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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 20,359

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As a clinician, I find the levels of lying, of hatred, of bigotry, of extremism, and especially the

rationalization of all of these horrific behaviors and more by the entrenched right-wing establishment to be most disturbing on many levels. My concern extends not simply to the havoc which they wreak of the political system, but also of the ripple effect which has extended into every corner of the country and the dialogs which we have with our relatives, our students, our customers, our patients, our vendors, our shopkeepers, our domestic help, our municipal and Federal workers, our friends, and our enemies. There is no point in reiterating the nature of these discussions, we all know too well how we measure our language usage and our descriptive terminology, but suffice it to say that we are in a death spiral from which we need to be rescued.

I for one have no idea who or what group could possibly perform this action: even the catastrophe which took place on our soil in 2001 only temporarily unified us, until the usual ridiculousness ensued which caused even more polarization than we had before the incident, not to mention the initiation of two wars which were basically non sequiturs and caused the deaths, dismemberment, and horrific turmoil of the lives of millions upon millions of people. Other than the invasion of aliens, I cannot imagine a scenario which would not be played to the detriment of the common man and woman, further leading to our dimunition as a Nation and as a force for higher-order Justice and Morality.

It is both tragic and ironic that living in a time of unparalleled comprehension and understanding of the sciences: of biology, of astronomy, of physics, of engineering of all types, of chemistry, and all the other disciplines, that the Republican Party has chosen to emigrate to the most benighted positions imaginable. The devaluation of logic, of the scientific method, of understanding of others' viewpoints, of others bases for existence is immense. I don't believe, at age 59, that I will live to see the curve reverse: I can only hope my offspring shall.

To return to my original point, I firmly believe that these attitudes have permanently damaged the fiber and being of individuals, families, and community. I also believe that the self-centeredness, the lack of empathy, the strange functionality of people is increasing exponentially and endure these 'attributes' from my patient population daily. I do not hate or resent them for it: I have been involved for much too long to do that. I am simply sad for them and for us.

I apologize to the DU Community for a remark

which I made earlier today. The post was hidden and I am thankful for that and wish to offer that I was incensed by a few things which occurred today in the news and in my practice, sat down, and read some of the details of the assassination of that young man. I stated something inappropriate and, although it is not the first time, it is the first time in a long time that I have done so, and am duly and truly sorry.

I respectfully request your forgiveness.


HEY! Has Mitt Romney fired Etch-A-Sketch Man yet or did he tie him to the top of his car

and drive 500 miles, while the guy craps cheesy grits all over the roof and rear window?

After all, this guy probably ruined ANY chance that the Robot had to be elected AND not only couldn't you script this stuff, but the Obama people and the DNC haven't found anyone this creative to write their ads for YEARS. I say, if he needs a job, sign him up! He did more damage to his own employer in one sentence than the DNC did to Bush Jr. in 8 years.

Well, Pat Buchanan has a funeral to attend:

His mentor, hero, and BFF John Demjanjuk, the NAZI DEATH CAMP GUARD has died.

You can find it at latimes.com or your favorite news link.

Wotta loss to the "Movement"...

Harrisburg, we have a problem...(here we go...)

My really really advanced-in-years FIL (96) is a Dem voter. He gave up his drivers license years ago, and has no positive photo ID which the Commonwealth will now require. You need a series of documents from "column A" and some from "column B" AND, now get this, you have to go NOT TO A DRIVERS LICENSE CENTER (of which we have quite a few) BUT TO THE PLACE WHERE THEY ACTUALLY GIVE THE DRIVER'S TESTS. There are not that many of these and you 'can't get there from here' unless you really knock yourself out or are driven there (which we will do, believe me). These documents, furthermore, are really hard to come by...how many 96 year-olds have their original Social Security card? Or a passport. EXPIRED DRIVERS LICENSES ARE UNACCEPTABLE.

This is REAL VOTER REPRESSION. Inner city folk will in no way be able to undertake this with any ease, and unless this is overturned by the courts, we may be in big troube here in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

Welcome to Fascism 101...

Next: How many bubbles in a bar of soap? Enquiring minds want to know!

"Close your eyes and I'll kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss you..."

I live in a ridiculous state...

That is all.

Here's a question for former-Senator Santorum and his followers...

What happens to those individuals who have retrograde ejaculation following prostate treatment? Is their sperm considered spilled when it is sent to the bladder rather than out via the penis? Is it simply considered part of the bladder contents, disposed of upon urination? Should orthodox Christian Law force the male to urinate following ejaculation into his 'willing' partner's vagina?

All these medical issues need to be thoroughly discussed...IMO, on Meet The Press this Sunday. I would like to see Senator Shi..sorry, Santorum address these and other vital concerns.

i'm drunk right now and wanna make a point about Game Change...

forgive the spelling...

Bad inebriated typist:

Here's the best part: it doesn't matter whether it's really true or not; film becomes the truth in America...people talk about the Die Hard movies in the present tense as though they really happened..."Didja see when McClain jumped down the elevator shaft?" "Didja see when Clark Gable flipped out on the submarine?" It's pretty funny 'ectually...

I think it's even WORSE than they let on...I think she's a pure narcissistic sociopath...

Here's one more thing: it made the people who supplied all the info into semi-heroes and because you know that Harrelson, for example, is in real life, "on our side" to an extent, you sympathize with his character. in fact, these guys as professionals were happy to toe the line and if it were up to them, mcCain would be Prez and this lune-o'tick would have been plotting his demise...no question in my mind of that.

time for another Gennie Cream ale...had a hard week...no an impossibly hard week. Back to my Rochester daze...and good for them for protesting their prof. who supported Limbaugh.

Oh, and "just" one more thing about Game Change:

Actually two things: first let me just say that I for one thought they did an excellent job developing and portraying the individuals - what I found interesting that Julianne Moore's performance when Palin was depressed/angry/catatonic actually made her look more like the real thing than when she was portraying her in 'happier' times. Great job by everyone...

But more importantly AFAIC: I'm nearly 60 and have watched all these mature cast members since they started in film and television, and what depressed me a little was that they all look so middle-aged now. I remember when they were all playing early-twentysomethings and now...and so therefore I'm also getting to that point where the young look at me and consider me to be the age of their older uncle. Jeez.

Well, as they say, consider the alternative...

This demonstrates the difference between radio and TeeVee.

Those of us who grew up in the days of radio programming at its finest will recall that the genius of the broadcaster, whether the newsman, the monologuist, the actor, was able to make the individual listener actually believe that he or she was being spoken to directly. This is no longer true of most radio including morning drive-time schtick and sports programming - there is an acknowledgement of a wide audience so that the listener is under no misapprehension: there IS a larger audience - they infer that fact all the time so that you'll think you're part of the 'in' crowd.

Limbaugh's skill, as it were, is to once again make the listener think that he's addressing him or her personally. He's just utilizing techniques which have mostly gone the way of the Victrola, BUT they are quite effective. That's why he has that 'devotion' and listenership, and why they feel so betrayed when he 'apologizes' (sic).

Those of us who listened to Jean Shepherd on WOR as kids, thought we were alone in the night and he was talking to us. If I missed his program as a 9 or 10 year old, I used to think that probably almost no one else heard it. Of course it turned out that there were literally millions who listened to him nightly - but he never gave an indication of that fact. You, as an individual, were the most important person in his life, and if you think about it, many of these RWers are emotionally alone and starved for attention and affection. Limbaugh 'gives' that to them.
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