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Just when you think MTG can't get more stupider...

More loony conspiracy shit regarding Covid but the last line is a classic.

“We urge your administration to act to provide us with these answers by June 31, 2021”


Judge sentences co-founder of 'Students for Trump' to prison

NEW YORK (AP) — A co-founder of “Students for Trump” during the 2016 presidential campaign was sentenced to 13 months in prison Tuesday for posing as a lawyer to cheat people he found on the internet out of thousands of dollars.

U.S. District Judge Valerie E. Caproni in Manhattan rejected defense efforts to portray John Tyler Lambert as a naive victim of a co-conspirator whose “youthful exuberance" made him think he could create a fake persona to learn the law and help others. Lambert pleaded guilty to wire fraud in August 2019.

“This crime took a lot of thought,” she said. The judge ordered forfeiture of over $46,000 and restitution of more than $21,000 as she expressed disappointment that Lambert so far had not tried to get a job to begin repaying victims.

Caproni said Lambert's work to promote former President Donald Trump on college campuses was “a wonderful thing” because it kept young people engaged in government, but she said the leadership skills he used to do good in that role were used to do harm when he created a fake Manhattan law firm to lure victims online.

Lambert, 25, of Bristol, Tennessee, was a “cold-blooded fraudster who cared not a whit about the victims of his fraud,” the judge said.

Prosecutors said Lambert from August 2016 through April 2018 advertised himself on the internet as a prominent New York attorney and graduate of an elite law school who had worked with hundreds of clients, including “tech moguls” and “entrepreneurs,” in Europe and the United States.

Lambert, using the alias “Eric Pope,” lured at least six individuals and corporations into paying him to resolve credit issues, draft a will, resolve a dispute with a former employee and help with corporate and intellectual property law, prosecutors said.


Somebody give me a tissue, I’m about to bust out crying. 🤣

I wonder if Trump ratted out Gaetz for hitting on Tiffany?


Man found bound with belt faked his own kidnapping to get out of work

(WHDH) — A man who was found bound with a belt and had a bandana stuffed in his mouth told police that he faked his own kidnapping in an effort to get out of going into work, authorities said.

Brandon Soules, 19, of Arizona, was arrested last week on a charge of false reporting, according to the Coolidge Police Department.

Officers responding to the area of 1st Street and Northern Avenue in Coolidge around 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 10 spoke with Soules, who claimed two masked men had kidnapped him, knocked him unconscious, and drove him around before ditching him, police said.

After conducting an extensive investigation, police say they determined that Soules’ story was fabricated.

Soules walked back his initial claims during a follow-up interview with police, allegedly stating that he “made up the story as an excuse to get out of work.”


CA realtor caught on racist rant against Asian woman.

And you can guess the consequences of that.

A real estate agent from Brentwood, CA was fired recently after a video of him hurling racist comments at an Asian woman surfaced online. What happened: On Wednesday, a social media user who goes by "Em" shared the video in a now-deleted tweet.

At around 5 p.m., Em claimed she walked down her street near Montana Avenue and Bundy Drive.

She felt threatened by a man accompanied by two large dogs.

According to Em, she, "stopped to look at [her] phone when this man came out of his home & verbally assaulted [her]." She noted that he did not wear a face mask.

As Em backed away from the man, he continues to approach her as seen in the video.

Em claimed she was ignored when she asked for help from someone walking nearby.

She recorded the man as he said, "No one's going to pay attention to you, 'cause you're dumb, and you're a stupid blue Asian-haired girl."

He then held up his middle finger to her and swore at her.

Unprofessional behavior: The verbal assaulter, who has been identified as Michael "Mike" Dalcin, was recently fired, according to Patch.

Beach City Brokers, a Redondo Beach real estate agency based in Brentwood, let go of Dalcin after the viral video was brought to its attention.

The company posted on its Facebook page about the video, stating that, "We have become aware of a video circulating on social media that involves a new agent we recently hired... Effective immediately, Mike Dalcin has been removed as an agent from our office and is no longer an agent at our Company."


GOP is now the QOP.

Chris Wallace: Republicans Angrier At Liz Cheney Than Marjorie Taylor Greene
A Republican member of Congress wanting to murder Speaker Pelosi is not a big deal to the Republican party of QAnon.

During a panel on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace made an astute observation about the state of the Republican Party when it comes to rebuking their QAnon members.

Host Chris Wallace observed, "You’ve got a situation right now where there is more visible outrage inside the GOP over Liz Cheney, a member of leadership, voting to impeach the president, rather than some of these wild conspiracy theories being espoused by Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is the hot topic after more and more of her insane ideas become public. Yet, Rep. Matt Gaetz actually flew to Wyoming to campaign against Rep. Cheney, the third most powerful Republican in the House because she dared to criticize Trump, and vote for impeachment.

I don't think I've ever seen something so craven done a politician by their own party members before, and I'm no Liz Cheney fan. But this is the age of QOP.

USA Today's Susan Page explained that Republicans' inaction against MTG tells "you a lot where the Republican Party is right now."

Liz Cheney is undoubtedly going to face a primary challenge, and will possibly lose her leadership position because she took a vote against Trump.

As usual with the QOP, in private they express their displeasure with the nuts in their party, but in public "not many of them are willing to speak up," Page said.


John Cleese is unfortunately correct.


Snowflake alert!


Jim Carrey diagnoses Fox.


Trump Wine

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