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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
August 25, 2022

New York dentist bitterly complains about losing clients after his Juneteenth-mocking party gets exp

New York dentist bitterly complains about losing clients after his Juneteenth-mocking party gets exposed in lawsuit

A dentist from Rochester, New York is bitterly complaining that he lost clients after his Juneteenth-mocking pool party got exposed in a lawsuit filed by a Black firefighter who claims he was forced by his boss to attend it.


(and now for the lamest defense in years)

However, Znidarsic-Nicosia also admitted that she ran an overtly racist Twitter account, although she claimed that the account was merely a racist "persona" she created and was not reflective of her true views.

“I have made blatantly racist comments under that persona,” she said. “The culture of Twitter operates that way. It gives you an opportunity to be someone you’re not.”


“We were tried and convicted on social media in a false narrative that was created," he complained.


August 14, 2022

One possible reason why il douche had those documents, and I could see it being true

He kept them to show off to other people to show just how important he was
As stupid as that may sound, this is the guy who set up his "Office of the Former President of the United States" like it was some official actual government office, he used the logo of the President of the U.S. simply turning it black and white.
Trump loves to feel important, and loves the trappings of fame. I could see him keeping those documents to look important

August 11, 2022

And from the world of trying to keep the Storm alive

I present the newest attempt by the Qanon faction to keep the Storm alive
Did you know that Trump actually said, "Trust the Wray"? Of course, meaning FBI Director Wray
The FBI was really down in Florida collecting all the proof of the Satanic, child sacrificing, pedophile lists that Donald Trump has collected
Yes folks, the Storm is coming and it's because the Qanon cult is so dense they bring rain

This is brought to you by Qanon influencers, David Brody and RAV

August 9, 2022

Maggie's List is likely one of the worst named political organizations out there

Named for Margaret Chase Smith (Republican representative for the U.S. House and Senate) Maggie's List is a United States federal political action committee founded in Florida in 2010 to "raise awareness and funds to increase the number of conservative women elected to federal public office."

Margaret Chase Smith supported much of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal legislation, she was the first member of Congress to condemn the anti-Communist witch hunts. She denounced "the reckless abandon in which unproved charges have been hurled from this side of the aisle."

They ought to change the name to someone that more befits their goals, like Sarah Palin, or Megyn Kelly. From what I can tell, the leadership of Maggie's List probably think Santa Claus is white

August 7, 2022

MAGA 'Lions Not Sheep' bro busted for putting bogus 'Made in USA' tags on Chinese-made apparel

The far-right "Lions Not Sheep" apparel company was ordered to pay a hefty fine after being caught replacing "Made in China" tags on its appear with "Made in USA."

Lions Not Sheep Products, LLC, and its owner Sean Whalen, were ordered to pay a $211,335 fine by the Federal Trade Commission. Additionally, the company was ordered to 'stop making bogus Made in USA claims' and "come clean about foreign production."

The Deseret News described the "Lions Not Sheep" as a "Utah-based apparel company known for its inflammatory T-shirts that often espouse pro-Second Amendment and pro-Trump messages."

"A reference to the saying “a lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep,” the company made waves during the pandemic in response to mask mandates and COVID-19 restrictions, with shirts that read “give violence a chance,” depict Donald Trump as the Terminator and frequently feature military-style rifles," the newspaper reported. "The company also has a celebrity roster that includes mixed martial arts fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, Robert J. O’Neill, who claims to be the sole Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden, and motorcycle racer Davi Millsaps."


August 5, 2022

With Sweden and Finland, NATO wouldn't just get bigger.The alliance would also get a firepower boost


The addition of Sweden and Finland to NATO would bring a lot to the alliance militarily – in the air, on land, at sea, and in the intelligence domain – according to Jim Townsend, a former Pentagon and NATO official.

For instance, Finland has one of the more powerful air forces in Europe, Townsend told Insider.


And Sweden has in its arsenal of combat aircraft the Gripen fighters, a jet that the country previously claimed would excel at taking out Sukhoi aircraft. The Sukhoi aircraft flown by the Russians are notorious for their ability to maneuver in dogfights, but Sweden has said its jets have the edge.


He added that both Sweden and Finland have "very professional and modern" navies, explaining that "they carry, in terms of sensors and shooters, quite an interoperable and capable mix of firepower." Swedish subs, for example, have demonstrated their effectiveness in naval war games.


Maybe this is why Hawley opposes Finland and Sweden getting into NATO

August 4, 2022

So Herschel Walker has agreed to debate Sen Warnock on Oct 14

I want Walker to tell us about his time with the FBI in 2017
Among other things

August 4, 2022

Don't mess with this 72-year old pensioner

From rferl:
Before Russia's February 24 invasion of Ukraine, pensioner Valentyn Didkovskiy lived a quiet life in the city of Bucha, near Kyiv, sometimes volunteering to bring supplies to Ukrainian troops. But as a Russian armored column rolled past his house on February 27, he picked up a grenade launcher he had been given by his soldier buddies who recovered it from an invading personnel carrier. Didkovskiy, who trained in the Soviet Army in 1979, used the weapon to blow up a fuel truck, sending the invasion into chaos. He captured the destruction in a mobile-phone video showing burned and wrecked vehicles in the streets.

story with vid:

From C&L:
Soon after the Russians invaded, Valentyn Didkovskiy, 72, was given a captured Russian grenade launcher, an RPG-18, as he was very familiar with the weapon. And even though he'd had a stroke in 2021 and told by his doctor to take it easy and live a 'quiet life,' avoiding stress, Didkovskiy was incensed enough when he saw Russian invaders riding through the streets of Bucha to plan his own ambush. Ironically, he'd learned his anti-tank skills over forty years ago in the Soviet army.

Hitting the fuel truck at just the right spot caused a massive explosion and fireball, triggering further explosions one after another down an entire block. His own home, as closest to the explosions was the most heavily damaged in the area. Miraculously, Didkovskiy survived without a scratch, save for singed eyebrows.


August 4, 2022

"Stray" cat video game brings some benefits to real cats

NEW YORK (AP) — The virtual cat hero from the new video game sensation “Stray” doesn’t just wind along rusted pipes, leap over unidentified sludge and decode clues in a seemingly abandoned city. The daring orange tabby is helping real world cats as well.

Thanks to online fundraising platforms, gamers are playing “Stray” while streaming live for audiences to raise money for animal shelters and other cat-related charities. Annapurna Interactive, the game’s publisher, also promoted “Stray” by offering two cat rescue and adoption agencies copies of the game to raffle off and renting out a New York cat cafe.


When Annapurna Interactive reached out to the Nebraska Humane Society to partner before the game’s launch on July 19, they jumped at the chance, marketing specialist Brendan Gepson said.


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