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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 20,360

Journal Archives

Hey! You feel better than you have in 20 years?

I canít wait to watch you stand for 90+ minutes behind a podium. Tough guy. We shall see.

Just a couple thoughts today

First, he knows he is very sick and has gone into psychiatric aggressive denial. Thus the anger, hostility, and grotesquely inappropriate behavior. There is no way anyone could deal with this man when he was a civilian, much less the President of the United States. He has driven his car at 120 miles an hour into a brick wall.

Meanwhile, the country is falling into an abyss as we speak here. The power structure is now sick, Including military and civilian. These are generally older people and subject to the vagaries of extreme illness and quite possibly death. We are crippled as a society and now we are even more crippled as our leaders, such as they are, are extremely handicapped.

The entropic process is accelerating to breakneck speed.

He's in withdrawal

He needs to get to his stash to get well.

Did Katy Tur insult Dan Rather?

She just apologized.

This is like a fucking Monty Python skit

ďIím not dead yet. Iím feeling better....Ē

For your viewing pleasure:

Look, they can discharge him, "discharge" being a somewhat

appropriate word, and he will have a 10 minute helicopter ride followed by intensive care with probably 15 people at full attention, any issues short of requiring emergency major surgery can be managed because I virtually guarantee you that THEY SET UP A FIELD HOSPITAL AT THE WH during this time.

They probably took one of the residence bedrooms and brought in an Army or a Navy team to do what this military does so well.

First however, theyíll have to check what his copays and insurance will cover....😳

Get Well Wishes

I am so overwhelmed I have nothing to say.

Usually in the morning I wake and I have a few thoughts on my brain which I codify during my hour drive to work and then occasionally post here. Yes, itís like a vanity press, but hey, what the hell?

I awakened this morning and realize that we are so far gone, that there is really nothing left to say. If this were scripted, and made into a series such as West Wing, and watched by millions, the Writers would deserve to win every Golden Globe, every award known to man with respect to writing including the Nobel prize for literature. No one could possibly conceive this story line as it has unfolded. Every day new plot elements, new characters who are more corrupt and evil than those introduced the previous day, incredible irony and twists of fate and connectivity so intricate that one requires a massive flow chart in order to keep everything straight.

The only certainty however, is that no matter how powerful or seemingly-powerful an individual is, eventually they leave this mortal coil. Pharaohs, Ghengis Kahn, the Caesars, Hitler, Stalin, Ceaucescu, all of them eventually depart.

To paraphrase a famous film line: in the end it all works out, and if it hasnít worked out it means that it isnít the end yet.

I'm going to go out on a limb

I am going to make some assumptions which may or may not be valid, but Iím going to apply some tenets from other disease entities.

My theory, which is mine, belongs to me, and is mine too, is that Trump has been fighting off low grade assaults upon his person by the Coronavirus for months now. If he were exposed to a relatively low viral load a few times over the last few months he might well have been able to throw the disease off, or be sub clinical, or be sn asymptomatic carrier.

However, with the lethal combination of scandals, horrendous poll numbers, defections by formerly loyal staff, Public repudiation by millions of people including those in the media which he watches incessantly, his immune system has utterly collapsed. The event of the supreme court announcement gave him a dose and he was more susceptible than he has ever been to its venomous bite.

I have seen this with other diseases including cancer, TB, bacterial infections, and other entities when a patient undergoes tremendous stress. One cannot imagine what he is going through now because he is caught in an inescapable web of deceit tied up by a Gordian knot.

Again, this is simply a series of thoughts and in no way Am I vouching for its scientific validity. However, in the spirit of pure Republican bullshit, this theory is as cogent as anything they have put forward.
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