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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,862

Journal Archives

This is how we go for the jugular:

Hear me out: we start a campaign wherein we spell his name incorrectly. Any way you want to spell it is fine: Timp, Tromp, Tump, any way at all. It値l catch on in no time and will make him nuts.

I知 not going to tell you how I know this値l work because the DU PC Police will be all over me, but trust me, it will.

Eventually, there値l be a vignette on the Nightly News at the end of the broadcast: you know how they do it, all humorously with David Muir or Jeannie Moos, but it値l hammer a few nails in. After, he痴 only about his revolting 釘rand and we can sully that by irreverent satire aimed at the soul of his being. Such as that is.

It値l work, believe me.

Tweetys diabetes must be out of control:

He doesn稚 STFU for an instant. Asks questions twice, talks over guests, makes snide comments sotto voce, contradicts himself.

What a hot mess he is

Jared will be in command of arming school teachers, administrators, and staff.

He shall add this to his long portfolio of tasks to be accomplished as the chief negotiator and completor of all things Trumpian.

The Federal Government will purchase 666 Fifth Avenue for the tidy sum of twelve billion dollars, raze it, and convert the steel into weaponry designed to protect schools from marauders, pirates, and evil-doers. The manufactured goods will then be distributed by Trump .45 Company, a subgroup of Trump Stakes (sic), at a reasonable profit margin of say, 60%. Ammunition will be provided by the DonEric Company, whose principals are well-known for their big-game kills in Africa under closely supervised conditions.

In addition, there will be a special Act of Congress which holds harmless any individual who discharges a weapon within a school environment or within two hundred yards of a school building, in order that accidental mutilations and deaths cannot be profited upon by so-called bereaving families of (supposedly) dead student/actors.


You think this is far-fetched? I beg to disagree. We are two steps away from this becoming truth.

Gee, this is all so intriguing:

I recall this initial incident well, and having a family friend who owned real estate proximal to the Plaza in AC being slammed by Trump on a continuous basis. I also remember thinking that it was possible that the helicopter was sabotaged for internal reasons of which we would have no knowledge. Since we know that nothing is beneath him we can only ponder what really happened here.




Hey you pro-Trump-trolling assholes...guess what?

If he could have fired Mueller he would have

by this time.

IMO there exists a legal equivalent of a Doomsday Device which prevents the dismissal. This might involve the immediate execution of NY or MD state charges which are pending against his entire family and extended family with the possible exception of Tiffany, whose mother wisely kept her away from her father.

This is why he痴 chafing and going (even more) insane (if that痴 possible).

This is my theory which belongs to me and is mine too. (With apologies to the Monty Python group)

Re: the Super Bowl politics

From Business Insider


We had a FANTASTIC parade today

Unlike the tinhorn-Mussolini痴 future phallocentric parade.

It was attended by millions of Philadelphians and was to my knowledge not marred by any violence or assholery which might make the national news.

We are so proud of our terrific Eagles and look forward to equally successful years ahead.

There is a parade in Philly today:

Some are saying that it may be one of the largest if not THE largest assemblage of people in the history of the USA. I am presently downtown and the early crowd dwarfs that for the 1980 Phillies parade and the 2008 Phillies parade which was much larger. People have been flying, driving, and training in for days now. It is staggering. Estimates range from two million to five million potentially attending depending upon who is prognosticating.

Of course, Cheetos inauguration was larger, maybe ten or twenty million but what do I know?

As a liberal and as a Philadelphian

Who has been a local fan since 1958, I hope to God that the Eagles crush that bunch of cheating, lying, RW-voting, fascistic 撤atriots and their Faux-goody-two-shoes quarterback.
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