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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
May 19, 2013

Perfect gift for reporters...


You have to read the product reviews...all 4124 of them! I particularly like the guy whose wife attacked his body parts withthe kitchen gadget since she was thinking that she was going to get sapphire earrings...
May 19, 2013

Shitty reporting is the rule now...

Let us transform this into the equivalent for my work.

"The patient was prepared and draped in the usual manner. Local anesthetic was given as a mandibular block in the lower right quadrant. A preparation for a full crown was initiated in the upper left quadrant despite the patient's protesting. Although the patient was screaming in pain, the preparation was completed to the satisfaction of the dentist and an impression of the upper right was taken. Despite the extreme sensitivity of the tooth, it was judged that the patient did not require a temporary, was cautioned not to eat,drink, or breathe cool air for three weeks,and was dismissed."

The dentist sincerely apologized post-operatively if the patient perceived that he suffered any injury, alluding to the fact that the dental assistant made a mistake setting out the napkin clips and bib for the procedure. In addition, one of the fluorescent tubes in the hallway ceiling light was flickering.

Next case...full mouth extraction in a nineteen year-old patient who arrived for a dental prophylaxis....

P.S. Screw you Jonathan Karl and all of your ilk, including, but not limited to, Howard Kurtz.

May 17, 2013

I think Joe Scum came in his pants...

swear to God, it's as though he won the lottery...my favorite part is that they have that sage Luke Russert interpreting events for us!

May 15, 2013

Seeing Joe Biden speak at Penn on Monday was

remarkable if only to see the crowd response to him when he entered Franklin Field at the head of the academic procession. The place, for want of a better description, went wild. Six thousand graduates, a proportional number of folks in the stands, for the most part, stood and cheered wildly, clapping and whistling. It was fantastic. Of course, he has a long history with the school, children attended and a grandchild is presently there, just finishing her first year. From what I understand, he is personal friends with the President Amy Gutmann, who also gave a great speech. the videos may be found here:


He gave a wonderful speech: humorous and then quite serious and reflective. It is worth watching as is the President of the University's speech.

On a personal note, I could not be prouder of my child who performed some groundbreaking political research for which she was awarded a significant prize and lauded by numerous faculty. For fear of personal identification, please allow me to say just that the vast number of DUers would be impressed by the content .

May 13, 2013

Off to see Joe Biden speak

At my kid's graduation from Penn. will report in later...

May 11, 2013

Monday, I am going to hear Joe Biden address my kid and many others

at the graduation ceremonies at the University of Pennsylvania. I am so very proud of my child's significant academic and extracurricular accomplishments, (none of which I have ever listed here for a variety of personal reasons), and of the University, of which I am also an alum, for choosing him to be the Commencement Speaker. A number of his family, including his granddaughter now enrolled, have matriculated and graduated from Penn.

However, it must be noted that Laura Bush the Elder will be addressing the Nursing Graduates at the Kimmel Center.

One out of two isn't bad...

May 4, 2013

If you go to nbcnews.com right now (11:25 EDT Sat) you will see

a picture of Palin and the words right below her pic:

'Nazi Bride' highlights female influence in German far-right politics

Interesting juxtaposition, IMO...

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