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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
July 1, 2014

My New Religion: Dentistrism

My religion has certain basic tenets:

1. There is one and only one God.
2. God is infallible.
3. If God wanted you to be well, He would not have made you sick as part of his Plan.
4. Therefore, I do not believe that we should have to pay for medical treatment for our employees. Of course they are free to pay for their hospital stays, transplants, nursing care, pharmaceuticals, and other associated costs. We do not infringe on anyone's rights as individuals.
5. The above applies to all medicine with the exception of Dentistry: teeth and supporting structures being a God-given attribute which need to be maintained in order to promulgate His teachings to the fullest and maintain a sanctified existence.
6. Lastly, we can screw other people who are not our spouses with impunity, watch pornography in order to better educate ourselves to its deleterious effects, and own automatic weapons, bazookas, and tanks in order to better defend ourselves from the heathen masses.

June 30, 2014

Just sayin': Three Kidnapped Israeli teens murdered

You could hear a fucking pin drop here.

June 29, 2014

Just saw Bill Maher live here in Philly

in a sold-out Academy of Music. He was generally rewarded with great cheers and standing-o's at times, but the place got a little quieter during his rant against religion at the end. It was generally very funny....people were so excited to see him although quite frankly it was virtually the same material from his shows. The guy next to me, OF COURSE, had this hysterically loud, high-pitched, sharp, grating, extended, obnoxious laugh which NATURALLY had a three second delay. I was polite during the entire performance and when I got up to leave I told him,. "Nice talking to you before the show. Now I have to go and get fitted for a new Right Eardrum."

June 21, 2014

The peaceful death of my sister-in-law this week gave me pause

to consider that there are a few individuals in this country who may far outlive their life expectancy.

Consider an individual who has had a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) implanted in his (or her) chest. This is normally used as a bridge to transplantation but consider this: let us say, for the sake of argument alone, that this person was able to receive AAA+ medical supervision and treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no pulsatile blood flow (something, believe it or not upon which I wrote a published paper in 1974 - strange world, isn't it?) which means that the blood pressure may be regulated and thus reduce the risk, IMO, of both hemorrhagic and occlusive cardiovascular accident, or stroke. Couple this with the quarterly PET scan to rule out incipient cancerous lesions, magnificently coordinated administration of pharmaceuticals, and reasonably good genes, and there is no telling how long this individual might survive, perhaps to 120 years of age or beyond.

And to finish, just suppose an individual attended a great function, watched by nearly all Americans wearing a black costume and hat, seated in a wheelchair. Would this not be construed as a signal to the minions who are loyal to his cause?

George Lucas had no idea at all whatsoever of his own prescience back in 1977.

June 20, 2014

I see Bow-Tie Boy #1 is feeling the heat....

On the one hand, George Will is probably pleased because he was told that no one was reading his tired, snotty, boring, taste-free, pedantic, thesaurus-composed, eminently predictable, dull-as-dishwater column.

On the other hand, he now has to check around corners when he walks somewhere and also assume that eggs will be thrown at his windshield when he drives to work in Washington, D.C.

He is, and always was, a horse's ass of the first order, and a William F. Buckley wannabe. He was a cheap knock-off of the latter and a consummate prig.

June 19, 2014

WTF just happened at the end of Morning Joe...

no one was talking to anyone else...did I miss something or was it a joke (Morning Joke)?

June 18, 2014

One more buddy for Pat Buchanan:


An 89-year-old Northeast Philadelphia man was ordered held without bail while a U.S. court decides whether he should be extradited to Germany to face charges for his time as a guard at a Nazi prison camp during World War II.

Deputy U.S. Marshals arrested Johann "Hans" Breyer Tuesday in the driveway of his home, just hours before the unsealing of a formal request from the German government for his removal.

According to court documents, Breyer has been charged with complicity in the murder of 158 trainloads of Jewish deportees at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp between May 1944 and October 1944.

His lawyer, Dennis Boyle, said during an initial court hearing Wednesday, he would fight the request and argued that his client was to old and frail to be detained.

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20140619_Drexel_Hill_man_expected_to_face_extradition_for_Nazi_war_crimes.html#w25yELL8iHkw9fTv.99
June 14, 2014

I had some fun with my Teabagger patient yesterday...

over the years here I've chronicled a series of discussions which I have had with this guy and his wife who are rabid anti-Obama, extremist, bigoted, members of what used to be called The John Birch Society but now function under different appellations. Yesterday, the lady of the house was a guest of mine at the Dental Pavilion/Bastion of Progressivism that is my office.

She began by telling me that the traitor for whom we exchanged five terrorists is but a smokescreen for other misdeeds perpetrated by the President whom she refers to as "him" or "he" - never a name or his title. She was going on and on about the plot and the cabal of Commies, Muslims, Blacks, and as she would say, "worse" who are supporting him. So I'd abut had enough for one day, what with a dying SIL, a staff member about to have a nervous breakdown from home problems, and a crappy supplier who sent me 5 mm attachments for a case due yesterday instead of the .5 mm attachments, AND the irate patient who was supposed to be attached to those attachments. But I digress...

This was my retort (paraphrased but not by much): You know, you are absolutely right, but all these things, everything you see about you is a smokescreen for the true goings-on which are soon to unfold. None of these things matter: there is a higher-order understanding of something catastrophic which is going to affect the lives of every single organism on the Earth. Why do you think that no one ever questions the NASA missions to Mars? Because we are going to be fleeing the Earth, not many of us, but some, and take up residence on Mars before the Catastrophe occurs. All the apocalyptic films of the past few years are readying the population for the bad news. That is why no one cares any longer, presuming that they ever did for the individual. We are virtually all marked for death and the big shots know it. All these goings-on are machinations to distract us from stopping to realize what is really happening. And relatively soon, perhaps within two generations.

Silence. Dead and complete silence.

Me: So what can I do for you today?

June 13, 2014

McCain has totally lost his mind...

his interview on morning Joe is incoherent and he is insulting the questioners vituperatively. this has to be seen to be believed.

June 11, 2014

"They fired the shit heard 'round the world."

As an individual of the "Jewish persuasion", as it were, I am relieved not to be embarassed by his presence any longer.

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