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Member since: Mon Nov 17, 2003, 05:29 PM
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There it is! 270!

California puts Joe over!

Jerry Falwell Jr. spent heavily on Trump, GOP causes with funds from nonprofit Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Jr. resigned as president of Liberty University in August after a series of scandals involving sexual indiscretions and questionable use of university funds on friends and family, but Liberty's board is still split on the partisan direction Falwell steered the private evangelical Christian school founded by his father, Jerry Falwell Sr.

Especially divisive, Politico reports, is the question of whether Liberty should continue funding the Falkirk Center, a conservative "think tank" named after Falwell and GOP activist Charlie Kirk that "has produced no peer-reviewed academic work and bears little relation to study centers at other universities," but did run "pro-Trump ads, hired Trump allies including former adviser Sebastian Gorka and current Trump attorney Jenna Ellis to serve as fellows, and, in recent weeks, has aggressively promoted [President] Trump's baseless claims of election fraud."

As a 501c(3) nonprofit, Liberty University is technically barred from supporting political candidates and spending money on political campaigns. But the Falkirk Center, founded in 2019, "purchased campaign-season ads on Facebook, at least $50,000's worth of which were designated by the network as political ads, that promoted Trump and other Republican candidates by name," Politico reports. And more generally, since endorsing Trump for president in 2016, Falwell has "pumped millions of the nonprofit religious institution's funds into Republican causes and efforts to promote the Trump administration, blurring the lines between education and politics."


It's time for Trump to enact Marital Law!



Jill Biden shouldn't be referred to as 'Dr.'

I’m getting a headache from all the stupid.

Never say die!


Newsmax demonstrating that they're even loonier than Fox.


Eric cementing his legacy as the Dumb One.


Frightened Don Jr. Asks If He Can Sleep In Dad's Bed After Bad Dream About Being Indicted

From 2 years ago but still good for a laugh.

WASHINGTON—Sobbing uncontrollably as he ran into the room, Donald Trump Jr. asked his father, the 45th president of the United States, if he could sleep in his bed with him Thursday night after reportedly having a bad dream about being indicted.

“It was so scary! The bad man told me that telling lies to Congress and asking for stuff from foreign nationals were big crimes and that I had to be at court in 30 days,” whimpered a terrified Trump Jr. while climbing under the covers with his favorite stuffed animal so he could hide from “the mean and evil special probscooter [sic].”

“It felt so real, Dad. I want to stay here with you. You’re going to protect me and make sure he doesn’t get me, right, Dad? He said he had enough proof to send me away to jail for a long, long time. And that you wouldn’t even try and pardon me.”

At press time, the president was heard yelling obscenities after he awoke to discover his eldest son had wet the bed.


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