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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
May 18, 2022

Congrats to the Women who won their primaries last night

According to Electoral-vote.com, in head-to-head matches between men and women, women won almost all of them

May 18, 2022

Trump endorsed Janice McGeachin loses by over 20% to Gov Brad Little in Idaho

It's not been a great night for the far right in general and "Conservatives for Idaho" the far right, racist, white-nationalist organization specifically in Idaho

They not only endorsed Trump Backed Loser Mc Geachin. They also endorsed Priscilla Giddings for Lt Gov (78% counted, she trails by 14%), U.S. Senator Brenda Bourn (3rd place 56% behind Crapo), Sec of State Dorothy Moon (trails by 7%), Ed Sec Branden "microschools will cure what ails us" Durst (trails by 10), U.S. House 2 candidate Bryan Smith losing by 20%.

At this point, the only successes they've had are Raul Labrador for Atty General and Russ Fulcher (running unopposed).
It appears a terrible night for Idaho's far reich.

Not thrilled will Gov Little or Sen Crapo, but they're better than the CfI backed candidates, and this is Idaho -- Republicans are going to win in Nov

Idaho Primaries


May 16, 2022

Margaret Thatcher statue egged within hours of going up in home town of Grantham

A statue of Margaret Thatcher was egged less than two hours after being installed in her home town of Grantham.

Onlookers voiced their disapproval of the new memorial to the divisive former prime minister, with several motorists booing loudly as they drove past. One man shouted “Tear it down” while another said “This is no good for Grantham, is it?”

The £300,000 statue was lowered into place in the Lincolnshire town on Sunday, after plans to put it in Parliament Square in London were opposed because of fears it would be vandalised.

In Grantham it was decided that the statue should be placed on a 10ft granite plinth, with a CCTV camera installed directly opposite in an attempt to deter vandals.


Guess the CCTV didn't deter anyone

Wish I had been there

May 12, 2022

Robin Parkinson death: 'Allo! 'Allo! star and Button Moon narrator dies aged 92

Actor Robin Parkinson, best known for his roles as the voice of Button Moon and Monsieur Leclerc in the 1980s sitcom ’Allo! ’Allo!, has died at the age of 92.

A statement released on Tuesday night said he died on 7 May “with his wife and daughters by his side”.

Parkinson’s acting career spanned more than four decades and saw him perform in film, TV and theatre.

His biggest role was in ’Allo! ’Allo!, in which he appeared from series seven to nine after the death of the original Ernest Leclerc, Derek Royle.

To many, he was best known as the narrator of the children’s show Button Moon, which ran from 1980 to 1988.


May 6, 2022

The Groomers strike again

Rep. Mary Miller’s (R-IL) campaign could not explain why a man convicted of luring a young boy for sex is so actively involved in her campaign to get re-elected, KSDK reports.

“Brad Graven enjoyed virtually unlimited access to Miller, served as her personal chauffeur at public events and raised money for her campaign. Miller trusted Graven with her family vehicle, which is adorned with campaign stickers and legislative license plates.”



If you signed a petition to help put U.S. Rep. Mary Miller (R-Illinois) on this June's primary ballot, there's a chance that a man convicted of luring a child for sex was the one who asked you to sign those campaign documents.

Congresswoman Mary Miller is facing new questions about her relationship with Brad Graven, a former state worker who pleaded guilty to luring a young boy to a drugstore parking lot for sex acts in 2005.

Photos, videos, and state election records show Graven was actively involved in helping the effort to re-elect Miller. Reached by phone, Graven claimed he was merely an unpaid volunteer for the Miller campaign. His name does not show up on the campaign payroll, but Graven enjoyed virtually unlimited access to Miller, served as her personal chauffeur at public events and raised money for her campaign. Miller trusted Graven with her family vehicle, which is adorned with campaign stickers and legislative license plates.

At several of those campaign stops, Miller encouraged voters to judge her and her colleagues in Congress by the company they keep.

"A politician is known by their votes and by who they hang around with," Miller told supporters on Monday night in Quincy.

************************ "A politician is known by their votes and by who they hang around with,"

May 2, 2022

'Some bad apples': senior Tory minister denies institutional misogyny

The government faces intense pressure from its own MPs and opposition parties to take action over misogyny and harassment in Westminster after a senior minister denied institutional problems, saying the problem was simply “some bad apples”.


Kwarteng, the business secretary, faced significant criticism after rejecting the idea of inherent sexism in parliament, arguing that problems were mainly caused by long hours and overwork, and that very few MPs transgressed.

“I don’t think there’s a culture of misogyny,” he told Sky News. “I think the problem we have is that people are working in a really intense environment, there are long hours and I think generally, most people know their limits.”

Speaking later to Times Radio, he said the problem was “some bad apples”, who should be punished, adding: “But that doesn’t mean that the entire culture is extremely misogynistic or full of male entitlement. I don’t recognise that.”


He probably sees the world the same way they did in Yes, Prime Minister


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