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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
August 31, 2018

Sick fuck.

That is all.

August 31, 2018

"Federal workers are not here legally you know...

Along with the Native Americans which is, you know, an oxymoron. Now I know what the word “moron” means...I’ve heard enough in my life you can believe me, and an oxymoron is someone who’s stupid who breathes oxygen. Now there’s no one who gives off more methane than I do, I invented methane you know....many people don’t know this. This is why I’ve created the Space Force, so we can exclusively sell the methane which they say they have found on Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest of the planets and so we are thinking of renaming it Trump since we own it and it’s the biggest. I’ll talk to Congress about this or sign an order. I’m thinking about it, believe me. I’m going to Mount Rushmore tomorrow because everybody wants my face on it instead of Franklin’s”

August 29, 2018

You what pisses me off beyond belief?

No you don't: that's why I'm going to tell you...

When reporters on TeeVee start with the rational explanations of Trump and his cabal of insane, low IQ crooks who work for him (this week at least) as though these criminals are making decisions based upon some tenets of reality and with concepts of the ramifications and downstream effects of their policies or politics.

I have seen pets make more reasoned decisions than this crowd does and the reporters are not allowing for the idiocy, the mental illness, the criminality, the willful hatred. They pretend like it is the cabinet of a Lyndon Johnson or Richard Nixon but "just a little askew".

No. This is like rounding up the most ignorant, meanest, and violent people you have met in a lifetime, putting them in a boardroom, and having them decide the fate of the Earth. It is insanity beyond insanity. It reminds me of when the media used to report the goings on in Iraq which would be prefaced by the statement, "Today, Saddam Hussein said..." as though it was a legitimate statement. These are individuals who have never told the truth in their lives, to anyone including themselves.

...and talking to these people is like explaining alternate side of the street parking regulations to a cockroach.

August 27, 2018

The new definition of "Chutzpah":

The old one was about the kid who murders his parents and asks for the court's consideration because he's an orphan.

The new one: those who conspired with a foreign enemy power to win our elections and have pledged loyalty and fealty to this enemy country. But it is not permissible to investigate or announce criminality near the NEXT elections which would tend to dethrone those who rose to power due to the treasonous behavior of those in office, because there is an unwritten "law" that one is not permitted to reveal these high crimes and misdemeanors proximal to elections, although a portion of the crime involved the revelation of this brand of material just prior to the last election.

I mean..WTF?

August 25, 2018

I've spent a lifetime reading fictional novels, classical and popular,

and many of those books and novellas concerned villains of all stripes: dictators, elected officials, generals, mad scientists, aliens, Nazis, criminals, sociopaths, serial killers, perverts, spouses and other family members...you get the idea.

But I have to say that no literary genius ever conceived of a villain like Donald Trump. Brazen lying compounded with full-bore criminality, utter sociopathic lack of empathy, vacuous stupidity, druggy dementia, hypersexuality channeled horrendously and dangerously and indiscriminately, ugly physically in every respect, incestuous verbal behavior coupled with suspicious physical actions with his child, transcendentally grotesque sense of entitlement and false braggadocio, academic failures propped up by a combination of nepotism and falsehoods allowed to be promulgated by the Establishment, poor dressing habits with outlandishly ill-fitting suits and peculiar tie which may be a doppelganger for his genitalia in his mind, and last but not least, an utter stupidity compunded by his hatred and denigration for anything which is not representative of him personally or his so-called "business world" which is and was a stupendous series of lies of staggering proportion culminating in multiple bankruptcies, complete loss of creditworthiness, and reliance upon foreign money which has given rise to seditious, treasonous behavior the likes of which have never ever been witnessed in this country or any other in the history of the world.

No one has ever created such a character: most are one, two or three-dimensional at best...this man is worthy of a scientist like Albert Einstein,Richard Feynman or Isaac Newton to describe mathematically. That is why most cannot fathom his evil...it is too encompassing and complex for routine description or analysis.

August 22, 2018

How's all this "winning"?

Tired yet, you lurker assholes?

We know you’re here.

Bet you were gnashing the few teeth you have left last night

August 19, 2018

As a "dirty fucking hippie" from the 60's and 70's please allow me to say

to you RWers:

Fuck you.

Fuck you for your hatred, violence, and threatening postures during the time when we said that the Vietnam War was an utter atrocity and holocaust and you maintained that the world would collapse if the "dirty fucking Commies" took over. Well they did and it didn't.

Fuck you for your racism and your combating the civil rights movement which allowed tens of millions of individuals to attempt to live in the same America which you did, and a further Fuck you for your attempts to vilify their wants, needs, accomplishments, and their very progress within a system whose deck was stacked against them even today.

Fuck you for the removal of the rights of Floridians to have their votes counted properly in order that you could install a President who was impaired in many respects and a corrupt Vice President who instigated an unnecessary war that killed millions, injured many more in every respect, and destabilized a whole region of the world that was a tinderbox to begin with. For all of your hatred of Albert Gore, you pretend that the economically catastrophic eight years of the Bush Administration never existed, in the same manner in which the literature penned during the 1918 flu epidemic, rarely mentions its existence although it was the most catastrophic event in the history of the country. And a special fuck you for your hatred of all things Clinton although you were not hating your economic prosperity at the time while your portfolios went through the roof.

Fuck you, and an especial fuck you, for not promoting then-President Clinton's proposed ten cent a gallon gasoline tax which would have expressly funded public education in all states and territories. You called it inflationary and business-killing: that was when gasoline was 92 cents a gallon at the pumps. The three dollar plus price does not seem terribly bothersome to you now, does, it, you "dirty fucking" hypocrites, does it?

And for my part today lastly, Fuck you for supporting this sociopathic malignant narcissist who has the potential to destroy the very fabric of America while you revel in your tax cuts. I hope you break every bone in your bodies water-skiing behind your new yacht.

I have left out thousands of "Fuck You's". Feel free to add your own: this could be a version of the Thread that never Dies!

August 18, 2018

Enquiring minds want to know:

Why the hell wasnt this jury sequestered?

August 17, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Trump pulls security clearance for Agent Orange

“Most people don’t know, and I just found out that this individual is responsible for the deaths of many servicemen but still has security clearance because I heard that his effects are present in the Pentagon. Sad!”

August 16, 2018

When I was a kid in the late 50's and early 60's, news shows like

Huntley and Brinkley on NBC used to run pieces on incidents which would happen in and around the then-Soviet Union which were quite denigrating to the country: such as floods and their inability to cope with them, or grain shortages and their inability to cope with them, or even deaths of significant governmental figures and their inability to cope with them. Generally an in-depth report would be followed by what the Soviet News Agency Tass or Pravda would have reported on the incident which was either a complete denial of its existence, or a trumped-up lie (pardon the pun).

And the American newscasters would smile, laugh or in the case of Brinkley, raise that left eyebrow sardonically.

But now, we have the Trump Administration and SHS reporting exactly in the same manner as Tass or Pravda did: lying through the teeth. Somehow, for a fair percentage of the American population, this is now all right with them.

How far we've come in so few years....

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