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Member since: Tue Feb 3, 2004, 02:03 AM
Number of posts: 30,404

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Maybe I missed that ~ the Mom was White

and the Father was Black?

The "N" Word was not appropriate in any situation. I am African American and my grandfather was " More White / Blue eyes, Fair skin looking" etc.

One day when I was abt. 6, he took me shopping downtown in a Big City in the East. In those times, especially for African Americans, when we went " Downtown" we were dressed in our " Sunday Best." ~ that meant I was wearing a pretty blue dress, a little purse, don't remember the color and shiny new black patent leather shoes.

A White lady was walking toward us and said......

"What a beautiful little girl, is that your maid's child?"

My wonderful grandfather ( who was the beloved Butler for an extremely wealthy White Man) calmly told her....

" This is my wonderful grandchild and I am a proud Colored Man - "good day "

I am now a Senior and I still remember that experience. The lady appeared to be in what I would call "total shock!"

I often wonder how she handled other situations that involved RACE during her lifetime.

Here is another " Muffy Really Did This" Story

In my post above I explained how my precious Muffy did amazing things.

I had been divorced about 5 months and had moved to my new

One day I had a few friends over and we were at the dinner table laughing and joking.

The door bell rang. Usually Muffy would run and bark to alert me to answer the bell.

This time when the bell rang Muffy quietly walked to the door. He started sniffing at the bottom of the door and quietly ran back and sat by my chair.

When I attempted to get up, he blocked me!
I kept telling him softly to move so I could know who was at the door.

I kept asking him nicely to clear the way -
He finally went back to the door and stiffed.

Then he came back to get me ----

I opened the door and no one was there -- I could see an envelope sticking out from under the door mat -- I opened the envelope and it was a note from my Hateful Ex husband!

Muffy was able to pick up his scent and smart enough to know that I didn't need to have any drama that day. : )

I met him- what a guy,

what a President!

I took my Mother ( she passed last year at the age of 91) to his book signing several years ago.

My Mom was in a wheelchair.
As soon as he saw her, he came from around the Signing table and warmly greet us. He leaned down and gave her a huge.

Everyone around clapped for him and people took pictures of them together.

My adorable mother threw him a kiss as we left.

Not just racism ~they treated

Gore, Clinton, Kennedy's , Carter, Dean etc the same way or worse.....I happen to be African American and none of those listed are African American.

The difference is they didn't give the above names "racial" names to my knowledge.

Question: Didn't they accuse a White candidate of having a Black Child?"

Their anger and dirty tricks and "Supprssion of the Votes" had many of the same features.

Another thing that makes it easier to identify now is that we have Facebook and google and videos that instantly allows everyone to find out what is being said and done . Ex. - Romney's 47% video was on the web.

For sure anyone of any color is not regarded as important if they are in the 47% .You don't have to be Africa Amerian to be in that 47%. ....Those on Food Stamps......
According to the United States Department of Agriculture 2010, out of 100% of recipients (not population, but recipients):

35% are White
22% are African American
10% are Hispanic
2% are Asian
4% are Native American
19% are Unknown

Sad situation
However ~ Obama was able to become President with people of all
colors voting him in.
We can do it again ~ Fired Up! Ready to GO!

Nope, never got banished....

In fact, the hotel would " Comp" our rooms

Another part of the story is that my dad was a physician and African American.
AA's were not allowed to go to Hotels on the Strip, only down town.

One of my dad's friends knew the head Bellman and he got the management of the hotel to invite about ten physicians to come to the hotel with their families.

It was a day to remember!

We were dressed up ( hats, gloves, fancy clothes) and the families formed a long line. The bellman was so thrilled when he opened the door for us -- tears were running down his cheeks.

From that day forward, we were warmly welcomed and that is how African Americans got into Vegas Hotels.

Yea! I love trains!

I live in California and I love to ride trains ~

I remember my first train ride by myself ~ I went to Pittsburgh to visit my grandparents and one of the Porters was a family friend. I was Seven.

I am African American and at that time "Colored" People could not sit with the White Passengers. We had to sit in the back.

I was all dressed up in a cute little dress and yes --- Gloves!

I still traveled " First Class" because the Porters took great care of me!

They took turns bringing me special meals on a tray. My tray even had a flower on it.

When the train made stops, Mom's friend pointed out features about the countryside and the towns.

I felt like a Princess.

When the train reached Pittsburgh , my grandparents and aunts and cousins were all dressed up and there waiting for me!

I can hardly wait until I can get on that California Train!

We Can't Let Them Win!


They hate a Brilliant Black President that is a Christian but it’s OK to have a Mormon President that can’t form a simple sentence

They reject ALL union members

They boldly tell ALL Women of America “NO YOU DON’T we will control your Bodies.”

They make sure that ALL people that dare to vote for Democrats are fair game to have their VOTES SUPPRESSED

They believe that people on food stamps don’t deserve them. Their base is so stupid they don’t realize their Stamps would get cut.

They believe that people on Medicare should receive smaller checks ~ that would include Ron Paul who admitted that he keeps his check each month.

They believe that ALL rich people deserve to get richer! Middle class and the poor don’t matter.

They reject all people who dare to DREAM that they want to stay in this country. Yet, they would pick Rubio if they thought they absolutely needed the Hispanic vote to win.

It’s Ok with them that RMoney is an idiot that Impersonated a Police Officer, put his dog on a car etc. etc., etc. They still get behind him as their pick for President Of Their United States of America.

What am I forgetting?

I OCCUPIED the Oil WELLS Meeting

That's the way for all of us to do it!

Instead of just writing letters
~ be heard!

Ms. goclarkOBAMA attended a Presentation by one of the major Oil Companies last week. It took place in Culver City, CA. June 12th -- do a google,

There were at least 450 people attending ~ all of them MAD as hell about the unregulated drilling taking place in Culver City/Los Angeles -- near OUR community.

People were picketing with signs that said STOP THE FRACKING NOW!
Some signs saying more descriptive that even that ~ everyone was MAD AS HELL!

I was one of the speakers that STOOD UP ( more than 30 of us) after the phony presentation by the big oil company ~ we STOOD UP!

When MsgoclarkOBAMA got that mike, she gave them a BIG PIECE of RAGE!

During my RANT to them and after I finished, my fellow protesters were CHEERING and CLAPPING for me ~ the OIL THUGS had red faces and could not believe that 5'1 little goclarkOBAMA had socked it to them!

OCCUPY! OCCUPY their space and tell them like I did---
WE ARE SICK from FRACKING/CRACKING and your unregulated pumping and we are SICK of You and your Haliburton Buddies!

We will not rest until we shut you down!

Rmoney and the Queen of Hearts

Beat me up now but I don't care ~ as of this morning, May 16, THEY are IN CHARGE.
of .......
the Media

Supreme Court

Stopping each and every vote with Boner and Company

Rove and His Busy Bee Elves

The Banks and what happens to the Economy

Suppress The Vote ~ already coving the Map

The Polls and The Not MSM ~ even more since last week," a miracle is happening before our very eyes..." The MSM is saying the polls are tight --THAT IS A LIE!

The TEA PARTY owns most of what was once the Republican party --the only thing they don't own regarding The Once Republican Party is the 1%.

That 1% looked at the field and picked "The Idiot Rmoney"

Why did they pick Rmoney? ~ because he is one of them and they can control him completely.

Rmoney looks at their “Queen of Diamonds” while playing solitaire.

Will goclark work her heart out for the Democrats - YES
Have I donated $$$ ~ YES
Do I believe that MY President and his team are for ALL the People ~ YES

Do I trust the elected officials that have any connection to the Thugs to do the right thing --- as of May 16, 2012 -----HELL NO!

The Riots in Los Angeles ~ my home town

A must see ~ CNN SPECIAL on Rodney King, a CNN Special, it must be on video now.....

Our family moved to LA when I was a teen. At the time of the Riots I was living in the mid-west. My precious mother, she passed last year, was living in Los Angeles. I am African American.

Can you imagine the pain of seeing your city / your neighborhood burning to bits and you are miles away? Imagine the pain as your TV Screen flashed frustrated and out of control people burning homes/ businesses less than a mile from your house. I learned later that one business that was burned to a crisp was a Chinese Take Out Place that made you pay extra for the tiny package of soy sauce. One gas station that overcharged was burned to the ground. From what I heard after the Riots, the “considerate” business owners were spared.

I could hardly dial the phone to call my husband at work. He was working for a big White Owned company that had huge holdings in Los Angeles. They wanted him in LA immediately so they dashed us by limousine to the airport.

In flight they announced that we could not land in LA because of the situation - we had to land in San Diego. I called my mother from San Diego and she was crying ~ I called some neighbors to come and stay with her until we could get there ~ I was holding back the tears so she would not worry about me. I think we paid about $100 to get a Car Rental, there were only about 3 cars left.

The roads were blocked, no way out of San Diego, so we had to stay in a hotel ~ they were almost booked to capacity. I remember my husband slipping the guy at the desk $$$ to get the "last room." I didn't sleep at all that night. By then the power was off on my Mom's phone! At the break of dawn we were finally able to take the road. Traffic was moving like a snail, hundreds of cars, in both directions, were bumper to bumper.

I could not believe my eyes as we came to what may have been 15 miles closer to my "City of the Angels" --- nothing but smoke--- nothing but smoke---nothing but smoke. No cell phones, no cell phones those days.

It seemed like years but it was only hours when we pulled up in front of the house. There she was, sitting by the front window, waiting for me! I have no idea how long she must have been sitting in that chair. Tears are rushing down my face as I hit the letters on this keyboard. I don't ever remember hugging my Mom as tightly as I did that morning.

Can you imagine what it feels like to see POLICE with huge rifles pointing toward the bumper to bumper cars as they are stationed on the roof of the May Company on Crenshaw Blvd. less than a mile from your house?

Can you imagine what it feels like to see the Outstanding CNN presentation with Rodney King relieving his story ~ it is MUST SEE.

Just to view Rodney King say, "Can't We All Get Along?" is heart wrenching. His words then are just as meaningful in today’s Political Climate ~ "Can't We All Get Along?"

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