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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 22,586

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I'm sorry....I'm really getting tired of Jonathan Lemire....

Yes, yes… I know I don’t have to watch cable TV, or Morning Joe, or do anything, or get up, or go to the bathroom, in fact I don’t have to do anything, but I do choose to do so.

The above captioned individual prefaces every Democratic positive with a litany of “Democrats in disarray“ Sentences, ostensibly as background to his reporting of the (frankly) Democratic win. It is fairly fascinating that he is banking on the sales of his book which is an expose of the undermining of the very underpinnings of democracy itself by the Trump administration and its “fearless” leader, and then pulls this stuff out of his ass every time he is forced to concede that a Democrat has done something right, or that a bill has been passed in the Democratic Congress which will change American lives substantially for the better, or whatever.

I’m going to describe this in terms of his beloved Boston Red Sox: now suppose network coverage at the exact moment of the World Series victory ending decades upon decades of frustration were phrased as the following: A chopper back to the pitcher who underhands to the first baseman and thus, after decades and decades of frustrations including dropped balls, flubbed defensive plays, significant injuries during the pennant drive, bad managerial decisions, trading of players who went on to become All-Stars in Hall of Fame candidates, losing year after year after year after year after year and depressing its fans beyond belief, all of them hoping for just one divine break in the clouds, having watched the mood of a city deteriorate into the depths of depression and sadness over and over and over again, the Red Sox win the World Series. We’ll be back after this word from our sponsor.

This is how Lemire describes every plus for Democrats. To be fair, he should begin every Republican discussion by alluding to Reagan’s dementia while in office, Bush Sr’s Iran-Contra connections, Bush Jr’s AWOL status and fake WMD’s…you get the point.

I wouldn’t be so critical if he didn’t do this every frigging time. Gets on my last nerve in case you hadn’t noticed…

And I’m in a foul mood today besides….🤬🤯😡

It's Snoopday on Ari Melba Toast Show: The Beat-off

And it’s not even Friday. We are so blessed.

Dr Oz and his crudites ....

I toldja a few days ago about Pennsylvania and its inhabitants.

When outsiders visit here they have no real understanding of the nature of our traditionally associated foods such as soft pretzels, Tastykakes, cheesesteaks, the whole gamut of Amish foods, and several others. So when Dr Odd came here and talked about vegetables for crudités, he lost virtually everyone who eats lettuce and tomatoes in the Commonwealth. Also he got the name of the store wrong. What they need to do is brief these candidates -recall John Kerry asking for Swiss cheese on his cheesesteak. I recall wincing paroxysmally.

I bet Ozzy dropped another two points because the National Rethuglican party saw this and pulled his ads.

A date with Rudy:

Rudy is out on a first date with one of the women he met in New York. He takes her back to her house and says “hey baby, how about a good night fuck.” She replies, “OK, good night, fuck.”

Everyone is thinking inside the box again...

This is always a mistake when considering Donald Trump, because his “stable genius” plumbs depths which most of us on a rational day cannot begin to conceive of. I recognize that the government needs to mitigate loss and would stipulate within a search warrant or an affidavit the obvious but there are some issues which are not necessarily so plain but do present a certain eyebrow-raising when posited.

1. Documents related to unidentified flying objects. There is no question that there are probably millions of classified and super classified documents concerning encounters or observations which the military have had with undentified flying objects and quite possibly extraterrestrial life. Now you don’t have to be a believer in the stuff to understand that there has been a tremendous amount of research both governmental and extra-governmental by Nt only the US in this regard and there wouldn’t be whole groups assembled within the military if there weren’t something of concern to the security of the nation. . If I recall correctly, President Obama was asked directly on a talk show and evaded the question with some fair amount of humor, but obviously there are things which are known at the highest levels and are kept top-secret.

2. Documents related to political assassinations within and without the country. Again, there is no question that there are huge numbers of documents relating to the assassination of President Kennedy, his brother, Martin Luther King, the attempted assassination of George Wallace and of course many others which would be accessible by the executive branch. Regular people do Google searches for things which occurred to them out of the blue, but imagine if you could do a document search of the classified information that might answer questions you’ve had for decades. It would put any of these TV programs or expose articles to shame, of that I am certain.

3. Documents related to the true forecast of energy issues and climate change as well as mineral deposits. The right wing has heavily politicized these issues and I dare say that even well-meaning people are not fully apprised of arcane issues which might affect the stability of the world in the years and decades to come. For example, and only for the sake of argument, suppose there were a document that states that Saudi oil reserves are only 1/10 of what they are purported to be. Can you imagine what that would do to oil prices immediately? Or if there were some kind of Predictive issues with food supply or rising oceans, or a soon-to-be unavailability of say, tungsten or platinum? Knowledge of this would change long range predictions of industrial and real estate values as well as many other issues.

4. Documents related to personal lives of untold numbers of people who are influencers. We can surmise from many peoples behaviors that they have been blackmailed into supporting the former president, witness short conversations are golf outings which change everything. Or, simply threaten the person with exposure of a family member for deeds which could be prosecutable or would cause the individual to lose his or her standing within their community catastrophically.

I could go on and on. My point is that The notion of nuclear secrets is the one topic which reflexively Americans will respond to, and that response is quite appropriate. One can draw a line between revelation of secrets to entities looking for our destruction and nuclear annihilation. I would assert that there are certainly nuclear documents within the pile that Trump purloined, however if you recall in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind the powers that be needed to get everybody moving out of the area and so they came up with the notion of a poison in the air which would invariably kill anyone and everyone including animals within a certain number of square miles. As the general says in the film, we want to have every Christian Person scared to death, or words to that effect.

We have often said that no script writer could possibly come up with the narrative which we have endured for the last six years. Can you imagine if Trump got on TV and stated that the government knows there are aliens who have interacted with our military industrial complex and much of our technology is reverse engineered? Or that there is an algorithm for computing the placement of locations of nuclear submarines all over the world? Or that he knows the principals of a government and Mafia conspiracy to assassinate JFK? And that he can assert chapter and verse of these and show classified documents which pertain to these issues? We are and have been in uncharted territory and will require tremendous fortitude to get through all of this, no matter what has happened or what will happen. I am also certain that one of the reasons that they have been slowly soft-pedaling this whole process is that he knows so much that he can just open his mouth and wreak havoc to ensue both in the nation and in the world. It is a complex and concerning series of issues in which we find ourselves embroiled.

What I don't understand is how anyone can think

that he did not immediately sell the contents of the most important papers. One can perform this task easily and surreptitiously with a smartphone and internet service by turning off the WiFi and sending it to wherever. He kept the hard copies for further sales to other entities who “crave the stuff”. (If you can tell me where that phrase is from I’ll be beyond amazed)

This is all beyond frightening. But no surprise and no shock.

It's Bob Marley Day on Ari Melber's show.

I swear, it is beyond belief.

If you watched, you know. If you didn’t…you were spared.

It is important for people to remember that at the Nuremberg trials

Following World War II, the Nazis attempted to justify all of their horrific actions by saying that they were either following orders, that they were unaware of the consequences, that what they did was perfectly legal within the laws of humanity, and that all the charges leveled against them were lies. This defense proffered by Trump and his allies of the new American Nazi party or neither original nor are they untried.

As an aside....

I knew a gentleman via acquired family for 32 years who was at the top level of the federal energy department. The only thing I knew about his work was that he had a weekly report which was placed on the president’s desk without fail. In all the years I knew him he never once said a single word about His work, any context about anything involving anything, where he would go, who he talk to, and the nature of his daily responsibilities.

When I met him, he said to me that one of the conditions of our acquaintance was that I could not ask him anything about his work life at all whatsoever because he would have to decline to answer. I can only imagine the level of secrecy which he was sworn to, and he never violated that. The reason I knew about the report was that his parents mentioned it one time at a family dinner and boy did he give them a look.

Interestingly, he was an extraordinarily dispassionate, Somewhat removed, and extremely analytical individual. I used to joke out of his presence that he was probably in the CIA and did wet work as they call it because he certainly appeared to me to be capable of just about anything and was also a physical specimen of great fitness.

There is a lot going on in the government About which we have absolutely no concept as civilians. My feeling is that we cannot begin to conjecture what would be in papers and other documents which would be of immense value from both Security and of course as far as the idiot goes, monetary value to our enemies. I was thinking this morning that can you imagine what a document which detailed a discovered weakness of our nuclear submarines capabilities would be worth to the Russian government. I can only hope and pray that there were no thumb drives full of data which he had access to and spirited out of the White House on that day. Or even a 6 TB backup drive would hold libraries of information. Gone are the days of the Minox camera and some blue print photos that could be passed to an agent of foreign loyalty. It’s a new world wherein the former president of the United States may be inferred to be selling secrets to the Russians. I never thought I would live long enough to utter a statement like that.


Mentor and good friend Roy Cohn called them…

Commie!! Better Dead than Red. That’s why he wears a red tie.

See…we can do it too…
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