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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,359

Journal Archives

Some or most (or virtually all) of you probably won't recall

that shortly after the Fuhrer was "elected", I posted a short piece about the child of a patient of mine who works very high up in the Establishment in Washington and was contacted by the incoming administration for no less than a cabinet post. The parent told me that it was declined for very interesting reasons IN RETROSPECT.

The individual, a career Republican operative (the parents are and always have been liberal Democrats) was aware that the person who is now known as Individual 1 was known to have inappropriate relationships with the Russians and there was no way in Hell that this person would join anyone whose national security credentials were so clearly compromised by the Enemy. And this person was and is, shall we say, in a position to know exactly what is going on at the "highest levels".

Now I find the most fascinating part of this imbroglio is that the Republicans are and were therefore and obviously completely aware of the seditious nature of this discount-Manchurian Candidate inhabiting our White House and have just allowed it to progress. We have no idea how much information has been passed to the Russians and God only knows who else by this West Wing crowd.

Between the sedition and the grotesqueries of the lies as well as the probable inappropriate sexual practices of at least several of the individuals here, this administration makes Caligula's look like Jimmy Carter's.

I am all for Dump delivering a "eulogy" right after Clinton does...

The contrast would be delightful to watch and the cameras could pan towards the faces of the family of the deceased.

The toilet has been flushed...

the paper and the "log" (yes it really is called that in the plumbing profession) are beginning to circle the drain...the water is almost running at full throttle now that the float is nearly down toward the bottom of the tank...and the rich sound of the increasingly-rapid flow is beginning to drown out the sound of the fan which is perpetually on, the fan which carries the fecal smell above the roof level into the relatively clean atmosphere. Soon the harmonics of the water path will begin to sing their song.

I cannot wait...

I haven't been in this good a mood in years.

Fuckers need to all rot in Hell.

Oh and let's please not forget

That Manafort paid men to have sex with his wife while he watched and masturbated. And while we are recalling that let us not also forget that Roger Stone used to be a fixture on CNN until it was revealed that he and his wife were placing ads in Swingers Magazines.

The Party of Morality and Personal Responsibility.

About this "GM THING"...

I recall in 1980 the late "great" Ronnie Reagan took a trip to Pittsburgh, donned a hardhat and went to the steel mills which, at that time, were churning out vast amounts of steel products for America and much of the world. Standing there in his workshirt and hardhat, he joked around with the workers and told stories of "Welfare Queens driving Cadillacs" and the like. Patted these workers on the back, got back in his limo and took off.

They all thought he was a great guy and voted for him. Reagan's trade policies essentially caused the near-shuttering of American steel production and most of these huge, bustling plants went silent after decades of literally non-stop, 24 hour a day production.

But but but...Welfare Queens!!!

But but but...Hillary's emails!!!

But but but...Border Wall!!!

But but but...no fucking jobs at the plant. I hope each of those dumbasses who voted for Trump sobs on his or her way to the Unemployment Office to register for the benefits...or as the Trump/McConnellistas would call them: the "entitlements which need to be cut back".

I do feel bad for those who voted with the Democrats who now, unfortunately, get to say, "Toldja so!" to the dopes.

My father of blessed memory was,

As one of his jobs, an auditor for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for 38 years. He told me two important things about money:

1. Never ever be involved with local, state, or Federal monies. He said: you’re a nice guy, a get-along guy and people much shrewder than you will manipulate you into doing something which can cost you your job or your freedom. And once they have their hooks into you, they can threaten you with exposure if you don’t continue to play along.

2. The root of much of the crime in America is cheating on tax returns. Period.

The Trump crime family has apparently been guilty of the second while the first involves individuals who are saving themselves by giving testimony. I believe my father was correct on both counts and we are going to see this guy’s nuts toasted on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I was in a Stars and Bars RW Gun Shop

and I heard them whispering about what a lousy job Trump has done and is universally insulting to anyone who's not with him 100%.

(A tip of the hat to Jacob Wohl and oh by the way, "Fuck You, asshole" to quote Arnold in the film Commando. (Can't say I don't have a great frame of reference, right?))

Hey! What ever happened to Octafish?

He was one of my favorite posters...

I know...that'll really piss off a few here..

Let me tell you how you fight this guy:

You get on tv, or a public appearance and you do what a combination of George Carlin and Joseph Welch would do: you say:

“Stop with this mealy-mouthed, half-assed, politically-correct, flabbergastingly-inadequate repartee. This man is the fucking stupidest, fucking ignorant, fucking biggest lying, creepy, malicious, vacant, inadequate, phonies individual I have ever witnessed in my (fill-in-the-blank) years. And on top of everything else he’s a business failure of the first order, having been propped up by family and seditiously foreign-power money for his entire life.”

If this were repeated often enough, it would become the accepted truth.

And oh yes, stop calling him “The President”. Just stop it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
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