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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
August 21, 2020

Here's something to obsess about:

I commute 1 1/4 hrs each way daily and stream msnbc in my car, and obviously do not look at the phone but the audio plays over my speakers.

Ari Melber the other day was responding to a Dem candidate for President who didn’t make it obviously, and when he stated all the reasons why he was supporting Biden, Melber paused and said.... Huh. And paused again. It was, from a listening viewpoint, very dismissive and denigrating to the candidates. As if to say: so that’s it, huh? You are going to go with that, huh? Really, huh?

I am actually composing a spoof of Melber’s show complete with dialogue and plenty of obtuse (and acute)music references. I plan to post it sometime this weekend. I have to admit, I found it pretty funny as did my friend whom I showed it to.

August 21, 2020

These Republican senators are as unctuous as

Senator Geary in The Godfather Part 2.

They make me want to vomit fast as a comet.

August 18, 2020

The lifelong Republicans Was a good piece

Ordinary people making sense.

August 17, 2020

I really hope these Rethug messages are pre-recorded

Sorry, I have ZERO TRUST.

August 17, 2020

One interesting thing that's come out of the Trump presidency

We now possess a list of the worst people in America.

At any level, the person chosen to manage a given agency, Branch, office, or division of the federal government executive branch is the worst possible person who could be chosen for that position. It is almost unbelievable that the effectiveness of choosing horrible people is so perfectly honed by this group and it is a tribute to them did they know exactly how to scrape the bottom of the barrel. If I ever had an enemy who I wanted to submarine, I would study the tactics of this group to get people hired to destroy this person.

August 15, 2020

Well it eventually had to happen in my practice:

Since 1980, I have treated a family in my practice wherein the husband and father is a well-known local politician. He represented an area of the city that was extremely, Shall we say, caucasian-oriented. His politics were far right, his attitudes towards people of color were, and I’ll be polite, questionable, and he was a giant Trump supporter. He lived and breathed all things Trump. Trump was the man who led him to the promised land and I know you all understand exactly what I’m talking about. And I have to be circumspect here because this is a public figure and of course I am restrained by HIPAA from revealing who this is or discussing certain aspects in detail.

He was virulently anti-mask and anti-social distancing and anti-just about everything that you can imagine. As an aside, He and his whole family had a warm spot in his heart for me because I literally saved his 18 year-old son’s life , but That is a story for another day. Well, guess who died from COVID-19? He had been somewhat compromised medically and succumbed very rapidly. Three days from initial symptoms to termination. He had been to a mask-less party at the New Jersey Shore, sickened appropriately thereafter and just gave out.

For the record, his wife and children whom I’ve known my entire career have always been nothing but polite and gracious with me and interestingly, the only Jewish High Holiday card I received routinely from my patients in all these years is from this family. I once estimated that I’ve lost approximately 11,000 people who are my active patients, and as a great writer once wrote every man’s death diminishes me, but the rapidity with which this Mercilessly took this man’s life was positively frightening. In a way, this is like a discount Herman Cain story.

It just goes to show that the virus doesn’t care what you think or who your idol is.

August 13, 2020

OK folks. Here ya go:

Let’s just say that the dental world is very very small. A former staff member of this Dentist informed me that the reason the Trump attends his office is that this doctor has, shall we say, the same proclivities as his patient.

And here’s an article to make you feel even better about the guy in the White House:


August 12, 2020

83 days left...dominating the airwaves

1.204819277108434% closer Armageddon for the Trump so-called presidency and all of its skin-tags.

We are going to dominate for two more days with the pick and than of course with the virtual convention. That’s about 12 days at least or about 14.4578313253012% of the remaining time.

August 12, 2020


Apparently, the right wing is posting a photo of Senator Harris with two white people questioning her African background because they are stating that these are her parents. The photo actually is from a gala from 2016 and these are two of her supporters.

Next they’ll be saying she was born in Kenya.

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