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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 21,172

Journal Archives

The possible mutated strain of COVID-19 in UK

and probably elsewhere:

The official line is that they’re studying it but the vaccine responds to many areas of the viral particle and should still be effective. I hope so.

But you know what? The science major in me needs to KNOW that that is the case. Since I recall hotshot scientists saying that AIDS (orGRID as it had been called) most likely couldn’t and wouldn’t spread into the heterosexual population, I’m less likely to take these folks at their word or even their surmises.

I mean, they sat there while Orangina said that it was going to just disappear, and didn’t speak up or resign their posts. Yeah, I know. But I am wary of prognosticators and prognostications no matter how well-intentioned.

The imminent demise of the Republican Party

Oh yeah: I heard that in 1964 when Barry Goldwater was trounced. I heard that when Nixon was impeached and resigned. I heard that when Barack Obama was elected. I’m hearing it again now.

There is not a prayer that the Republicans are going anywhere. To be frank, since Calvin Coolidge They have displayed much more cohesion than Democrats and it is our failing that we did not and still do not cultivate more discipline to stay on message the way they do. Every time I would see one of those Lincoln project ads, I would shake my head and think to myself that I had never in my long lifetime seen an ad produced by a group of Democrats which was as effective as even one of those commercials. And this I don’t understand: we have many creative minds, we have righteousness and truth, we have quite frankly the brains to do a better job.

Those of us who are old enough to remember that political advertisement with the white hands crushing the letter containing a rejection of employment due to affirmative action, probably also recall shaking our collective heads and realizing that in 30 seconds an entire Senate campaign was disarmed. The most effective ad of Democrats ever was the Daisy Ad with Lyndon Johnson’s campaign, pulled after just a few viewings because it was too “harsh”. It was also extremely effective. But as usual, Our collective sensibilities prevented us from using a sledgehammer. Unfortunately to deal with these right wingers, forget the sledgehammer,you’re going to need the equivalent of a howitzer.

This came over the transom today

Well this explains Tucker Carlson:

Go to Wikipedia and look at his entry under “Early life and Education”. Each sentence carries real weight and if you read it carefully, as though you were reading a mystery novel for clues (clews), you would see why this miscreant creep grew up to become a terrifyingly nauseating, repulsive, snot-nosed, condescending, stupidly-angry, physically repulsive, faux-articulate, pseudo-intellectual, sexually repressed, Giant asshole of the first order.

Did I mention that he’s not my favorite guy??


The governor of Georgia stated

that Trump losing the election was “unfathomable”.

You know what? Many things in life are unfathomable. Losing a child is unfathomable or watching your house burned to the ground with all your earthly possessions may be as well. Perhaps being a formerly wealthy client of a fraudulent investor in NYC is unfathomable as well.

But somehow, the idea of Donald Trump losing an election being unfathomable Just doesn’t sit right. Then again, I’m not a Nazi sympathizer lunatic. So what do I know?

Let me tell you about my menorah made of toilet paper

For during the height of the pandemic, my People only had one roll but we made it last for eight days and nights.

A belated Happy Chanukah to all!!

It is objectively rather fascinating:

Here you have a man who was elected President of the United States based upon name recognition and hate. There was little question that he had no knowledge of process, nor did he have political instincts to survive the longitudinal judgment of history. As has happened with so many Republican leaders over the years, the party will erase them from their lexicon rather shortly after their political demise, and will deny their existence by ignoring their deeds.

I am old enough to remember when Jim Jones was considered a remarkable force in San Francisco politics, and there was talk of him running for mayor of San Francisco, and eventually governor if not president. Not too many years later, there are hundreds of people drinking poison-laced Kool-Aid on an island of insanity. I guarantee you that no colonist whoever wrote extensively about the promising Mr. Jones ever owned up to it in a real sense. AMERICA is great at this: Bush, Jr; Agnew, Nixon, McCarthy, Hoover. They do refer to Lincoln of course but the Republicans were a whole different party and don’t anyone have the temerity to tell me that they would be the party of abolition if slavery were still extant Here today.

This man in the White House presently, had presided over individuals who engineered a brilliant campaign wherein he received 10 million more votes despite his incompetence and insanity than he did four years ago. In fact he received more votes than anyone ever has in the history of the United States of America. Now, you may say that Joe Biden receive more, but I would stipulate that they were more votes against A candidate than had ever been cast in the short history Of this country. I never thought I would be able to say this in my lifetime, but he is the only national politician more hated than Nixon.

For Nixon garnered grudging respect for his intellect and political acumen o one who vilified Nixon ever thought for a moment that he was anything but insightful, schooled, informed, and wickedly political. Trump is a nearly-empty vessel whose portfolio is hate, prejudice, snark, and dissembling. Trump has no merit: no nothing. He is a cypher who, had he not been a member of the lucky sperm club, would have been a fourth-rate mobster in a third-rate mob. He has not one redeeming feature - not one. No nothing. Zero.

In conclusion: I at one time believed that the most insane individual in the popular culture sphere was one Charlie Manson. But you know what? He only ordered the deaths of a few people. This guy has fundamentally ordered the deaths of hundreds of thousands with malice aforethought. A monster.

"I won"

It's simple:

Trump thinks that there are only nine votes that matter in the USA, that three owe him bigly for their appointment, and three love his manly smell and are impressed with his balls.

Our dental office is receiving

cancellations en masse.

Here we go again....not that I blame anyone. Everyone is being very cautious.
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