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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
November 15, 2022

My Choice for the 5 Biggest Losers of this Election (and a couple of honorable mentions)

Chose mine in hopes of being a little different.

5. Trafalgar Group Polling, Insider Advantage Polling and Real Clear Politics
If you only followed Trafalgar Polling, Tuesday would have seemed like the results were bigger than Dewey Defeats Truman. Trafalgar Group had Oz, Laxalt, Dixon, Michels, and Zeldin all winners. They had Zeldin, O' Dea, Mastriano and Smiley in dead heats. And, though they were right about Warnock and Walker going to a runoff, the had Walker at 49.7 and Warnock at 46.5.
Two weeks ago, the New York Times did a "Why are you so handsome?" interview with Trafalgar's CEO.
Insider Advantage was not much better. They were wrong about Laxalt, they were totally wrong about Arizona, Michigan, and much more.
Real Clear Politics goes into this with the other two because their CEO was so certain that Tuesday would be a bloodbath on par with the elevator doors in the Shining. He was so certain, he went on Laura Ingrams news show on faux spews to mock doubters.

4.Rightwing Influencers
Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Dave Rubin, and Tim Poole are some of the many rightwing personalities on youtube that are not happy right now. The meltdowns are fun.
Joe Rogan told us how the election would look like the bloody elevator from the Shining.
Owens is angry at Trump. Shapiro at Republican leadership. Kirk acts totally lost.
Nick Fuentes wants a dictatorship to force their ideas on the country.
The best is Tim Poole. Mr. 49-state landslide (Poole) had his head handed to him in a post-election analysis by Milo Yiannopoulus; Poole argued it was a good day for Republicans, Milo told him why it wasn't.
It was disturbing to hear Milo say what we all already knew about Republicans

3. Tulsi Gabbard.
Tuesday was her "Coming Out Party" as the latest turncoat hack. She had been a busy little bee running around the country endorsing one neo-Fascist, Goose-Stepping, Pennywise Wannabe out there after another.
She showed up in NH. Not for Sununu, but for Don Buldoc.
She raced over to Michigan to throw her support behind Tudor Dixon and election deniers John Gibbs and Tom Barrett.
Then it was off to Illinois to stump for Darren Bailey for Illinois Governor.
Then Arizona for Lake and Masters. And Nevada for Laxalt.
Many Republicans rushed to welcome her, like Scalise, Bacon, Mace, as well as Tukyo Rose Carlghlin, Putin and Assad. The most prominent critic I could find from the Republikans to rebuke her is Heath Mayo, a conservative activist who founded the advocacy group Principles First.
We all see how well her endorsements helped in competitive races.

2. Kari Lake
Kari Lake didn't lose just an election for governor, she lost out on more (at least according to many republikkan and beltway sources). Prior to the election, she was being touted as either a shoo-in vice-presidential candidate, or possibly, the Republikkan nominee in 2024. She was, according to many on the right, "The Future of the Republican Party."
Man, it has got to suck to go from the future of the party, to someone who became the first Republican to lose a Governor's race in Arizona in 20 years.
But, I guess that being an election denier and a crazed lunatic doesn't get you as far any more in Arizona.

1. Tuckyo Rose Carlghlin, aka Tucker Carlson
I chose him as #1 for the bizarre meltdown he had after Fetterman was declared the winner.
To watch him during the GE, you'd have thought that Fetterman had done something to Tuckyo. Carlghlin was relentless in his attacks on Fetterman to the point of an obsession.
When Fetterman won, he melted down further; basically calling anyone who voted for Fetterman as being stupid. It was so bizarre that he was even called out by conservative Leland Vitter at Newsnation for his unhinged rantings.
He was so vested in this election, that I am choosing him as the biggest loser
For truth purposes: I loathe Tuckyo

HM 1: Youtube Televangelists and Profits... er...prophets
Amazing how many of them were told by God that the Republicans were going to do so well.
One told his congregation that God had sent Angels to every precinct to prevent election fraud. Dems did really well. So... I guess that settles the legitimacy of this election.

HM 2: Michigan Republican Party.
They lost the whole state government. That's quite an achievement.

No Trump on this list, as he's on just about all of them.

November 12, 2022

Adam Laxalt Preparing to Ask for Recount

Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt (R) is preparing to ask for a statewide recount as his race against incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D) goes down to the wire, the Daily Mail reports.


Because that's what all people who think they're going to win do

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