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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,359

Journal Archives

Holy shit. I figured it out...

When the guy who is masquerading as the President said "Nambia" something started to bother me besides the obvious.

He had a Freudian slip and confused it with "NAMBLA". If you don't know what that is you can look here:


I swear I don't think I'm wrong or it's a joke.

I'm sorry. Brian Williams is a weird guy

His use of language: "Look how sporty it's getting". when referring to horrifyingly strong winds.

And other odd references.

I didn't much like him when he was on local news here in Philly. You can only imagine him in our shot-and-a-beer town. Not much improvement over the years I'm afraid.

WHAT??? No live webcam of Mar-a-lago...

The best place to live in the world. Believe me it is. All the best people.

I want to keep tabs on the Winter Palace.

Here are some questions to ponder on this Labor Day:

1. What is this obese megalomaniac's handicap? For all of his golfing you can bet your bottom dollar that he's no scratch golfer and if anyone tells me that his handicap is in single digits, I would refer you to the NK claim that their Fearless Leader scored three holes in one for the first three holes he ever played in his lifetime that would be reminiscent of this liar's claims.

2. Now speaking of lying, why is he so bad at it? Most politicians who lie, and that is most politicians, are actually really good at it. They are schooled in the parsing of words such that when examined, there's wiggle-out room if only just a thin crack in the door. Lying is an art form: doctors for example can be really adept at it. Here's an example: your sister/daughter/aunt goes to a fertility specialist and the doctor examines her and states, "I see no reason why you can't get pregnant." The patient and her partner practically jump for joy because they interpret that statement to mean "I'm just fine and won't have any problems." What the doctor meant is what he or she said: I don't see any reason why you don't get pregnant because I just don't know why you're not going to be able and haven't been able to this point. See the difference? It's all a matter of wishes and expectations. This orange gentleman, and I use the term "gentleman" VERY loosely, is so damned bad at lying that it is almost embarrassing to watch or listen to but he performs it in such volumes that it has become the norm for him. As an aside, you CAN bet your bottom dollar that when a Democrat runs in 2018 and 2020 they will be held to the highest standards of veracity because the MSM of course, "has learned their lesson" and won't let history repeat itself until the next Republican runs and wins. It's Lucy and the football each time with them.

3. Who was the writer of the DC Comics who created the Bizarro World? He should be given a Nobel Prize for prescience. Have you ever seen a less attractive, less gracious, less learned, less competent, less couth, less cultured, less educated, less verbal, less humanistic individual on the Public Stage? I haven't. On top of the fact that he makes rocky Balboa sound like Winston Churchill, he has not one iota of anything which would raise him above the evolutionary rank of a toaster or smudge pot. We used to call people like him "AZ"'s for "Absolute Zeroes" for that's what he is and there is zero molecular motion there with respect to any positive attribute.

Just a few thoughts...

Quite the realization today:

I have been practicing dentistry in Center City Philadelphia for nearly forty years. During that time I have been an outspoken Democrat and activist here and am not afraid to make my opinions and political preference known within an appropriate context. during this time I have engaged literally thousands of people of all political stripes although since I have an insurance-based workingman's practice, my patient load tends to be some version of Democratic/liberal/lefty-pro-environment-intellectual-granniesforpeace base so I am generally reasonably safe in doing so.

For all that my practice has had to endure under Reagan, Two Bushes, Two wars in Iraq, one in Afghanistan, the rise of RW Talk Radio, the Recount in 2000, the response to the terror of 9/11, I have never seen or heard anything like what people say to me routinely about this malignant narcissist who presently inhabits what he calls the Dump. I can't even write what many of them say because it frankly would be considered at the very least bad taste and at the worst, worthy of a visitation by the Secret Service. And it is continuous and unceasing in its vitriol. when they ask me what I think I tell them that including Charlie Manson, he is the sickest individual I've ever seen in the Public Sphere and if he were in my practice encompassing about seventeen thousand individuals, he would be in the bottom five in regards to his mental health. That he is disturbed on so many axes that he stands on his own in terms of severity and ability to destroy those around him and those who are subject to his rule, that is about three hundred million people.

I also say that I do believe that the powers-that-be are not going to allow him to hijack and destroy democracy in a fit of ignorance and illness and I then say that there are two phrases which exit my mouth I never thought I would utter: first, that I'm relying upon the military to control any real physical dangers to the nations of the world, including ours, and second that I would trade him in an instant for Bush/Cheney. I say the latter with some humor of course. My father of blessed memory once told me that the distinction between the United States and almost any other country is that when someone went to sleep they knew for certain that they would awaken in the same country in which they'd fallen asleep. That my dear friends, is no longer true.

I wish us all the luck in the world: we really need it this time.
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