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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,358

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Philadelphia has become the murder capital of the U.S.

I wrote this early this morning but the DU Server was down and I had to leave and then my office building system wouldn't let me in, probably due to something Newt that POS said to someone, and by the time I got in I had to start work so finally I can post this:

We've got some nasty stuff going on here...I'm getting ready to go to
work at 5 A.M. on Saturday morning and we are just inundated with
senseless murders including, but not limited to, four young miscreants
calling for a pizza to be delivered to an abandoned house, where they
murdered the deliveryman in order to STEAL THE PIZZA; three or four
individuals who thought that a student was screaming at them, when he
was just trying to hail a cab in the historic district of the city, and
so of course they beat him to death in front of the two women he was
escorting at the time; a murder of a female shop owner who would chase
away drug dealers from her store's doorstep; a witness to a crime,
also female, and a host of murders in various neighborhoods, and one
attempt in particular which is fairly frightening:

A professional student at one of the Universities was walking home when
he was accosted by a group of young people who demanded money. He was
wearing scrubs and said that he didn't have any but it turned out that
he had $40 in a jacket pocket that he'd forgotten about. They beat him
without mercy and THEN said, "We're gonna waste you." One individual
put the gun to the kid's head and pulled the trigger but the gun did
not fire. They then left and the student did not know if they were
just "kidding" or that the gun actually jammed. The police informed
him that they think that this particular group MAY be involved in some

Our Mayor, the bean counter, ineffective leader of our city, has
offered a $20,000 bounty for murderers. But upon his inauguration four
years ago, he cut the police department, witness protection services,
and other safety measures which have been in place for a long time
which were designed to serve the public's safety. He's not exactly
what the city needs but we have him for another four years.

So here I am getting dressed to go out in the pitch black darkness of a
winter morning and will have to walk two blocks from my parking space
to my building which I enter as the only person inside for more than
two hours while I set up for the day. All this gives one pause.

Newt = Peter Griffin of 'Family Guy' and other thoughts...

Had some fun yesterday: I treat this gal who's pretty snooty - she works on all kinds of Committees on the Main Line and is associated with some of the REAL PTB in Philly, not the nouveau riche types, but the landed gentry from the 17th century types who are worth, shall we say, a LOT of quiet money.

Anyway, I know her politics are right of center and she came in saying something disparaging about Newt. I nodded and asked her, "Did you hear what Paul Krugman said about Newt?" And she went off about how Krugman is "over the top" and words to that effect. When she finished, I said, "Sometimes, yeah. Would you like to hear what he said?" She somewhat condescendingly said, "OK, go ahead." So I repeated the line about stupid people thinking he's bright. And she laughed pretty heartily. I don't think she knows my politics...I don't advertise to people like her, because it would be considered unprofessional and in her case, she'd be right. She comes here to get her teeth cleaned, not to be challenged.

There may be another 'dog-whistle' in the "Saul Alinsky" profferring by Herr Gingrich:

Disclaimer known to most: I'm Jewish and pro-Zionist, so as Dick Gregory once said on Johnny Carson's show, "I can say this."

In addition to the name sounding foreign and whatever, it sounds REALLY REALLY JEWISH and "COMMIE" JEWISH at that. Gingrich doesn't have to explicate the text of Alinsky he just has to SAY HIS NAME over and over and over and the Klan-wannabees will get the point. Remember where all those primaries are going to be...not in New York or Connecticut anytime soon. That's all anyone has to hear in some areas of the country...including rural portions of NE states.

I would say, like all the other crap that spews out of Gingrich in scripted speeches, that this is quite deliberate. No reason not to accept checks from Adelson with a wink towards the neo-Nazis/anti-Semites/racists.

Can someone here give me a straight answer about death jokes?

You know, there is almost no greater tragedy within a family than the loss of a loved one. Often, it becomes the benchmark for family history, (i.e. "that happened right before so-and-so passed away" and in quiet times, many recall the often-premature taking of a family member, close friend, neighbor, or even favorite politician. So howcum people tell death jokes, like "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead" or the joke whose punch line is "Nah, he's dead. I'm just screwing with you."?

The reason, THE REASON, is because this is how some of us, no, MANY of us, might effectively deal with sorrow, with loss, with tragedy, with discrimination. In documentaries and essays about my people, the Jews, many times there are references to why we became disproportionately prominent in comedy circles, and one of the reasons given by sociologists, psychologists, and other armchair experts is that we have sufferred so much that the only way we can deal with it is to use humor. Of course, we are not the only group who has: Dick Gregory, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and multitudes of other African-Americans perform comedy which is well-received and much of which concerns the plight of the black men and women in these United States.

Abuse, murder, discrimination, and a multitude of crimes are not funny in and of themselves. But as a society we have learned to manage their existence through the use of carefully crafted humor. My post, the one in question in the other thread, was aimed at ME MYSELF AND I. It was an exaggeration created to show the depth of the ridiculousness of Gingrich's request to his wife translated into the ordinary schmuck's life. If one doesn't find it funny, that's fine, but in no way was it intended to promulgate or make acceptable physical abuse, any more than Dick Gregory wanted further discrimination wielded against him, his family, or those of his race or in fact any other race. Next time, perhaps you might think of that when listening to a comedian like Bill Maher or any of those Italian-American fellows and ladies who practice self-deprecation on HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime nightly.

On edit: I'm referring to the post



HEY! Anyone just see the woman/women being shoved out of the Santorum receiving line?

Cameras following her/them....also note series of assholes in sweater-vests behind 'candidate'...

Bet we hear about this later...but abbreviated

This dope Romney thinks he's running against Obama

Guess what, Mitt...you ain't there yet...may never ever get there.

Railing on and on about Obama...when he's getting trounced by his own people - excluding corporations of course.

Lemme get this straight about Mitt Romney:

He has five sons, none of whom saw fit to serve in the military at a time of "extreme danger" as posited by "President" Bush.

He has money in the Cayman Islands, the only reason for which is to avoid/evade the payment of taxes to the United States Government, states, or localities.

He has a familial history of living in Mexico and no one has seen the long form of his birth certificate.

He was for fill-in-the-blank before he was against it on approximately 150 topics ranging from abortion to taxation to universal health care.

He strapped his animal on the top of his car and drove.

He is ashamed of his wealth unlike anyone who has ever run for public office in my lifetime.

And, in this alternate universe, this Bizarro world, he is running for President as a REPUBLICAN, and has been deemed the man to beat by the media.

Hell has frozen over and there go the monkeys outta my butt....

My friends, what you are watching is the Decompensation of the Republican Party:

For decades, these folk attempted to rationalize and promulgate-as-truth their two most important axioms. The first of course, is that although it is difficult to make a LOT of money in these United States, the fact of the matter is that it is even more difficult to hold onto it, and thus any expenditures which resulted in the 'redistribution' of funds from the wealthy to the poor was, is, and will always be, anathema. The second is that individuals who do not possess white skin are some subdivision of a subpecies of Homo sapiens.

It has been difficult for these folk since the New Deal, the integration of the Armed Services and professional athletics, Brown vs. Board of Education, the signing of the Civil Rights Act, Medicare, Medicaid, WIC, ADC, and the like. They have meticulously composed code-words and useful language the use of which allowed people of similar ilk to understand that they were listening to a 'fellow-traveler' as it were - the George Wallaces, the Strom Thurmonds, the Nixons, the Goldwaters, the Cheneys, even the David Dukes and George Lincoln Rockwells were studious at times in their usage.

But during this 'campaign', all stops have been pulled out and I am of the opinion that it will only get worse as we asymptotically approach Election Day 2012. The anger, the hatred, the bigotry, the anti-(fill-in-the-blank) is just beginning and this is not all directed at the President, but the Society which created the opportunity for those of us born into an America which possessed segregated bathrooms, water fountains, lunch counters, hotels, and much much more, to see the rise of the non-White, the working class and the poor. They do not utilize the academic term Caucasian, because that is not the level upon which they operate. They literally regard things and people as black and white.

And so after all these years, about eighty, the wrapping is coming off the box of hate and disgust. We have to fight this with every shred of strength and power which we possess or we shall enter a Dark Age from which this Nation may never recover. It is imperative that everyone understand how important it is to defeat this demonic force as it attempts to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of the 2008 Election. This is a very very Thin Blue Line, and we are the vanguard force .

There is an insanity spreading throughout the Party, the fires stoked by the likes of Limbaugh and the whole of FOX News: that for them, this is the political Apocalypse and it is their Time. There is no limit to the evil, lies, and outrageousness which shall be spread like Napalm through the dense jungle of the media and Internet.

It is now time for us to Go To Work and pre-empt their scripted destructiveness of America.

BTW, Chuckie Todd didn't much like the President's performance at the Apollo...

this A.M. on MSNBC, he played the clip and then just sat there with that stupid, "So, isn't that the lamest thing you've ever seen?" look.=, shaking his head. So, Chuck: once again, when did you finish college?
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