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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
October 31, 2022

Typical Conservative Losers

From the Guardian

João Reis, a 50-year-old electrician, said he was convinced the vote had been rigged.

“It’s fraud without a doubt, they manipulated the count. The armed forces must intervene,” he demanded.

And if they didn’t? “The population must take to the streets to demand military intervention so that we don’t hand power over to the communists.”

On cue they claim fraud

October 30, 2022

The Stochastic Terrorist

October 21, 2022

Well... bye

(We live in Kanagawa Japan)
Today I was having lunch with some friends (and others). One of the people in our group is a trump republikkan. We have a few republikkans in our group. One I keep telling that the 1970's are calling and want him to return home because he's more a Rockefeller type.
Anyway, I was using my usual nickname for tucker carlson -- Tuckyo Rose Carlghlin and it didn't seem to bother him
Then I said, "Every time he talks all I hear is Peter Brady."
When he asked what that meant, I told said Tuckyo Rose sounds like Peter Brady from the episode of the Brady Bunch when his voice was changing.
The guy got furiously angry.
Finally, he said I needed to take it back or he was leaving.
So... channeling Powers Boothe, I said

Never found out what made him so angry because he stormed away and never came back -- I paid his part of the bill.
I'm kind like that
October 16, 2022

Angela Lansbury's link to Charles Manson resurfaces after death

Following the death of the "Murder, She Wrote" actress, fans publicly mourned her passing and many shared run-ins and anecdotes of their experiences with the on-screen legend. One of the most interesting stories came from writer and photographer Christopher Moloney, who recalled Angela moving her family to Europe to keep her kids away from Charles Manson.

"Angela Lansbury told a story about her daughter falling under the spell of a Hollywood deadbeat," he tweeted. "He would pick the girl up from school and get her to steal money and food from her parents for him. Worried, Lansbury moved the entire family to Ireland. The guy was Charles Manson."


October 6, 2022

Dear Conservatives They are Cartoons

This is to those unhinged conservatives out there who seem to have a problem with reality vs fiction and are believing ideas from 1960s TV series. I wish to start by pointing out that they are cartoons, not documentaries.

To those of you that believe that man and dinosaurs lived together, looking at you Ken Hamm, I am pointing out that you were watching the Flintstones, not a documentary on stone age man. I will readily admit that I did/do like The Flintstones, but I know it was a cartoon, people did not have foot powered cars, mastodon showers, or birds that used their beaks to punch in and out time cards made of rock; so you can stop looking out your windows at night waiting for the Great Gazoo.

Now, moving on, this involves the weather machine. Several years ago, Alex Jones said that tornadoes were caused by Obama's weather machine, because Jones is crazy, and tornadoes in an area close to and within an area called "Tornado Alley" never happens or something; we all have to remember that Alex Jones is carrying the torch of Lyndon La Rouche now
Well, failed Republican congressional candidate, and looney , Laura Loomer has resurrected the weather machine about the hurricane that hit Florida. Because, "Why do these hurricanes only hit red states?" she wondered. Then she let us know that, "We know the government has weather control machines."
Laura, I have news for you, the weather machine was an episode of Underdog, a popular cartoon in the 1960s, that was built by fictional evil genius, Simon Bar Sinister, not a found footage documentary taken on the moon. Yes, the weather machine could create typhoons, and tornadoes, rain, and all sorts of violent weather, but, it wasn't real.
And if it were... California would have no drought

October 3, 2022

Mike Rinder interviewed by Megyn Kelly on her radio show (Scientology)

It's a really good interview
She gives him the opportunity to talk and make complete thoughts
Not a fan of Kelly. But, I am of this interview
A must read is Rinder's, "A Billion Years"

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