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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 21,004

Journal Archives

So Ryan drove a Weinermobile...

Somehow I keep thinking of the Monty Python skit involving the Roman "Biggus Dickus"...I can only imagine what Colbert and/or Stewart will do with this one.

I once awakened at a HoJo motel and the Weinermobile was parked right outside my room. My then-gf was overwhelmed by the fact that it really existed. She had thought that the one on the teepee machine was a mock-up.

So I'm in Chicago this weekend and among other things,

We went to Second City comedy, and saw a rather funny medley of skits starting their six latest members. Pretty good and topical.

Of COURSE, mrs. intern was seated next to the only vocal RW asshole in the entire place and every time President Obama was mentioned, he would shout out, "Where's the birth certificate?". Problem was, he was a young tough guy and rightfully so, everybody was keeping their mouths shut, because he was definitely looking for a fist fight. No doubt. The joke was on him as he quieted down when he realized that the audience was obviously quite smitten with the portrayals and that his protest meant nothing to anybody.

One aspect of one skit was to ask people for increasing amounts of money so that the troupe would improvise a skit based upon the wishes of the highest bidder. The idjit next to us helped donate with his friends so that they came up with $42.00, it was a birthday party,and at the end they said that they wouldn't return anyone's money but would donate it to Planned Parenthood. He was PISSED. Too bad.

An Empty vessel making announcement on another empty vessel...

This whole Rethug campaign has been filled with metaphors...it's been positively literary.

A funny thing happened at the dental office today:

At about 8 AM my receptionist came in thru the front door with a reception room full of patients (we start at 6:30, and no, we don't call it a 'waiting room'). She was clearly agitated and perturbed. I asked her in front of everyone, "What's the matter?", fearful that I was going to have a VERY LONG DAY. She replied, "I just tried to have a healthcare discussion with a Republican, and it was no use." I replied, "You should know by now not to bother; it's like peeing into the wind." The whole room erupted in laughter. I said, "Good. No Republicans this early in the morning - I'm trying to keep my breakfast down by not becoming too agitated first thing." More laughter. And off to work I went!

BREAKING: Romney Tax Returns Show

That he took the full depreciation on his reproductive organs. Having produced five strapping sons, none of whom saw fit to serve in the Military, he had demonstrated the value at the outset and thus could run an Accelerated Cost Recovery Deduction over seven years. Now he can sell them at scrap value and amortize the principal thereof, taking concomitant losses on a carry forward basis.

My fave cartoon of all time is two guys sitting in a jail cell and one says to the other: "Well, I guess my generally accepted accounting principles weren't as generally accepted as I thought."

I hate Wisconsin Nazis...

Just sayin'...

(with apologies to the Blues Brothers)

Son of Andy Reid, Phila. Eagles' coach, found dead Sun. AM:


This kid was a mess for years. Tragic.
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