel safe if we open up prematurely.

Demmer has an excellent opponent for November. His name is Seth Wiggins. A severe crimp has been put in his campaign right now. He is in Chicago, serving in the National Guard. He is doing some actual good.

We need some changes here.



Hormel plant ordered closed over covid 19 outbreak.


This is a very short article. The Ogle County health department ordered the closure. This is my county, which is mostly rural. Rural areas are the next hotspots.

This one plant is responsible for 24 cases.

Why does Dr. Deborah Birx wear scarves?

I don't think it is a mere fashion statement. Notice how no one up there wears a mask. Maybe, as soon as she leaves the area, she makes the scarf into a mask and leaves through a side door.

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