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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
December 1, 2023

I'm on a Caribbean cruise right now...

I would say the average age is well over 70 and when I look around I recall Phil Spector’s remark which caused him to be banned from domestic airline flights when he arose from his seat prior to takeoff and uttered: “Typical crash victims “. Or so the story goes….

I will relate a story:

Upon boarding, staterooms are not available until about 3 P.M. so a long lunch is in the cards. Sitting at a table for two, the couple next to us introduces themselves and enquires eventually where we’re from. Our reply: Pennsylvania, although recently relocated to the Jersey Shore. The gentleman exclaims PENNSYLVANIA! What do you think of that Fetterman guy? Our response: he’s wonderfully fresh and often funny, with a whole different approach than you normally see. The response: Yeah, well maybe for a clown show. We reiterate our support for the Senator but gently, and this fellow goes off on a Limbaugh-sequence rant. Meanwhile his wife is now sneering at us.

Upon the completion of his oratory, wordless, I smile and turn away from them as does Mrs.Intern.

This ship is loaded, and I mean loaded with Trump voters. When polls show him leading, incomprehensibly, among those over 65, you can believe it. And there’s no convincing these people of anything. The hate that flared in this guy’s face was virtually the same as when you’d refer to the Japanese or Germans to someone who fought in WWII.

A the T-shirts: American and Proud, Taking America Back, Don’t tread on me, and some weird stuff too. It’s disconcerting and depressing but this is a fair portion of the America which has been given license to hate and proclaim their loyalty to fascism.

December 1, 2023

They fired the shit heard round the world...

Yes I’ve used it before. Still funny, IMO.

November 25, 2023

I am NOT leaving DU...

so I do not require any reminders that “this is not an airport so departures do not need to be announced.”

I have essentially stopped posting since November 11 because as a committed Zionist who lost my entire extended family on both sides in the Holocaust, I ardently defended Israel’s right as a sovereign nation to defend herself against the inhuman terrorism which has plagued the nation since its inception but most notably in the 1970’s and thereafter. I had the temerity of doing in this forum, of which I have been a member in good standing since 2004.

As a veteran poster, I knew exactly what was going to occur here and it did so, exceeding my expectations. There is no need for me to explain. My posts were alerted upon routinely and several juries found me guilty of violating DU rules. Fair enough: this is the system whose precepts I agreed to when becoming a member so I am willing to accept the punishment meted out.

I was informed by a few old-timers here, one through a PM, others via email that I was on the brink of, shall we say, having a possibly very serious problem here. I fully intend to avoid having such a problem for a whole variety of reasons.

Therefore, until the hostilities in the Middle East reach a conclusion, my participation in this forum will be limited to recommending posts with which I wholeheartedly agree.

I thank you for your time and your understanding.


November 9, 2023

Remember when the Israelis took out the Iraqi reactor?

The worldwide outrage including by virtually the entire Reagan cabinet was gigantic.

Only Alexander Haig prophesied that soon, everyone would thank Israel for their actions, and truly, the militaries of the world were amazed. Minimal casualties resulted, the attack did not disperse the nuclear fuel stored nearby, and that was that for Saddam’s nuclear program. Perfection.

They prevented a worldwide catastrophe but not without the usual condemnations later followed by kudos.

My guess is that there’s going to be some big surprises before this is over, including but not limited to much lesser casualty figures from Gaza, since they have been relying upon terrorist numbers. The fogging by the anti-Israel forces is extreme. In the end, the truth will out.

November 8, 2023

"But...but...but what about Biden???"

So this is apparently going to be the next 4-5 months of media coverage of the 2024 “live free or die“ campaign for the presidency.

These outright morons in the press, and I am only saying that they’re not imbeciles because they to an extent can read and write, are going to give us the equivalent of the “red wave” for the foreseeable future. How people like Jonathan Lemire and his cohorts on supposedly liberal MSNBC will be telling us about the inevitability of the Democrats flaming out and the near-certainty of the Trump return to autocratic power.

On the one hand, they decry the felonious behavior of this pure sociopath, but on the other hand, they are thrilled by it because it gives them unending material and controversy. For them the problem with the Biden administration is that there’s not been enough red breaking news chyrons on the bottom of their screens, and thus less viewership. Ya gotta stop pressing that channel change button when you see that red there!

Oh, here’s the best part: after Biden wins, from my lips to G-d’s ears, after the initial “shock“ they will begin to discuss his lame duck presidency, and how this is a perfect opportunity for Republicans to retake all three branches of government. That clearly, Biden was the last real Democrat, and the rest are just amateurs, and although you have to hand it to him for winning, it’s a last gasp. I virtually guarantee you this will be the order of business with these idiots.

As an aside, I was associated with a professional sports team in Philadelphia as their “official“ dentist, because the individual who purchased my practice paid a fortune annually for this “privilege“. When someone makes the remark “it’s all about the money“, that’s not quite true. It should read: “it’s ONLY about the money, and absolutely nothing else.“ And when I say, only, I mean only…. nothing, and I mean nothing else matters in these arenas. I believe that’s how it is in media and advertising dollars are everything, and I mean everything. they have to figure ways of obtaining viewership, and they have a plan… The question is, will this plan work this time? Lucy and the football.


November 8, 2023

When "Dewey beat Truman" (sic) in 1948,

The NBC radio host (I believe) spent most of the night stating that although Truman was leading by a wide enough margin, Dewey would overtake him when “the rural precincts come in”.

Well, they’re still waiting for those “rural precincts”, aren’t they? Fuck these media assholes, then and now.

November 8, 2023

Now I found this funny...

Steve Kornacki made the statement that the “Decision Desk stated that Andy Beshear is leading in the race.”

Like I couldn’t figure out that his number under his photo was bigger than his opponent’s. Good thing I had help…from the Decision Desk.

November 8, 2023

Cherelle Parker wins mayor of Philly

100th mayor, first black and first female. She’s very effective…should be interesting.

November 7, 2023

Just voted in South Jersey...

Living here, you would never guess this is considered a blue state. At the VFW post where I vote, I have never seen the Democratic candidate show up to greet voters and you can’t get away from the Trump flags either at the homes or even on the beach in the summer. I could tell the lady noted my party registration and saw her brow knit a bit.

Great voting machines however, electronic, but you visualize your printed ballot with your choices prior to casting your vote, which is reassuring.

November 2, 2023

So I'm going to put this concept to rest...

I am 70 years old. I was raised in a household where my father was a four-year combat veteran and my mother worked for the Navy department during World War II. I watched countless movies, TV shows, panel discussions, and other historical documentaries about this war, and I did not once, not once hear the phrase “innocent German civilians” or “innocent Japanese civilians“ and all I ever did hear about was how my father’s platoon was nearly wiped out four separate times, and completely destroyed once and he would’ve been among the dead except that he was kept behind the type the battalion list of dead and wounded. After the war, I heard all these lying German bastards who lived around the concentration camps who loudly proclaimed that they had absolutely no idea what was going on inside. And then it turned out that they did know, of course they did. In those days, nobody was buying that bullshit. People in the neighborhood work there, and the overwhelming smell of the charred flesh was unmistakable.

And one more thing: I remember my father telling me that the decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan was certainly debatable from a moral standpoint, but he said that he and his company were being prepared for the invasion of Japan, and were told that, almost certainly they would all be killed as the older troops were going to be sacrificed for the beach head landing. If not for the atomic bombs, he said, he wouldn’t be here. So the rule of war is that some must die in order that others may live.

Israel didn’t start this, OK? They did not cross the border and massacre women and children and babies and civilian males. it was done to them, and the miscreants who did this need to be rooted out and destroyed, utterly and totally. 6 million Jews died in those camps and in the surrounding countryside, and it just is not, repeat not going to happen again, while the world watches, and tut, tut and cluck cluck’s about every other issue under the sun.

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