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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
February 2, 2014

I guess it was unintentional...maybe not....

The Philly Inquirer front page has a story about Christie running down the right-hand column. In the center of the page, the words: SUPER SIZED are placed in an article about the Super Bowl. But the juxtaposition is unmistakable....


February 2, 2014

"Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad."

Bosworth and Longfellow were right on the mark there. The insanity of what the Christie Administration attempted to perform in the State of New Jersey is unusual even by Rethug standards. Shaking down whole batches of mayors and other elected officials is eventually going to get you in some measure of distress, often of the Federal level, since career prosecutors spend their waking hours dreaming of scenarios which will catapult them to the top of their profession. Faced with run-of-the-mill cases year after year, once in a while there is the Big One.

Now you would think that someone who had worked in the Office would know this, and they do. But, and it is a big but, there is a psychological/psychiatric component which comes to the fore in these cases and someone with, say, an impulse-control disorder, might have a problem with judgment and "just do it".

While it is true that former Senator, the "good" Dr. Frist was rightfully pilloried for making a diagnosis of a comatose woman by television, those of us who do not sit in the armchairs of power are more than entitled to a clinical impression of an individual. To argue the opposite is to state that all people are fully rational and sane until proven otherwise by competent medical personnel following a textbook evaluation, review of systems, and history. I'm not so certain that those who would opine that point of view would ascribe that tenet-of-practice to the naked adult who was running around a junior high school. Instant dismissal of such an individual as some form of "nuts" followed by mandatory incarceration of some sort would be demanded well before some doctor showed up on the scene with a battery of tests.

And so it is with this crowd: you can see what you know was occurring: the sudden brash insults ("What are you, stupid?&quot , what people stated occurred (shakedowns, threats, cutting off of funds), and the lame excuses and confused verbiage which is emanating from the mouths of the accused. It is classic low level "you sure have a nice store window there, shame if anything happened to it" elevated to dangerous heights: "You sure have a nice town there, shame if traffic prevented ambulances from getting through." It is a complex combination of narcissism, rage, self-loathing, sociopathy, and other points on the axes. It is bad enough for individuals who have to deal with these people on a daily basis, it is impossible for a population to do so.

A favorite phrase from my father of blessed memory comes to mind: Tinhorn Mussolini

February 1, 2014

So since the NFL seized the term "Super Bowl" - (gee, can I use it here?) all the ads for food, etc.

say "Blah blah blah for the BIG GAME on Sunday!" since they are not permitted to use the term "Super Bowl".

Augggh! I did it again...probably 7 years in Lockup....(on MSNBC!)

Wotta country: I think I'm gonna get a license for Memorial and Labor Days and none of the stores will be able to use the term to sell mattresses or whatever they sell on those days...or was that Presidents' Day? Gotta grab that one too...and may be also Independence Day, but I think the movie producers and Will Smith own that one. Shit...they're way ahead of me by now.

Meanwhile, one of the radio stations here in Philly have promoted a big Soup Bowl Party, where the restaurants are bringing bowls of soup or something.

Funny, in a way...

February 1, 2014

I was thinking as I was driving in this morning:

Suppose this whole Christie story was not real-life, but Hollywood film.

1. Who would star and be in the supporting cast?
2. Who would direct?
3. What path would the ensuing plotline follow given everything we know up to now but assuming that the usual group of scriptwriters got hold of it.

Many films such as Three Days of the Condor, Seven Days in May, many Gene Hackman films, many Denzel Washington films, many Clint Eastwood films, and a host of others start small and get big fast. You know: the guy who is at the wrong place at the wrong time a la Hitchcock's protagonists, but find that there is an enormous plot going on which transcends the obvious. And it IS New Jersey!

Thread'll probably sink like a stone...

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