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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,358

Journal Archives

You know you're in trouble when Steve Schmidt

Makes more sense than anybody else

If you're watching Morning Joke now...

you must realize that not only don't debates matter but if they did D'ump would have scored enough points in the early going to vanquish the elitist Hillary and oh by the way, he showed great "Presidential" restraint in not going after her personally and the polls won't move despite her winning by "Marquis of Queensbury" rules, and the best comment was that Kellyanne Constipated who said that on the split-screen hillary looked "glib", like what was she having to be onstage with this guy for?

How do you look glib?

Holy shit he's already in trouble

Floundering and gasping.

This was telling:

MSNBC had a couple of college students, one from the Dems one from the R's from Hofstra. The Republican young lady said she was not supporting Trump but voting 3rd party. Interesting.

what we need to knock Trumpo down for the count is a REAL scandal...

Everyone expects him to be a shitty businessman, a philanderer, a cheat, a liar, a flip-flopper, an obfuscator, a bankrupt-in-every-way shitheel. And I'm just talking about REPUBLICANS' expectations...

Democrats will give that and about 10 other categories...

No, what we need is something so big, so yuge (sic), that no one can ignore it: think "blue dress", think incest, think wiretap with his voice talking to a Gambino-family member about a "hit", think video of him making a deal with Bill to run for President to knock off the other 16 candidates.

That is what will do the trick...

Rhetorical and informational question...

Why didn't the Rethuglican machine go after Trumps business dealings months ago while he was pulverizing them? He's a sitting duck.

OMFG! I awakened thinking that I long for the days

Of Bush and Cheney.

Horrifyingly horrible human beings but even they didn't threaten the fabric of America like this guy, his fascist campaign staff, and his neo-Nazi family do.

I swear given recent pronouncements by Jr. and the whole Pepe meme exploding this is the rise of the Fourth Reich.

Some people say that Donald had a relationship with Bondi

She's certainly his type.

Newsweek tomorrow????

Please please please....

I'm in 1930's Germany...

Who said "it can't happen here"?

This guy is worse than the run-of-the-mill fascists because we have heard it all before and should know better.
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