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Syrian army is 'destroyed physically and mentally', says defected Syrian General

Earlier this month, Syrian Brigadier General Ahmad Berro, head of a tank unit in Aleppo province, fled to Turkey with his family. The Brigadier General said that he estimated that the Syrian army had lost control of about 60 per cent of the country. He added the Free Syria Army was growing in strength.

"The Syrian army, the Syrian army is tired after a year and four months. They know that they are killing their sons, and no human can kill his son. "The army is already destroyed physically and mentally. The army is not controlling the Syrian lands completely and from what I see, 60 per cent is out of the regime's control," he said.

An attorney general who also defected from Syria said he left because the government was killing civilians.

"I cannot handle any more, I could not handle the regime's crimes, it is killing children, women, old men. The regime is killing children, women, old men in the roads. It is killing them from a close distance. It is using field execution, the people are not killed in exchanges of fire as the regime is claiming."


The soldiers have more humanity than Assad and his Shabiha.

EDIT - there is a video at the link that includes interviews with the two quoted above.

There was the same information from a military general.

The Syrians, without the help of a Murdoch rag, say the same thing - they live and die with these monsters, daily.

Here is a credible reporter talking to a credible military general.

If all news outlets are posting the same stuff (even Rachel Maddow did a story on the Shaibiha) then just because it is on a Murdoch rag does not mean it is not true.

This article was published months before the massacre:

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