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kerry-is-my-prez's Journal
kerry-is-my-prez's Journal
June 19, 2023

Faux News-worst threat to Democracy

I have been asking non-Trump fan Republicans and Trump supporters why they support the party. All of these people are college graduates and are otherwise pretty intelligent people. All of them watch Faux News. It keeps them in the cult. No matter what you bring up they quote Faux News. It just allows them to strengthen their cognitive dissonance. Despite all of the despicable things The Republicans do they are still behind them. What can be done to fix this. It is the key to the problem.

February 15, 2023

Help! I'm retired. How can I make money

I hope this isn’t too serious of a topic for this group. There is so much bs out there on how to make money. Any advice?

February 3, 2017

Because the people (their constituents) still like Trump and Trumps policies. We can't understand

these people who voted for Trump and, according to polls, still support him. Part of it is they resent us "elites." Not sure why. Maybe it's because they think we feel superior to them. I notice that the people who especially are resentful are those who either didn't go to college, or even the people who went to a crappy university are resentful if went to a better school, etc.

There is nothing that breeds resentfulness and hatred than jealousy and envy.

March 19, 2016

Anyone interested in REAL change and ensuring that President Sanders or Clinton have REAL power

We could have either one of them as President but if we don't have a congress that will back them up, it will be for naught. They will be getting nowhere. AND if we don't have people-power pushing them (and congress) to do something and also backing them up when they do make courageous decisions it will be a total waste. (I know, I know, people are already thinking the "other" candidate is not going to do anything worthwhile.)

We are VERY close to getting a Democratic President AND to getting a Democratic agenda forward. We have a lot of fed-up Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. We may ACTUALLY have a chance to get some angry Independents or Republicans on our side to fight for some common causes.

We are almost there to getting a decent Supreme Court.

I know, I know, this is not a very fun post. It's sort of another "unite" post. I apologize for interrupting all this nonsensical bickering here - it's especially enjoyable when people dig up dirt against Hillary or Bernie so they can help the Republicans in the GE.

There are 3 senatorial candidates (Donna Edwards in Maryland, Ann Kirkpatrick (neck and neck in ARIZONA!), and Catherine Cortez in Nevada) who are running really close elections. We could take back the senate! Please feel free to add any other close races to this thread.

Oh, and Hillary is a corporatist shill and Bernie is a red-faced delusional socialist (sorry, just trying to fit in here)!

Now go back to your name-calling and taunting. It's SO enjoyable and productive.

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