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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 21,003

Journal Archives

I am told by various patients

Long lines in Philly precincts even in the rain.

We ain’t Fucking around here...

I've been doing elections here since 2004 Primaries...

and I've never been this nervous. We better fucking GOTV and WIN!

I was up all night with the Kerry nightmare in Cuyahoga County, Ohio....we were screaming that the fix was in. Alas!

They said they were going to protest it....next day, they conceded. I always said that someone told them this was not going to be a repeat of 2000.

As an aside...

is anyone else here sick and tired of these media folk who relate Trumpian LIES, AS LIES, and then smile and smirk as though, "well, this is all you can expect from him and it IS entertaining".

It's NOT funny, it's NOT all right. Imagine if Biden or Obama or any other Democrat said some of these transparently stupid LIES: they'd be shaking their heads and cluck-clucking around the clock and calling them LIARS! with regularity.

These LIES from the Orange-u-Tang are called, "misleading", "not entirely true", "over statements", "without proof", "unsubstantiated" and other milquetoast verbiage.

The bar is so low that he could say that God Himself told him to do such and such and they'd smile and repeat it, showing the cult crowds cheering wildly to give it credence.

Where are our Joseph Welch's? Nowhere to be found.

Anyone else think this is a possibility?...

The military I would assume, at least to some degree, despise the Russians particularly the Putin-variety KGB crowd and the friendly oligarchs, due to their historical mistrust and "Commie-bastard" mentality. They're not stupid: they KNOW that Cheat-o-lini's in bed with them figuratively, and unless I miss my guess about Melanoma, literally, and would see him as a traitor, as a Manchurian or Russian Candidate/President. I would think that even the far RW Rethuglicans in the power grid of the military would take some exception to this and seek to undermine this Red-humping SOB.

Am I being too optimistic? Enquiring minds want to KNOW!

I bet Cohen has tapes of Trump saying this shit...

he NEVER would have dared say this with Mr. I'llSueYou without proof and the reporter's editors might well have demanded proof prior to publishing.

Andy Card is an asshole as is

Alex Witt interviewing him.

It was a mutual masturbation of both sides-ism. Made me want to lose my lunch

I think Tweety's having a health problem

I don’t like the nature or duration of his cough or his look. I know he’s energetic but the cough is getting deeper and more persistent.

Ok. I can do this too:

“If the Republicans win, God is going to annihilate the entire known Universe including the Souls of those who have come before us residing in Heaven”

Kornacki is officially "The Most Annoying Person On TV"

Poll-man here:

Here are the rules:

If the Dem is leading by six pts or fewer, it’s a tie and they may lose

If a Rethug is leading or tied he/she is a clear winner “if trends continue”

If a race is tied, the Rethug is winning

Nothing Dems can do will help their chances
Nothing Rethugs can do will hurt their chances “in the long run”

And here’s the most interesting thing: when he uses an example R vs D he ALWAYS says that on a “great day” the Rethugs hold the House by 5 seats and on a “bad day” the Dems swing 50 their way.
That’s Rethug lingo. Sorry.

And I despise Log Cabin Rethugs as I despise anyone who would hold up a sign which reads “Blacks for Trump”. Despicable
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