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Current location: Encinitas, CA
Member since: Sat Nov 22, 2003, 01:17 AM
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Journal Archives

California's Health Exchange is coming along

I have posted some of these before however I have now labeled them better:

The Health Exchange site "Covered California" where Californians can go to buy insurance in October

California State Health site

California Health Benefit Advisers (lots of good info here)

Answers to your questions and concerns about the Covered California exchange

An informative press conference video

Affordable Care Act (Federal)

Corporate Profits Set Records While Average People Suffer

"Austerity" translated:

You get the cuts to your public services and earned benefits while the wealthy get the bailouts and tax breaks.


Fox News Fails BIG TIME On Solar Subsidies

So, I just published a long article on the most hilarious statement from a new Fox News segment on solar power — the idea that Germany has “lots more” sun than the US.

I also tackled another key topic from the segment in that article — the reasons why solar power is so much cheaper in Germany than in the US.

But one of the other key claims about US solar power that Fox & Friends spewed out of their completely confused or completely ignoble mouths was the absurd claim that US subsidies for solar haven’t had any effect and that solar compares unfavorably with fossil fuels on the matter of subsidies. Completely insane.

Luckily, I just wrote a couple posts on US coal, oil, and gas subsidies, which make solar subsidies look like pennies in comparison. For more details on those, check out:

Clean Technica (http://s.tt/1zxIe)
Read more at http://cleantechnica.com/2013/02/08/fox-news-fails-big-time-on-solar-subsidies/#7817hbSki67e2lZp.99

Shocking I know...

Agent Orange use by the USA

I consider it's use to be an act of terror. A WMD.

An Unfinished Debt: Agent Orange

During the ten years (1961-1971) of aerial chemical warfare in Vietnam, US warplanes sprayed more than 20 million gallons of herbicide defoliants in an operation code-named Ranch Hand to destroy enemy plant cover and crops, and to clear vegetation around US bases. Agent Orange, the dioxin-contaminated and exceedingly toxic herbicide manufactured by seven chemical companies for the US Department of Defense, constituted about 61 percent of the total herbicides sprayed in the war.

By the end of the war, nearly five million Vietnamese had been exposed to Agent Orange, an exposure that has resulted in "400,000 deaths and disabilities and a half-million children born with birth defects," according to the 2008-2009 President's Cancer Panel Report. Agent Orange was so extensively sprayed that all of the two million Americans who served in Vietnam are presumed exposed. The Veterans Administration now associates a multitude of cancers, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, neuropathy, Parkinson's disease, and birth defects - including spina bifida - suffered by veterans and their children with Agent Orange exposure.

However, it took veterans' advocates, their lawyers and concerned scientists decades of confronting inept and corrupt government health studies to overcome expedient myths and achieve this governmental acknowledgment of the human health harm of Agent Orange. Vietnam veterans continue to eke out needed health services from a reluctant government, which still contends it used the deadly chemicals to protect the soldiers and refuses to accept any responsibility for multi-generations of Agent Orange victims in Vietnam.

The war persists in the dioxin residues accumulated in the Vietnamese environment and food chain and in the pollution of millions of human bodies, by now transmitted to three generations of Vietnamese. Despite compelling science on the harm of dioxin exposure, the Vietnamese victims have received nothing by way of compensation, cleanup or services from the US government or Agent Orange manufacturers. That is, until 2007 when the US Congress appropriated $9 million for cleanup of contaminated sites and health-related activities. In 2011, US AID joined the Vietnamese government in the first phase of a $32 million dioxin-contaminated soil removal program at a former US air base in Da Nang. "It's a big step," said Ngo Quang Xuan, a former Vietnamese ambassador to the United Nations. "But in the eyes of those who suffered the consequences, it's not enough."
Not nearly enough, given more than three million victims of chemical poisoning and more than two dozen contaminated sites in need of remediation.

SOURCE: http://truth-out.org/opinion/item/13944-vietnam-resistance-regret-and-redemption


Reccomend this thread if you love Senator Harkin

If we could only turn back time and elect Tom as our President.
I remember catching grief for my "Harkin for President" bumper sticker but I displayed it proudly and history has proven me correct in my choice.

Goodbye Senator...you will be missed!

Tom Harkin for President 1992 Campaign Brochures:

1. End George Bush's supply-side, trickle-down, tax-breaks-for-the-rich economics.

2. Use Tom Harkin's INVESTMENT BASED ECONOMICS to invest in America -- our workers, our schools, health care and our infrastructure.

3. Stop subsidizing the defense of our allies. And use that money here at home. Invest in America.

4. Get tough on trade and stop exporting American jobs to foreign countries.

5. Help America's working families with national health care, parental leave, child care and pay equity.



Owning weapons will not free us from...

...having to go to work everyday to barely scrape by.
...getting our urine tested to get a job.
...having our internet and phone activity monitored.
...the fact that our democracy is being destroyed by privatization.

just sayin'

Why are the Manti Te’o lies so "shocking"?

Hell, the Bush/Cheney crime syndicate lied us into two wars. Those are REAL FUCKING LIES!!!!!!!!

I swear to God sometimes I think I am living the movie "Idiocracy".


The GOP's Rotten Core

The party of wealthy old white males and the working-class followers that are duped by the corporate media.
The sucking up of our tax dollars to provide welfare to the military/industrial/complex, the vaginal probes, "legitimate rape", the electrified fence ideas, the privatization schemes of our Commons to benefit the Corporate State.

Yeah, the GOP has some image work to do but their rotten core remains.


Gun-nutz "fearing the government"

Yet at the same time cheering on the beat down of the Occupy Movement.

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