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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 21,003

Journal Archives

I'm gonna tell you younger people something

During the Vietnam War, during Watergate, during the House Un-American Activities Committee, these Republicans were the same sniveling, sneering bunch of liars as they are now. Denials of the truth, telling lies right to your face, sneering at the opposition was all de riguer in those days as it is now.

Fuck these assholes: they deserve to lay for all eternity in burning coffins writhing and screaming in pain.

I’m so fucking mad I could spit


Trump can say, “I didn’t say ‘I want you to do us a favor, though...’. It was a coffee cup scratching along the table . “”I didn’t say ‘The Mexicans will pay for the wall...’. It was the same coffee cup.

Or was that a Covfefe Cup?

Only The Shadow knows....BWAHAHAHA!

It's Hitler in the bunker all over again.

Although he will likely escape a Senate conviction, he is under assault by the Allies: the Democrats, the Press, the intelligence agencies, and the State Department (what’s left of it). It’s withering. And non-recoverable. He's going to be a shell of his (ab)normal self.

He's going to live to 200...remember?

The reason..THE REASON that that particular asshole doctor made that statement IMO isthatThe Orange one, blessed Be he, voiced concern for his longevity because he’s scared to death of dying. The doctor probably said sarcastically, Nah you’ll love to 200 and tangelo actually believed him. The doctor, naturally now scared to death for his career, repeated it on tv. Today he has symptoms of some sort: my guess is that his mal-digestion of his KFC-based diet caused him to have very smelly farts and he nearly blew the roof off the living quarters. They made him go check it out.
That’s what I think.

The assholes are giving a press conference


During Watergate the Republicans defended Nixon

With the lone exception of “Maverick” Republican Senator from Connecticut Lowell Weicker. Howard Baker’s famous question was designed to potentially be exculpatory but the tapes shifted the blame from the underlings to the President.

Younger folks: do not believe for one moment that Republicans sought the truth and justice back then. Only when it was obvious and certain that crimes were committed did they change their position.

I watched the vast majority of the hearings, both senate and House. You always knew who was questioning the witness.

To paraphrase the miscreant:

Your fake Presidency is now dead.

Forever he will be known and will be the benchmark for “sick fuck in the White House”.

I just figured out how to make a fortune:

Start a TV network which parodies and more importantly, corrects FOX in real time and addresses in detail their lies and Nazified “reporting” and “opinionating”. It would be factual and rip-roaring humorous at the same time.

My theory, which belongs to me and is mine too, is that you make them an object of fact-checking, derision, and humor and you pull no punches. None.

For years, FOX has been the perpetual motion machine for idiots: their entertainment programming is insidiously destructive of American mores and values: Simpsons, Family Guy, that 70’s Show, Malcolm in the Middle, etc, while their News Division (sic and sick) decry these denigrations if America. They make money both ways. Yes, then there’s FOX Sports. Another huge moneymaker. And a way to undermine family life by helping to steal Sundays from family life and devote it to professional sports. I’m as big a fan as it gets within reason but I’m not fooled for an instant.

I’m telling you, there’s money to be made...and a nation to be saved.

Most males know and knew guys like Gym-ini-cricket Jordan ..

Of course the women knew them as well, but I’m referring to the context only of male-to-male athleticism and the “relationships” thereof.

As described in Catcher in the Rye, the protagonist reflects upon the basketball team member who borrowed the coach’s car to take a girl on a date. Now that of course is fairly innocuous compared to the scandal surrounding this particular asshole here, but these creepy guys find each other in the world of inter scholastic/intercollegiate sports (the pros are a whole different discussion).

There was a long-unused term, homoaffiliative, which describes these guys. They have a distaste for women and, like the RW, can justify any behavior of one of their own. And I know this first hand.

Even though I am relatively small of stature, I was a varsity soccer player for four years and played second singles for our tennis team for three, and first doubles in my freshman year, all in high school. I had joined the teams primarily so the big guys wouldn’t pick on me anymore and sure enough, they stopped immediately when they observed my prowess on the field and on the court. I found it both relieving and disturbing, for the criteria for being a victim were trumped (sorry) by athletic skill. These guys live in a world of their own and let me tell you, it can be very very creepy at times. I have about a thousand stories involving these guys which I would never repeat here because they’re misogynistic and/or disturbing but suffice it to say that I exhibited zero surprise when I read the accounts of what went on in that locker room and showers and of course, the doctor’s office. The last would be a whole long thread in and of itself someday perhaps.
In summary, these guys are rarely taken to task for gross behavior, and I mean gross/stomach-turning at times. When I publish my novel you can all read about it.

Earth-shattering News!

Gym Jordan elevated to Jerkingoffintheshower Committee.

Regular meeting, (where else?), but the Gym.
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