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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 24,429

Journal Archives

Anti-Wells Fargo et al. march in Center City, Philadelphia this afternoon:

Right outside my window: 100-200 protestors accompanied by a horde of police on bicycles and motorized vehicles marching around town: signs include the usual and some creative ones including, but not limited to, "Naked Dancing is not a threat to anyone" and others.

Helicopters overhead and many parked and plainclothes police and security guards at banks.

Interesting day here...

Usual Rethug empathetic-when-it-happens-to-me thread:

So last night, whilst awaiting the President's hilarious routine, C-SPAN was showing some of the video from the brunch Sat. AM benefiting the worthy cause of Epilepsy research. Making a plea for contributions and funding for the charity was none other than that RW POS Alex Castellanos. While he was telling his heartfelt story, all I could think of is his support of candidates who want to shut off funding to the poor and the less-fortunate, the sick and the disabled. In fact, he spent the morning cutting off Rachel Maddow on MTP. Way to go, Alex.

It reminded me of former NJ governor Christie Whitman who delivered both a Caesarian and a normal-delivery baby. Knowing the difference, she ensured that no NJ hospital could kick a woman out of the hospital quickly who had had a C-section. Because it happened to her. Other issues she didn't care about too much...she didn't know about them. and didn't care. That's how she could say that the air was safe at the WTC site even though she knew it wasn't. No goring of her oxen.

George Will, who has a special child, was all for public funding for these indivduals. But not for anyone else's problems which he did not have to endure.

Republican Egocentrism . One for the Ages.

Could Ed Henry show any more disdain for the President?

i awakened this AM thinking that Henry had this angry, impatient look all through the speech. I can't believe that he was elected President of this organization for the next year: it is really going to gall him to have to introduce him next year and could barely hide his displeasure in having to escort President and Mrs. Obama from the stage.

I saw that he, appropriately, was now with FOX. Did he lose his job at CNN b/c of his apparent and uneditied hostility towards the present administration? I don't watch CNN anymore so may have missed the dynamics.

Aw shucks: Chuckie Todd and Eric Cantor, BFF!!

Eating together and generally having a good time...you can tell!! isn't that nice?

When Chuckie has his 'soup of the day' for the White House, maybe he made some from...oh, never mind.

Two creepazoids...

Song for the Obama Campaign for the GE:

It would be GREAT, it would acknowledge the President's heritage and it is OH SO TRUE when describing R-money...think of a montage of R-money shenanigans and gaffes and lies with the song Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get by The Dramatics: (yes I know I already posted it in the nomination thread but i'm slightly plastered after an afternoon Bar Mitzvah in King of Prussia, PA (my wife drove home))

Some people are made of plastic
You know some people are made of wood
Some people have hearts of stone
Some people are up to no good
Aaaaah, but baby, I'm for real
I'm as real as real can get
If what you're looking for
Is real loving
Then what you see
Is what you get

Ha, whatcha see (whatcha see)
Is whatcha get (is whatcha get)
Whatcha see (whatcha see)
Is whatcha get (is whatcha get)
I said, what you see (whatcha see)
Is whatcha get, now baby (is whatcha get)
And the real thing is the best thing yet
(Is the best thing yet)

You know some people
Are made of lies
To bring you down
And shame your name
But baby, I have good intentions
(Good intentions)
'Cause breaking hearts just ain't my game
All I want to do is love you
And sugar I won't pin you with regret
If what you're looking for
Is real lovin' (real lovin')
Then what you see
Is what you get

I say again
Whatcha see (whatcha see)
Is whatcha get (is whatcha get)
Look at me
Whatcha see (whatcha see)
Is whatcha get (is whatcha get)
I mean, what you see (whatcha see)
Is whatcha get, now baby (is whatcha get)
And the real thing is the best thing yet
(Is the best thing yet)

WTF happened to the Black man sitting behind Mitt?

He didn't look to enthused and then he just disappeared...weird!

I'm so thrilled! Luke Russert finally reported a story worthy of his talents...

Last night on the NBC Nightly News, Little Luke did a story on...you may have to sit down, and make certain that you have no coffee or soda in your mouth - no sense in ruining another computer keyboard -...(drumroll):

The professional removal of chewing gum from the streets of Washington, DC.

I certainly hope that it is podcast so everyone can see this bravura performance. Perhaps they're finally catching on over at COMCAST/NBC.

It was a "thrill-killing"

Pistol-packin', mean shootin' hardass tough-guy is driving around and sees a black guy. Almost no one around. He calls 911 to cover himself, deliberately and willfully ignores the pleas of the dispatcher to stay away from the 'suspect', gets out of the car and pursues the guy with the full intent of killing him no matter what and dispatches him with aplomb and stone-cold sociopathy, no nervousness or interest in anything but the doing of the deed. He is Arnold in the first Terminator film, he is Charles Bronson in the Death Wish films, he is Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction. He is God, he is Justice, he is Executioner. It is that simple. All other narratives are the projection of the author onto this sociopath.

How do I know this? I saw his eyes in the bail hearing. Expressionless and dead. Like his unfortunate victim's are now.

BREAKING NEWS: Boner endorses Rmoney...

I mean...who'da thunk THAT??? Unbelievable, right...? Just now on MSNBC.

Wow...I sure didn't see THAT coming...good thing they broke into the reportage for that...I'll always remember where I was when I heard the news.

I may need to lie down.

Whereas, I might suppose that James West and Artemus Gordon wouldn't have approved...

And whereas it is true that the two SS Agents on The Wild Wild West had had their share of women, or at least the implied share of women, interestingly, they never "did it" whilst on the case, only after, IIRC.

And whereas, getting laid, whilst important, is somewhat less important than the safety of the President of the United States,

Be it resolved that this won't happen again.
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